Rversity = RV + University (a university for Rvers 🚐) created by Bloggin Brandi because of her love 💔 hate relationship for RVs. Sharing Tips, Tricks, Tools & Resources for everything Rving!

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Hi, I’m Bloggin Brandi. Not too long ago I was working a full time job I hated, just to pay my bills. Then, one day, I decided to change my life. I downsized, sold my condo, car, and practically everything I owned. Then I bought an RV 🚐 and found freedom. Now, I’m a full time happiness addict with the freedom to travel the world on a part-time job, and I’m never turning back! Building a life on wheels and becoming financially secure has taken me further than I ever imagined possible. BUT, it hasn't has been all unicorns 🦄 and 🌈 rainbows. I hope my blog inspires you to follow your own journey to happiness. 




Wondering what an RV is or better yet which one is right for you? The best way to learn about the different RV types and sizes is to take a tour.


RV Living Advice

Learn about renting vs buying an RV. Which one is right for your lifestyle and budget? Get an insurance quote and secure financing for your RV. Plus, WATCH all my tutorials for how to “Hook Up” your RV to water, electricity, and sewer. As I share my story, the mistakes I’ve made, and the lessons I’ve learned.

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A detailed list of my favorite RV gear, parking advice, books, appliances, off-grid / alternative systems, and travel tips. These "RV Friendly" accessories will help you plan for your next rental, purchase or adventure.

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If you are going to walk the walk, then you need to learn how to talk the talk! There are many terms RVers use to describe their "Rig" and all the adventures that come along with Renting or Buying an RV. Go through the RVersity Glossary to learn the language...


My RV Life

Wonder what it’s like to live on the road better yet in an RV? Follow and learn more about my RV life! Why I started living in an RV? How I Eat, Sleep, Shower and Sh*t in my RV or Take a Tour!

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Learn the Top 10 Mistakes Most RVers Make

Know before you hit the road...

Being a Rookie on the Road can be stressful and embarrassing. More importantly, expensive and dangerous! Learn how to stay safe and avoid disaster. Get my guide and learn Top 10 Mistakes Most RVers Make!



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