How To RV | Hooking Up 101

When you start the RVing process they never seem to tell you everything you need to know. Which is why I started creating tutorials showing how I hookup my Rv to resources like water, electricity and sewer.


How do you get water onboard your RV? Learn how to connect city water to your rv along with everything you need. Or, fill up on fresh water for a dry camping adventure. 


How does the electrical system work on an RV? Learn how to charge RV batteries, power devices, and Hook Up to Shore power at a campground or house.


Learn how to empty the black and grey tanks in the best order to dump them whether at a campground, rv park or rv dump station.

Tools & Resources

Tools & Accessories

These are all the RV friendly tools you will need. Some are necessary while others are optional. But, they make life easier and leave more time for fun!



If you are going to walk the walk, then you need to learn how to talk the talk! There are many terms RVers use to describe their "Rig" and all the adventures that come along with an RV. Learn the lingo...

Learn the Top 10 Mistakes Most RVers Make

Know before you hit the road... Being a Rookie on the Road can be stressful and embarrassing. More importantly, expensive and dangerous! Learn how to stay safe and avoid disaster. Get my guide and learn Top 10 Mistakes Most RVers Make!