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Hi, I’m Brandi 🙂
Welcome to RVersity!

Rversity = RV + University (a university for Rvers) created by Bloggin Brandi because of her love hate relationship for RVs. Sharing Tips, Tricks, Tools & Resources for everything Rving!

Hi, I’m Bloggin Brandi. Not too long ago I was working a full time job I hated, just to pay my bills. Then, one day, I decided to change my life. I downsized, sold my condo, car, and practically everything I owned. Then I bought an RV and found freedom. Now, I’m a full time happiness addict with the freedom to travel the world on a part-time job, and I’m never turning back! Building a life on wheels and becoming financially secure has taken me further than I ever imagined possible. BUT, it hasn’t has been all unicorns and rainbows. I hope my blog inspires you to follow your own journey to happiness.


Have we met? I'm Bloggin Brandi! Please allow me to introduce myself...

My Story...

I’d like to call myself an entrepreneur, but that is such a broad term. I’m actually a very accomplished woman. I grew up wanting to cut hair, do makeup — all the pretty stuff and I’ve been a licensed master cosmetologist for 15 years.

I also attended Kennesaw State University and acquired my Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Along with a few other financial and insurance licenses (Series 77, Series 6 etc…) I had a corporate gig working for Bank of America Merrill Lynch several years until I decided it wasn’t my passion. Then, I dabbled in a few startup businesses, until one landed me in front of the right people. Eventually, this all led me to sell my house, quit my $ix figure job, and trade in my car for an RV.

I’ve written books, created online courses, and developed mobile apps. Some people even call me a YouTuber. I’d like to say I’m more of a social media and video marketing guru especially when it comes to the travel industry. Hence how RVersity (a university for RVers) was born. I help people travel on a budget and make money on the road.


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