HOW TO DUMP RV TANKS | RV BLACK AND GREY TANKS. In this video, I’ll show you how to empty rv tanks with a sewer hose for the black tank and grey tank. You’ll learn how to use rv dump station and the best order to dump the tanks. Thanks for watching! Let me know what questions you have about how to dump RV waste water holding tanks in the comments below…

Here is the transcript from the video:

This is the crappiest part about Rving and probably the part that you feel like, okay, I don’t think I can do that, but it becomes a little bit normal and one of the reasons that I actually want a composting toilet, but this is how to connect your sewer release and release all of the water that you’ve been bathing in and using the bathroom in, out of the RV, down to the drain because it has to go somewhere. So right now it’s on the RV and now we’re going to release it. So I’m going to. Show you how to do that. Make sure to stay tuned until the end because I am sharing with you the mistakes that I made during this whole process before, during and after, and you don’t want to make them. These are some parts that you’re going to need and this is something that I purchased. They give you a really crappy one when you buy your Rv, if they give you anything, but this part actually goes in to the sewer drain. I’m going to show you that and then this is a clear piece. They have different angles on this and I’ll put links to all of these down below this video so you can check these out. I have a long sewer hose extension here. So right now you can see that from the Rv to the sewer, it’s not that far, but you can get a second piece. So if it was longer, I can connect the second piece. They normally have this sewer looking pipe. It has this top on it here at the Rv Park. So what we’re going to do is connect to this piece in and this all usually comes as a kit or at least I bought it as a kit. So you just screw this in. Okay. And then this part is going to just connect in. They all just kind of clip in. Then in the RV itself, you’re going to have your black tank, which is your toilet water on the right. And then your gray tank, which is your waste water on the left. So this clear piece I’m going to put on because I want to see what’s actually coming out and I want to know when the water’s done draining. So I just go down here and unscrew the sewer cap from here and you always want to make sure that these release levers are pushed in. So there’s some pipes and releases down here. You want to make sure that those are both pushed in and then you connect on here. Sometimes this can give you issues. Okay. So that snaps on. And then this snaps on to here because I want to see this water coming out of here. So this part is now connected. And the other thing is that this actually needs to be kind of up, but we’re just going to improvise. So I’m going to show you the pressure of the water will hopefully wash it down. And you always want to pull your black tank first because you want your poop poop water to go out first. So first I’m just going to reach down here and pull the black tank release. So this little handle and I watch this come out and I know that’s gross, but essentially that is what it is. You just let this go and you’re going to see it come to a trickle. And then once this is done draining, you’re going to close this black lever back. You can’t do these at the same time, you’re going to close that back and then you’re going to open the left, grey one, so I just pulled the gray handle and now that’s flushing into this sewer drain right here so you can see that this water is clear coming out of the drain or coming out of the sewer release. Now this water is clear coming out of the sewer really because this is water that’s being used for the sink and the shower. So I let this drain. Once that’s done, I’ll close the pipes back off. Great. So now you know how I dump my rv tanks holding tanks, but you don’t want to make the same mistakes that I did when I started this whole rv process and I’ve had a ton of rvs. Travel trailers to motorize units, crazy stories, and you’re going to want to hear them. Make sure to hit up the description below this video and download my top 10 mistakes that most RVers make. They can be costly and time consuming and we don’t have time for that. We want to have fun when we’re are RVing. Learn from me. Just learn from me and we’re going to do this thing together. Make sure to comment below this video so I know what questions you have and who knows. You might be featured in my next video. Until the next time I’m Brandi of, and this is my rv channel or RVersity where I share all of my RV tips, tricks, and tutorials about RVing. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next episode. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next week.