Microfiber Extra Large Bath Towel Set 3 Piece

Light Weight, Folds way flatter and smaller than a normal terrycloth towel. You can take it for travel or camping… Microfiber made of 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide. Because they are light weight,So they are very perfect for traveling or in gym.It will give you thoroughly perfect feeling. So keep one in home or your travel luggage, it will work quicker and be easier to store.



Microfiber Extra Large Bath Towel Set 3 Piece Bath Towel Sheet 32”X60”& Hand Towel 16”X32”& Wash Cloth 16”X16” (Grey)



  • 100% MicrofiberMaterial: Microfiber.
  • Made of microfiber, Lightweight, thin and soft than ordinary towel.Unique terry texture design can absorb more water than flat towel.Ideal for bath,outdoor camping, swimming, sports, travel holiday
  • This microfiber towel is Ultra ABSORBENT. DRIES QUICKLY between extremely soft and supple. Not heavy yet more absorbent than traditional towel and no shedding like cotton towels.
  • Microfiber towels can absorb 10 times their weight in water makes drying large surface quickly and easy. This towel can be washed and reused hundred of times.
  • Machine washable. Don’t use fabric softener. Please wash it separately before first use especially for dark colors.



  • Pack of 3.
    • one Bath towel (32inch X60inch),
    • one Hand Towel (16inch X32inch),
    • one Washcloth (16inch X16inch).
  • Not only bath towel but also hand towel and wash cloth are large size.



  • Machine washable under 40℃
  • Please don’t use bleach or softener
  • Please wash it separately before first use especially for dark color
  • Super Soft , After grinding texture surface process the towels are more softer than normal microfiber towels.
  • There will be some fluff off on first wash time, it’s normal because of grinding process. Next time will disappear.
  • Drying fast to resists mold. Not only dry a person extremely fast but also dry itself extremely fast while hanging.Just a few hours rather than overnight.
  • NOTE: Towels in dark color( Navy Blue for example) will fade more or less at the first washing, please wash separately.


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