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Wondering Which RV is right for me? Whether you’re a first time RV buyer or just RV shopping again, RV buying and picking the right RV can be stressful, overwhelming, and scary! I mean what if you end up buying an RV and it is the wrong one for you? That could be a costly mistake! So, how to choose the right RV for you, Your RV Lifestyle, and Budget? In this video, I’m talking about not just choosing the right RV, But how do you choose the right RV lifestyle as well? Because My RV Life and RV Lifestyle has changed over the years, and the type of RV that is right for me has changed according to my wants vs needs! I went from a travel trailer to Van Life to motorhome Living! Then, I went from RV travel 24/7 to Stationary RV Living! If you’re buying an RV for the first time, Let me be the first to tell you… choosing an RV for full time living is different than if you’re just curious about how to buy an RV. (i.e a fifth wheel for vacation travel) After over 5 years of Full Time RV Life, I’m sharing my RV Buying advice for full time RVers and Part-Timers Looking to make an RV Purchase and what you need to know first! Plus, What I wish I knew before buying my first RV. Watch So, you can learn from my RV newbie mistakes and know What to expect as an RV beginner! And If you Want to learn more on “how to choose an RV to live in” or are looking for an RV Buyers Guide – Better yet someone to help you along the way to RV living full time then… You can Book A Call or Join RVersity my University for RVers and those serious about getting started full time RV living!



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Hey, I’m Blogging Brandi! Over 5 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life then Motorhome Living. Now, I help people go from feeling overworked, underpaid, and undervalued to living a life of freedom & financial security they love from the comfort of their home on wheels aka Full Time RV Living!


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Here’s the video transcript:

I’ve been RVing for a minute, five, six years now, or more I’ve lived like a traveling life and then I’ve lived a stationary life and then I’ve lived a travel trailer, life and a van life and a motor home life, all the lives I’ve lived them all. I’m sure there’s some I haven’t lived, but I’ve got a really good idea from if I was starting out now, versus if I’m already RVing. My life has changed over the years and my RV lifestyle has changed. And the type of RV that is right for me has changed over the years. In this video, I wanted to talk about how do you choose the right RV, lifestyle and budget and RV. And those are kind of synonymous, but I really wanted to talk about choosing the right RV lifestyle. Because a lot of people talk about how do I choose the right RV and which RV is right for me.

You kind of have to know the right lifestyle and budget or your ideal RV lifestyle and your dreams and goals, and then how much it’s gonna cost. And if we haven’t officially met I’m bloggin Brandi from rversity, a university for RVers. And if you wanna learn how to RV like a pro I’ll teach you everything. I know, just make sure that you hit that subscribe button and bell icon somewhere around this video. So you’re notified each and every time I publish another one of these. So if I was saying, okay, let me decide on the right RV for me, I would say, okay, well, figure out your RV lifestyle. There’s full-timers, part-timers, there’s weekenders. There’s a mix. You could be one of those now, and that could be different later. Maybe you start out as a weekender and then you move to a part-timer and then you become a full-timer.

Or maybe you start out as a full-timer and then you go back to only doing it Part-time. Your RV life can change. Then there’s travel trailers and fifth wheelers and motor homes and van lifers. So it depends on what kind of RV that you get and the lifestyle that you live as well. Are you gonna be retired? Are you gonna be working while you’re RV or what we call work camping. It could be work camping at the RV park or somewhere locally or working and camping, meaning that you’re just working an online job or you have a business and you’re also camping. So maybe you’re an entrepreneur, an RV entrepreneur and camping. You’re still work, camping, stationary or traveling. Maybe you’re stationary. Maybe you’re traveling. That plays a role in the type of RV that you’re gonna get, as well as your budget and your lifestyle.

The big circle that I keep telling you about that it all comes back together. Are you gonna be hooked up? Are you gonna be Boon-docking? So I’ve been living stationary in the same RV park for two years. But before that I’ve Boon-docked, I’ve traveled 24 7 and parked Boon-docking part of the time and then hooked up part of the time. And then there’s some other questions. When you’re thinking about your RV lifestyle and your budget and the right RV, what is the number of people are gonna be RVing with you? Is it just you, is it gonna be you and a spouse? Is it gonna have children with you? Are you gonna have any pets with you? That’s another thing to think about. Do you need to make arrangements? Do you need to choose the right RV for you and your pet? Do you have a small pet or a big pet?

