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RV Discounts & Clubs

What To Know Before You Buy

Research The Membership In Detail

It always makes sense to research what you’re really getting before you buy. For example, there’s no point buying a camping club membership if you don’t like the parks or none of them are on your travel route. Plus you should never enter into a long (non-refundable) contract until you’re sure it’s something you’ll use. Understand exactly what you’re getting into, for how long and what the cancellation terms (if any) are before you make the purchase.


Buy It Only When You Need It (and not before)

Most memberships can be bought and paid for online almost instantaneously anytime you wish. As an example, I bought my Passport America Pass in the RV (online) while driving to the RV park where I was planning to use it. The membership process was supposed to take a day, but I got our pass number mere hours after we applied. Cutting it a tad close, but hey it worked out.


Cancel It When You Don’t Use It Anymore

Unless you find yourself using your membership regularly don’t make the mistake of buying a membership and then auto-renewing every year. You can always buy another membership later, so buy it once and set it up to remind you the next time it’s due. Then if you haven’t used it as you imagined you would, cut it loose.

List of RV Discounts & Clubs

With the 3 tips above in mind, here’s a quick run-down of some of the most popular RV camping clubs out there: