Rversity = RV + University (a university for Rvers 🚐 ) created by Bloggin Brandi because of her love 💔 hate relationship for RVs. Sharing Tips, Tricks, Tools & Resources for everything Rving!

Meet Brandi

Hi! I’m Bloggin Brandi. Not too long ago I was working a job I hated, just to pay the rent. Then, one day, I decided to change my life. I downsized, sold my house, condo and car then bought an RV, to find freedom. Now I’m a full time happiness addict, and I’m never turning back! I hope my blog inspires you to follow your own journey to happiness.

In this Blog, I’ll show you Home is where you park it when you have an RV! I’m sharing How and why I started living in a van. Follow my RV story on my journey to become a digital nomad and live the RV life...

My Favorite RV Resources

RV Living Advice

Learn how you can rent or buy an RV with my budget. Or make your house a home with DIY materials, and design tips. I share my story, the mistakes I’ve made, and the lessons I’ve learned. These articles will help you start your own RV journey. Below are a few of my most popular vlogs.

Learn the Top 10 Mistakes Most RVers Make

Know before you hit the road...

Being a Rookie on the Road can be stressful and embarrassing. More importantly, expensive and dangerous! Learn how to stay safe and avoid disaster. Get my guide and learn Top 10 Mistakes Most RVers Make!