What about disabilities? Maybe you need more space. Maybe you’re a fluffier person. Maybe you have a wheelchair. Maybe you have one leg. Maybe you need less space or more space, or maybe you’re okay with less space or more space. Eventually you’ve learned to become a minimalist in the RV, but some people are more minimalistic than others. That’s something to think about. Is, do you have a disability or do you have a disadvantage or do you have some other reason that you wanna buy a certain RV or that you would need a certain RV? Another thing to think about is amenities. So like, what are your wants and needs? I personally wanted my RV, this RV now, this motor home. Now when I chose it, I chose it because the table that I’m at, I wanted to have a table and this is a slide out.

So I wanted to be able to sit at a table. Even if the slide out was in. If we were traveling, I wanted to be able to lay down in my bed when we were traveling. But see those things don’t matter now because I’ve been stationary for so long. I also bought this RV because of the garage in the back. So we wanted to have my car to be able to fit in the garage. I just, so I didn’t want a tow. So if you don’t know, I had a travel trailer and I got a really bad accident, so I didn’t wanna tow anything. And then I had a trailer for my smart car to tow it, and then somebody stole it. So tow life for me, I’m like, no, I’m not a tow. So I didn’t want tow anything. So I bought this RV for my wants.

and needs and I, we had dogs and then we had businesses to run in here. So I bought it, you know, for me and my boyfriend, we’ve been together for eight years and he runs a mobile business, or he runs a business that he’s made mobile. So we can travel. We’ve learned how to make our life’s mobile. And our businesses mobile. That’s why we chose this RV. We actually, he actually has physical products that he sells, but I have more digital products that I sell. So it’s a little bit different that played a role in it was our wants versus needs, may change. Okay. So your situation changes. The RV that you need changes, your lifestyle changes, your budget might change, and that could be due to job health family, a pandemic, a spouse. There’s a lot of things that can go down to cause your RV life to change.

Before I decided on an RV, I was looking at things like hotels and Airbnb. The reason that I chose to live in an RV over any of those other options was one because of money. An RV was a cheaper option. And my very first RV was a travel trailer. So it was really cheap. I was paying an think like $230 a month. I talk about my RV living expenses and how much those things cost in another video. Cuz I sold my condo and bought an RV. If you don’t know that. Also because of dogs and also because of my business. So getting dogs in and out of hotels and finding pet friendly hotels and things like that, traveling around with your dogs is a lot easier when have the home and the resources with you, same with my office, whether it’s you running a business or you working for somebody else’s business, having your office in one place and not having to move it. Even when I was in my van, I had

To move my office. I couldn’t just leave it set up. But in this RV I can leave my office set up either at this table or in the garage or at the front also depends on if someone’s here with me, like right now, I’m, I’m here by myself. So my boyfriend isn’t here with me right now, so I can just record freely, but I try to like leave my studio set up. But also the temperature changes. I have to move if he’s here, cuz he comes in and out the door in the back where I would normally be set up. And then now I’m making some RV life changes that I’m telling you about right now. So the garage is kind of off limits from my office. I told you, I went from travel trailer to van life, to motor home life. And then I went from traveling 24/7 to stationary RV living for the past two years.

So if you’ve ever heard that Adele song, hello, and she’s talking to her younger self, she’s saying, you know, if I could talk to myself and tell myself something, I’m telling you if I was getting started RV and I could listen to someone who’s been doing it for five years or a seasoned RVer, a pro I would want to know these things. What’s the next steps. You’re like, okay. Brandi. Well, what’s the next step? So if I’m trying to choose like the right RV and the right RV lifestyle and you know, figure out my budget, like what are the next steps I’ve told you? Kinda like some things that I’m thinking through. I was trying to like almost make these videos in sequence. So I told you about setting your date and having a goal and taking action. And you make sure that every action you take, it’s getting you towards that goal.

So it’s RV life or a new RV or a selling your house, whatever it’s or quitting your job. I don’t know. But for me at the time it was which it could be for you is getting your house or your condo sellable. So originally I started out, I was like wanting to sell like my house and my condo, my things, speaking of that, looking to get into RV life. And you’re like, I wish I had someone that would help me on this journey and show me the ropes and give me all of their tools and resources and then book a call with me and let’s chat. If you like this video, make sure that you hit the like button below. I told you about some of the next videos coming up that you can check out. So I’ll put links to those below this video.

Be sure to subscribe If you haven’t subscribed bloggin Brandi from rversity. And if you want to learn how to RV like a pro I’ll teach you everything. I know. Just make sure that you subscribe and hit that bell icon. So you’re notified each and every time I publish that’s somewhere around this video. And I love you if you haven’t enjoyed my secret Facebook group, make sure to join that too. So links to all the good stuff below. Love you guys. If you’re part of my secret RV fam and if you’re just joining, bye.