MY RV IS BROKEN! The first year of owning a motorhome requires a lot of repair and maintenance. Every time my RV broke down it felt more like camping. Trying to travel in a recreational vehicle that is always broken gave me a new outlook on RV living.



“Today is the BIG DAY! We are trading in the RV because we got sold a lemon.

Now, we are getting some lemonade back from Camping World.”



Last year Camping World sold me a lemon.

I bought a 2016 Winnebago ERA 170C RV. It had tape to hold my bathroom door shut, water leaking from everywhere and wiring issues that caused a major recall. The list goes on…  Uggg bye bye little RV!


Six months later, I decided to make lemonade.

I somehow finagle to deal with Camping World (and Winnebago) to do a collateral swap for another unit, and picked up a 2018 Winnebago ERA 170M. I had never seen the unit, just a few manufacture pictures on the website. The nerves were unbearable after all I had been through. It had been about six months of bad experiences. The time had come to trade in the old RV (2016 Winnebago ERA 170C) and bring in the new (2018 Winnebago ERA 170M)! I just hoped it was the right unit that they delivered.


The happiness was short lived.

This is my rv life... My transfer switch caught fire and almost cause my RV to burn down twice. My bed collapsed and had to be replaced. I had water leaks from the shower, sliding door, kitchen, and overhead vent. The propane and generator stopped working. My solar panels stopped charging. The awning had to be replaced. The Truma heating system SUCKS! The list goes on... (again).

This is really how I get to live in my RV and why I never get to travel in it. When I pick my camper up at Camping World, they don't even close the drawers back or secure anything inside the unit. The drawers are just hanging out! The seat cushions are in the floor which I have to climb over to fix the drawers! The shower handle is missing. The washer fluid is empty. My tanks were full of water they put in them. No joke, this is how I pick stuff up from Camping World -- Missing, Damaged or Broken!

I spend more time at Camping World than I do getting to do anything else.  I deserve a paycheck from Camping World and Winnebago!


This is #MyRVStory - Part #3.



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