What is RVersity & Who is Brandi?

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RVERSITYRV + University (a university for Rvers!) created by Bloggin Brandi.

Bloggin Brandi herself is a new media triple threat: YouTuber, author, and keynote speaker. After going to college and climbing the ranks of the Corporate Ladder Brandi’s inner entrepreneur spirit couldn’t be contained any longer. She knew it wasn’t her story. Tired of no one listening to her ideas. She traded in her corporate gig on Wall Street at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Brandi went from trading stocks to hustling socks and toys for BIG bucks. Finding ways to work smarter not harder she took her life from desks to destinations. Starting a journey which all began by shopping at Goodwill and selling those items online for cash.

Discovering she was onto something she pushed the limits further, selling everything she owned (minus her laptop, suitcase and her dogs). Along the way, Brandi started to learn the power of Social Media, Business and Branding. Her passion for travel and ability to automate businesses allowed her to hit the road leading her to the doorsteps of Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and the list is still growing!

Bloggin Brandi puts the BRANDI in Branding hosting her popular YouTube Series "Branding With Brandi" where she teaches you everything you need to know about Building A Brand and Being Your Own Boss!

Now, Brandi is sharing ALL the behind the scenes for how she lives, works and travels on the road in her RV with RVersity - A University for Rvers. Created because of my love  hate relationship for RVs. @BlogginBrandi is sharing Tips, Tricks, Tools & Resources for everything Rving!

Why I Started Living In A Van?

In this Van Life Blog, I’ll show you Home is where you park it when you have a Travel van! I’m sharing How and why I started living in a van. This is my RV Living story on my journey to become a digital nomad and living the van life.

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