Wondering How to Become an RV Entrepreneur?

Ready to Start A Business -- something you can Run From Anywhere?

  • NO Business Idea? -- NO Problem!
  • NOT SURE how to go from IDEA to ACTION and Need a Roadmap to guide you? -- I'll give one!
  • WORRIED about all the "What Ifs" and want someone to HOLD YOUR HAND? -- I've got you!
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This is How One Solo Female went from feeling TERRIFIED to being CONFIDENT as a Digital Nomad, Blogger / Writer and Financial Savvy RV Entrepreneur...


What You Can Expect in This Course...

Going DIGITAL aka "Online"!

GETTING ORGANIZED Like A Boss! GO Mobile with your Files, Folders, and EVERYTHING else you need Stay On Track. NO you do NOT need to be a TECH Guru to become a Digital Nomad! It's all about organization, automation and determination! Learn HOW TO SET UP YOUR DIGITAL & MOBILE OFFICE SPACE!

Build Your BRAND

BRANDING Like A Boss! Whether you want to SELL YOURSELF as a Personal Brand or a BUSINESS you need to have a BRANDING KIT (i.e. Logo, Name, Tagline)! Selling products and services is one thing, but BRANDING them is another! Plus, you don't even have to make them yourself -- if you know HOW TO BUILD A BRAND!


SOCIAL SAVVY SET UP! Not sure which social media platform to be on, what to post, how to create content or better yet make it look PRETTY & PROFESSIONAL! Setting up social doesn't have to be stressful! From Facebook to Instagram to YouTube, and more... I'll walk you through EXACTLY HOW I DO IT & TEACH EVERY CLIENT BIG or small to GET SAVVY ON SOCIAL!

Create A Website

WEBSITE WORKSHOP! Want to Start a Blog? Need a place to Sell your Stuff? Wondering how to Build a Website, buy a domain, and where to do it? Maybe even hire some help, or find a WEBSITE BUILDER. I've HIRED help and done it myself. I'll show you HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE FAST, CHEAP & EASY!

Email, SCALE & SELL To Your Tribe!

EMAIL MARKETING! What's the ONE THING EVERYONE CHECKS EVERY DAY SEVERAL TIMES A DAY? EMAIL! An email list is the Lifeblood of any online business! YOU NEED AN EMAIL LIST! From setting up your email list to getting people subscribers -- I'll show you HOW TO BUILD AN IRRESISTIBLE EMAIL LIST!


What People Have To Say...

"Thank you for thinking about me and remembering our conversation. It shows me you do care about your supporters and see them as a team. First of all I have to be honest with you. My situation has not changed! After talking to you, I thought even if I didn't want to RV); I liked that Brandi is a digital nomad and at least she can help me with that. When I read this I was like this is something I could do even if I wasn't pursuing RV life and still in my current situation. Then it dawned on me . I am TERRIFIED of starting something new. TERRIFIED of starting something and not finishing it again. TERRIFIED of being back in a rut. TERRIFIED because yes I have GOD to help but I still don't want to do this on my own. TERRIFIED because I don't have enough of the motivation or focus I need. TERRIFIED because if I do this I'm literally going to need someone to hold my hand throughout the whole process and be so patient. Something parents don't even have time to do for their children. TERRIFIED because what if I make this investment and I still don't reach my goals, desires, confidence, etc. Lastly, I'm TERRIFIED of letting another opportunity go by because I'm TERRIFIED. So in faith I'm going to do this! Once again, thank you for thinking about me. I will make this jump in faith!

— Miranda



"What you said about beginning to understand how God wants to use you after telling your story hit me. I feel that and I think that may be similar for me. Either way I know I’m not moving forward to the next level of my life potential until I start this journey and get the hell out of my bubble. I’m scared and have no idea what or how to do it. But it’s time. I’ll go process the payment now before I forget again. I’m excited to get to work. You have no idea how “coincidentally” timed this all is. Let’s get it!"?

