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Welcome to RVersity!

Hi, I’m Brandi!
Welcome to RVersity

Rversity = RV + University (a university for Rvers) created by Bloggin Brandi because of her love hate relationship for RVs. Sharing Tips, Tricks, Tools & Resources for everything Rving!

Not too long ago I was working a full time job I hated, just to pay my bills. Then, one day, I decided to change my life. I downsized, sold my condo, car, and practically everything I owned. Then I bought an RV and found freedom. Now, I’m a full time happiness addict with the freedom to travel the world on a part-time job, and I’m never turning back! Building a life on wheels and becoming financially secure has taken me further than I ever imagined possible. I hope my blog inspires you to follow your own journey to happiness.

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