"I've gotten so far in a year! Don't Hesitate, Jump In!"
Ted L.
RV Entrepreneur
"Go From Employee to Entrepreneur As A Digital Nomad! Like Me"
"This is something I've Never seen anywhere on YouTube!"
Alphonzo M.
South Carolina
"How do you know if RV living is right for you? (or NOT!)"


How Ted Started Full Time RV Living & A Business In One Year! [INTERVIEW]
RV Life Is Starting Sooner Than Imagined! Credit Score SKYROCKETED & DEMOLISHING DEBT Since Joining!
From Decisions & Dilemmas to Digital Nomad! How She Decluttered, Downsized & Created Dollar Signs…

Welcome to RVersity!

Hi I’m Blogging Brandi, an EX-Corporate Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be Creator, Digital Nomad and Entrepreneur who’s been Full Time RV Living while running my own businesses!

Over 8 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life and eventually Motorhome Living.

Now, I help people go from feeling overworked, underpaid, and undervalued to living a life of freedom & financial security they love from the comfort of their home on wheels aka Full Time RV Living!

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“One of the things that really helped me out was being able to look at my bills & get out of debt” -- especially when I’M ABLE TO BRING IN EXTRA INCOME! “Working with Brandi & RVersity, I was able to look at my expenses, my debt, and I was able to get out of debt a whole lot faster!” “I've been with her since May and, uhhhhh my CREDIT SCORE just pretty much SKYROCKETED in that short time!” -- It went up at least 30 points! That was just very exciting for me! I never thought I could move so fast in such a short period of time, but my credit score went up as a result of Brandi helping me with my finances and just putting things in perspective.” Some of the other things that she's done in RVersity is being able to give us so much information on how to do things even as far as having a YOUTUBE CHANNEL & WEBSITE in order for me to MAKE MONEY WHILE I’M Out There RVing! She talks about the smallest details that -- I've just NEVER SEEN ANYWHERE ELSE ON YOUTUBE! I never knew all this had different meanings and things.” “I've been working with Brandi since May and it has been a wonderful experience, wonderful experience!” But, One of the things that really surprised me was just THE RESULTS I’VE GOTTEN IN THIS SHORT PERIOD OF TIME! If anybody was considering working with Brandi or joining RVersity you would be pleasantly surprised with all the information that she has all in one place. This is something I've just never seen anywhere else. I really enjoy working with Brandi and hope you will also give her a chance.

- Alphonzo M.

How do you know if RV living is right for you? (or NOT!)

“One morning I got up & I prayed. I said, God, please help me figure out what I need to do for me and my Mom. That will be right. I need some answers. I need answers to questions. & immediately, after I prayed, I got onto YouTube and Brandi popped up on my screen. I'm not even sure what made me click play, but it was something about RVs. So I clicked on it and was so moved by her video I knew I needed to talk to her. I knew that she would answer my questions. So I did, I scheduled an appointment with her. I actually got into her RV university course & started taking the courses at that time. Then all of a sudden I decided that we wanted to take action now not later.”

– Michelle W.

"I've gotten so far in a year! Don't Hesitate, Jump In!"

“I just wanted to give a shout out to Brandi. She was very helpful in getting started on this adventure. Brandi's support has been amazing. The information she offers on her site is great. We've gotten so far in a year! Brandi was there for me on a number of occasions. I called her and got to speak with her. She spent a lot of time talking to me and that gave me support and guidance and ideas and thoughts. And, it really helped a lot. And, I truly appreciate everything she’s done! Anybody who's considering whether or not to get involved with her, I would say: Don't Hesitate! Jump In! She will give you great value for what you spend and she will support you all the way through no matter what, and she'll answer any questions and help you in any way she can.”

— Ted L. RV Entrepreneur

"Go From Employee to Entrepreneur As A Digital Nomad! Like Me"

“I'm just really grateful & this is definitely a journey, you know, every day has its challenges but I know that it's for the good. I'm just glad to be making this change working with Brandi. She is so smart, knows so much, really so kind & humble – It's an honor to be able to work with her to learn from her & to grow in this process. So please work with Brandi. She'll help you grow, become who you wanna be, the best version of yourself in all areas if you do the work. If you wanna grow, become the best version of yourself, do something different then jump out in faith & Work with Brandi.

- Miranda @RaydiantLady