— Elijah B.


EVERYTHING You Need To Guide You:

Video Tutorials

All of the lessons are delivered in VIDEO format so you can visually see what I am doing and follow along with me step-by-step!

Downloads & Checklists

With every lesson there are downloads including cheatsheets, checklists, spreadsheets and much more to help guide you on your journey!

Tools & Resources

Get all the RV Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, Tools and Resources you need to RV Like a Pro!

RVing For Bosses



The hardest part of starting a business ESPECIALLY as an RVer (aka an RV Entrepreneur) is NOT having the SUPPORT you need! That is why you want to have a COMMUNITY of Like Minded Entrepreneurs to help guide you, bounce ideas off of, and give you feedback! Here's what you can expect inside of RVing For Bosses!

EXCLUSIVE Members ONLY Community -- JOIN the PRIVATE RVing For Bosses Facebook Group where everyone can get support from other RV Entrepreneurs, as well as, myself. You can ask Questions, Get Feedback, etc... 24/7!

EMAIL Your Questions -- Got a Question you need answered? Want some feedback on your BIG new idea, that thing you are thinking about doing (or maybe you just did!). Feel free to SEND AN EMAIL to GET ANSWERS with SUPPORT at your fingertips!

100% EXCLUSIVE ACCESS! -- You'll get 100% EXCLUSIVE access to any NEW Content. Plus, any updates! And, this is the BEST way to Go Behind The Scenes with me and my RV!


RVing For Bosses, you know -- that elite group for members -- all the stuff that's in there. It's really neat because I mean, you talk about so much Brandi. From the font sizes, making a video, the colors, what impact it has... Everything has an impact on how people look at things! I just never knew that, and I haven't seen that anywhere. Especially in any other YouTube videos that I've looked at! The information that you have there is just, I mean, phenomenal as much stuff that you have. I don't know how you come up with it.

— Alphonzo M.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Blogging Brandi (@RVersity)

Over 8 years ago, I traded my sticks and bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. I quit my $ix Figure job, sold my house, and everything I owned, then bought an RV! My first RV was a Travel Trailer, then I lived the Van Life until I found the perfect RV for my lifestyle and budget. Now, I help people go from feeling overworked, underpaid, and undervalued in their current lifestyle to living a life of freedom and financial security they love from the comfort of their home on wheels aka Full Time RV Life.

I’d like to call myself an entrepreneur, but that is such a broad term. I grew up wanting to cut hair, do makeup — all the pretty stuff and I’ve been a licensed master cosmetologist for 15 years. Then, I attended Kennesaw State University and acquired my Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Along with a few other financial and insurance licenses (Series 77, Series 6 etc…) I had a corporate gig working for Bank of America Merrill Lynch several years until I decided it wasn’t my passion. Then, I dabbled in a few startup businesses, until one landed me in front of the right people. Eventually, this all led to RVersity being born!

I’ve also written books, created online courses, and developed mobile apps. Some people even call me a YouTuber. BUT the ONE thing I'm continually asked is... "Brandi, How do I start my own Business?" So NOW you're in luck because I'm breaking down the process from START to FINISH! If you're an RV Entrepreneur or should I say RV Wantrepreneur then it's time to JOIN RVing For Bosses!

Who is this course for?

  • If you are wanting to learn ways to MAKE MONEY ON THE ROAD (from your RV)!
  • You are Looking for SUPPORT & GUIDANCE on Starting your Business as an RV Entrepreneur!
  • You are NOT trying to GET RICH QUICK and understand Entrepreneurship is HARD WORK!
  • You Are NOT afraid of the uncertainty that comes with doing your own thing!
  • You CRAVE a work-life balance that allows you to enjoy Life on your own terms!

DISCLAIMER: You are setting an intention. Do this because you're ready to change your mind. Do this because you're ready to change your life. Do this because you're ready for the RV life and Business YOU want!