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Step #1 – Plan Your RV life 

In order to plan your RV life, you’re going to need to figure out what kind of RV lifestyle you want to have. So the best way to do this is to ask yourself questions like when, and how long will you be using your RV at a time who’s going to be RV with you? Are you going to have kids, pets, people with disabilities? Are you RVing alone? Are you going to have a spouse? And also, how are you going to be using your RV? Are you going to be hooked up most of the time, or do you plan on Boondocking? And then you want to calculate your RV budget, and figure out exactly how much it’s going to cost to live your RV lifestyle. After that, you can actually go through the process of choosing the right RV. So before you can ever choose the right RV, you have to figure out what kind of lifestyle you want to live and how much of an RV that you can afford. And then you can go through the process of doing your research and figuring out the right type of RV for your lifestyle and your budget. So this is when you want to go online and start searching and doing your research on the different types and sizes of RVs, as well as the amenities that they offer.

Step #2 – Fund Your RV Life.

There’s two parts to this. The first part is saving money. So what can you, or will you need to sell to be able to fund your RV lifestyle? (i.e your house, your car, your belongings) And, what can you cut out of your current living expenses now? What are you not going to need to pay for once you actually start RVing that maybe you have to pay for now, or what is something that you don’t have to pay for now, but you can cut it out of your current living expenses to start saving money for your RV life. And how could you start downsizing your current debt? Is there anything that you can pay off or pay down on? Keep in mind once you start RVing there are tons of ways to save money, with RV clubs, memberships, and discounts, either at RV parks or on the fuel that you’re using to fill up. This might be a percentage off, or it could be free nights. But, there are ways to save money once you actually start RVing. 

The second part of funding, your RV life is actually making money. So how do you plan on paying for your RV, your lifestyle, your travel expenses, etc… when you actually get started RVing? Do you have savings? Maybe you have retirement accounts, your personal investments, or just a savings account. Do you plan on being employed, maybe some type of workamping job or remote work. Maybe you want to be some type of travel nurse, or you have a contract job. Maybe you want to start a side hustle or a business of your own. You can always freelance your skills and services or sell your own products, sell your own services online. There’s tons of ways that you can make money from the road, especially nowadays.

Step #3 – Prepare For RV Life.

So you’re going to need to downsize and mobilize. The first part of downsizing is learning to become a minimalist. Remember that space is limited on an RV, so less is more. And the more stuff that you take with you, the more it weighs and the more it costs in fuel to move around. I kind of have a rule that I either live seasonally, or if it’s something that I haven’t used in the last three to six months, I’ll throw it out. So that’s a good way to kind of narrow down your things and just start with the necessities. Remember that you can’t use everything in an RV that you might use in a normal house. And then there’s certain things that you have to have for RV that are RV specific. Keep in mind that you can make money while you’re downsizing! You can make money selling your car, selling your house, selling your belongings, whatever it is that you need to start getting rid of, you can make money doing it. I have a rule whenever I’m downsizing or when I was downsizing, that I have piles. I have a pile to keep a pile, to sell a pile, to donate and a pile to trash. 

So once you’ve downsized, then it’s time to mobilize. And in order to mobilize in an RV, you’re going to need things like an address so that you can get mail, file your taxes, do your vehicle registration. So you’re going to have to set up some type of digital address or a physical address where you can get your mail and have it forwarded to you. And you’re going to want to mobilize your banking. So if you have a bank that you normally go to down the street, you want to make sure that they have online banking and a way for you to deposit checks or get money out while you’re on the road. So they have to be digital and available from anywhere while you’re traveling. And you’re going to want to mobilize your insurance. So when you’re trying to get health insurance, prescriptions or go to the doctor, you want to make sure that the health insurance plan that you have can actually travel with you. And it’s not just specific to a certain state or location so that you can get all of your medical services while you’re on the road. And you’ll want to digitize your documents. So everything that you have on paper needs to go into a file uploaded online so that you can get it from anywhere.

Step #4 – Buy An RV.

Before you buy an RV, you really want to understand the RV buying process and how it works from start to finish. Then there’s your RV orientation after you’ve actually bought the RV that you’re going to want to learn the RV when they walk you through it, and you want to have your pre delivery inspection checklist so that once you get the RV, you can check it over and make sure everything is the way it’s supposed to be. And if not, you can have those things fixed or altered before actually taking delivery of the RV or taking the RV off the lot once you purchased it.

What’s Next?

So now, you know the exact steps that you need to take to start planning your RV life. But I know that was a lot, so don’t worry I’ve got you covered with my RV life planner you can [DOWNLOAD HERE] to help you start going through the process from start to finish of actually planning your RV life!