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How To RV - Getting Started

Buying, using and maintaining an RV can be an overwhelming task. I remember when I got started I had no idea what I was doing. Not sure how I came up with the idea to buy an RV, but I’ve learned a thing or two after making several expensive mistakes. 

And, one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES I made when buying my RV was not buying one suited for my RV lifestyle. Which is why it’s important to understand what an RV is and how they are best used. Use this guide as a starting point to get to know the RV life a little better before, during, and after you purchase your RV.

RV Types & Sizes

You might be wondering “What is an RV?” or “Which RV is right for me?” Before buying an RV you’re going to want to understand the different sizes and types that are available. RVs come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right RV is based on your lifestyle and budget. The bigger the RV the larger the bills and expenses will be. The most expensive mistake you can make is buying or renting the wrong RV for how you are going to be using it. 


Important questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you a part timer or full timer? 
  • How many people will be traveling with you?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you going to be living on the road or off the grid? (boondocking or hooking up)


I made a video explaining the different sizes and types of RVs you can >> watch here <<

Learn The Lingo

The first thing you’re going to want to brush up on is your RV lingo. Yes, there is a whole new dictionary out there full of terms you may not know. Like with anything new, learning the language to the RV lifestyle is imperative if you want to save money, not break anything, and sharpen your RV skills! And, if you’re learning about RVing then you will want to understand things like:




I’ve created an entire RV GLOSSARY to help interpret the RV terms you might come across. Visit the RVersity Glossary to learn more:


If you are going to walk the walk, then you need to learn how to talk the talk! There are many terms RVers use to describe their ``Rig`` and all the adventures that come along with an RV. Learn the lingo...

RV Buying

Once you’ve decided on the right RV you’re going to want to understand the buying process. You shouldn’t be in a hurry to buy an RV and don’t expect to drive off the lot the same day. Investing in an RV purchase is not the same as buying a car, it’s similar to shopping for a house. After all they finance RV’s out 20-30 years just like they do homes! And, there are many tax incentives to owning an RV you might be able to take advantage of. 

If you’re thinking about financing an RV there are some things you will want to know about how the process works. Most RV dealerships can shop around multiple banks to help you get a loan. If you have a good relationship with your bank then you may want to start there. 


WATCH and learn more about HOW TO FINANCE AN RV

I just went through the buying process when I financed my Thor Outlaw 37RB and learned a good bit about the selling / trade in process on my Winnebago ERA 170M


Want even more BUYING TIPS & ADVICE? WATCH this video to learn more.

RV Rentals

And before you decide to go all in on buying an RV you might want to consider the pros and cons of RENTING AN RV. Here is a list of places you might want to check out if you’re trying to explore renting an RV within the United States:



Selling An RV

If you are in the process of selling your RV, you need to do some research on what others are selling their similar RVs for. You can check out sites like and I would also call multiple dealerships and see what they would offer. Keep in mind that different locations sell different types of inventory, so they may offer less if it isn’t something they can usually sell on their lot.


Want to learn more about SELLING YOUR RV >> This GUIDE will help walk you through the process

RV Insurance

RV insurance is a little different than buying car insurance. Even though your auto insurance provider may offer RV insurance, you might want to know whether they’re a great option for you because you want to be covered properly for the way that you use your RV. Remember that you have a lot more expensive things in the RV, you might have dishes, towels, a computer, or your TV. All of these things you will need to replace if something happens. WATCH these RV INSURANCE TIPS and learn HOW RV INSURANCE COST IS CALCULATED


You can also DOWNLOAD this RV INSURANCE GUIDE to help walk you through the entire process of buying the right RV Insurance for your needs. 

How To Hook Up An RV

When you start the RVing process they never seem to tell you everything you need to know. Which is why I started creating tutorials showing how I hookup my Rv to resources like water, electricity and sewer.