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What Students Say...

This Program Is Something I've NEVER SEEN ANYWHERE ON YOUTUBE!

Alphonzo is an RVersity Student who went from being unorganized in his thoughts and finances to having a clear plan on how to acquire the RV and Full Time RV Life he’s been dreaming of! After we sat down to look over his finances, Alphonzo was able to start “putting things in perspective.” Not only was Alphonzo able to get a handle on his expenses, but also his debt! As he said “I was able to get out of debt a whole lot faster” after joining RVersity! Plus, Alphonzo’s credit score “pretty much skyrocketed” (at least 30 points) in a very short period of time! Which means his Full Time RVing journey is even closer than he thought! AND since Alphonzo is like most RVers he is even more excited about the fact he can “make money while I'm out there RVing” as he says it!

TODAY Dee FIRED Her Boss and TOOK Her LIFE BACK! A Month ago she would've stayed MISERABLE!

“Last win because this was kinda huge for me on many levels and honestly if you hadn't helped so much and you guys hadn't all been such inspirations I'm not sure I would have done this so thank you all. So as y'all might know (I think I talked about this before) at the end of May my boss gets a person to replace me and terminated me with a termination date of July 9. Today my replacement quit and my boss asked me to stay on longer. I TOLD HIM I’D LIKE TO KEEP MY TERMINATION DATE! This is big for me because I HATE saying no. I also often stay in situations I’m not really happy in because I don't want to hurt others or put others in difficult predicaments. Also it's sure money but a job I've wanted out of for 2.5 of the 3 years I've been there but was just stagnant. I feel kinda crazy telling him no even if longer meant another week that's a couple of hundred bucks but also another week of being miserable. So thank you all for your inspiration, encouragement, tips, tricks, ideas etc. Today I took my life back a month ago I would have said ok and stayed miserable. 😀 "

I've Gotten So Far In ONE YEAR! Don't Hesitate! Jump In!

“I just wanted to give a shout out to Brandi. She was very helpful in getting started on this adventure. Brandi's support has been amazing. The information she offers on her site is great. We've gotten so far in a year! 

Brandi was there for me on a number of occasions. I called her and got to speak with her. She spent a lot of time talking to me and that gave me support and guidance and ideas and thoughts. And, it really helped a lot. And, I truly appreciate everything she’s done! 

Anybody who's considering whether or not to get involved with her, I would say: Don't Hesitate! Jump In! She will give you great value for what you spend and she will support you all the way through no matter what, and she'll answer any questions and help you in any way she can.”

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Meet Your Host

Bloggin Brandi

Founder of RVersity

Hey I'm Bloggin Brandi, over 5 years ago I traded my sticks and bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. I quit my $ix Figure job, sold my house, and everything I owned. Then, I bought an RV and created a mobile business to help support my new RV lifestyle!

My first RV was a Travel Trailer, then I lived the Van Life until I found the perfect RV for my lifestyle and budget, which is now my Class A Motorhome. It's not just my RV, but also my home and mobile office!

Now, I help people go from feeling overworked, underpaid, and undervalued in their stationary lifestyle to living a life of freedom and financial security they love from the comfort of their own home (and office) on wheels!

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