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Are You DOWNSIZING To Live In An RV? Or, Already RV LIVING Full Time, but still STRUGGLING with HOW TO DOWNSIZE your stuff for living in an RV full time? If you’re wondering How To Downsize For Full Time RV Living, then this video is for you as I’m sharing my TIPS for Downsizing to an RV! Whether you are living the Van Life, have a Motorhome, or Travel Trailer – The RV Lifestyle requires you to adopt a minimalist living mindset and start tiny living! That means downsizing your house, closet, and all your things! This is a fun travel vlog showing you behind the scenes of my full time RV life and my Full Time RV Living Tips. So, if you’re Full time RVing then these Storage & Downsizing Tips will help you get organized! And if you’re making the transition to RV or “Downsizing to RV Living” then consider this a crash course in beginners minimalism. But, don’t stress yourself out just to be able to say “I Downsized To Live in an RV Full Time in 30 days!” The first time it took me a year when I was downsizing from house to RV! Now, I’m showing you my Full-time RV Living downsizing adventure and tips I did in one day (yes 24 hours)! Yet, keep in mind I’ve been learning how to downsize for RV Life and RV Living for a while! Super excited to share these downsizing tips for living in an RV Full Time! Watch and enjoy so you can learn from my downsizing mistakes!

Here’s the video transcript:

How do you get rid of all of your stuff in your house or in my case, in my RV. So I’ve been talking to you in the last several videos about how to get started on your RV, living journey, setting a date and your goals, and taking action, choosing your RV lifestyle and figuring out, you know, what type of RV lifestyle is for you, what type of RV is gonna be for your lifestyle. And then we dove into your budget. In this video, I wanted to talk about actually the downsizing process. When you downsize, you can start to kind of figure out what you need and what RV might be right for you, or vice versa. Maybe you’ve picked out your RV. Now you’re like, okay, like how do I downsize all this stuff? It took me a year. The first time that I did this, if we haven’t officially met, I’m bloggin Brandi from Rversity a university for RVers.

So be sure to subscribe and click the bell icon somewhere around this video. So you’re notified each and every time I publish another video about RV life, I did make a video about downsizing. This is a follow up to that one. So that one was really in depth. And I’ve also given you videos to all of the essentials that I have in my RV. I’m gonna kind of give you a rundown and then we’re gonna go actually do it. I call this like my downsized double up plan. Because a lot of people don’t realize that when you’re downsizing, you can actually make money while you’re downsizing. So that can fund your RV life. And some things you may not think will make you money, or maybe you’re not sure like where to sell them. Those are things that I kind of started figuring out after I dove into all of this, the first thing you wanna do is probably make a list of what rooms you need to tackle.

So if it is your house, it might be bedroom One, bedroom two, living room, kitchen. For me, mine is the RV loft, the RV bedroom, the RV bathroom, the RV kitchen, the RV garage, RV cab, which is the front driving area. And then the RV basement, which is the outside and underneath. So I have inside and outside. That’s how it kind of breaks down. The biggest thing that I always say, whenever you’re getting ready to do the is, is have either a place where you go put everything that you’re gonna keep, maybe a storage unit, maybe a closet, maybe a space, maybe someone’s house. And then you want to have a place, either boxes. Sometimes I might say set up boxes or set up spaces, or however you wanna do it. You can move this stuff later on, but at least to get you started, you have a pile to keep a pile, to sell a pile to trash and a pile to donate no particular order on that.

But you wanna start saying, okay, these are the things that I absolutely need. And then you wanna say, okay, these are things that I don’t need and I can sell and make money and there’s different ways to sell. So I went through different types of selling. I started out with just selling one on one online. I did a flea market to get rid of every thing I did bartering with people. I’ve done local selling apps. So there’s tons of ways to get rid of stuff. But I wanted to take you through my house as I kind of downsize and maybe give you some ideas of like things that I’ve kept and why I’ve kept them or things that I’m gonna get rid of and why I’m gonna get rid of them. And if you haven’t checked out the videos before this one, the series of this, of going into the next phase of my RV life or what might be the first phase of your RV life, then I strongly encourage you to check those out because that’s gonna kind of walk you through the process of this step and what I’m doing. These all go together. Let’s go get ready to do this downsizing thing. I’m so not excited about this, but we’re gonna do it. We’re doing it today. I’m hoping to get this done in a matter of hours or just today. This RV is not that big, but I was gonna call in reinforcements. You could call in some help, but I’m gonna try to do this by myself.

Okay? So I just wanted you to see, like, this is the loft. I have a bunch of books up here and pillows, and this is really there’s birdie. This has really just become the junk room. So this is like storage and honestly, all of this stuff weighs. So I wanted you to see that all of this stuff weighs in here. So I’m gonna go through and kind of tell you like why I have some of this stuff, what I’m gonna get rid of what I’m gonna keep and we’ll go from there. So let’s dive in. If I was traveling, which I’ve been here at this RV park for two years, this would be different. Okay? You gotta remember all this stuff weighs. So these books are heavy, that cost money to drive around with them. So if I was moving, I wouldn’t have this stuff in here and I didn’t have this stuff in here.

I have books in here. And so like, one thing I would tell you is like, instead of getting your books in paper format, get your books in, um, digital format. So get like iBooks and apple books and things like that because that’s gonna not weigh as much. Um, and of course you’re gonna have to have internet to use those, but, um, that’s gonna help you with weight. And then one thing you’ll learn about RV life is laundry may not always be easy to do. So that’s why we racked up all of these blankets and pillows. Well, one, we said, oh, in case anyone ever comes and stays in, the RV we’ll need ’em okay. First off, do not plan your RV life around other people coming to stay. Cuz that’s the worst thing you can do. Buy your RV and your RV for you.

Not your grandkids, not your friends, not your family, not your boyfriend, not your friend that may come RV with you eventually. Okay. Or your future potential husband that might RV with you that you haven’t even met yet. Don’t do that. Your RV life changes and your RV will change over time. Just like your car changes and your job changes and everything else, the pillows and things like that. I’m gonna probably move a lot of this stuff to my mom’s house. So right now I’m probably gonna get everything I can moved to my mom’s house because I have a little room up there where I’ve kind of kept stuff. And like, you know, during the pandemic, I just keep stuff there. So it’s kind of like my area where I keep the backup. So when I go through the loft, I’m probably gonna put like these pillows and trash bags and I’m gonna see if there’s anything we’re selling up here. Some of this is like camera equipment and, and whatnot. So I know some of this may be sellable, but I really won’t know until I start going through this. So the first thing I wanna do is try to just get this stuff outta here. And then we’ll kind of figure out like, what can, what can I sell? What should I trash? What should I donate? So this is a lengthy process, but birdie looks like she’s gonna help me.

So this is a reason why you do not just leave stuff sitting around in your RV. Look, I’m cleaning out the RV. Oh my God. Look at what I found. Oh, look at this.

This is crazy. I’m gonna have to figure out what is going on. Ugh. This is not good. It’s taken me, I guess, about an hour. I’m calling in the reinforcement. I actually had to call my mom because I told you I found some mold up in here and um, that’s not good. So I found some mold up in here. I, if we can see it, but I’m not happy about it. I’m gonna spray some stuff on it and try to get rid of it. But it’s just like, this place is way emptier now. So I’ve moved everything kind of into the garage. I wanted you to see that I’ve really cleaned all this stuff out. I left towels up here because we’ll probably need those whenever we’re like cleaning up the RV. Um, but I’ve really moved everything outta here because honestly, when I moved everything outta here, what I discovered is I don’t think there was one thing up here that we absolutely needed.

So it was all just extra weight in the RV. So there’s nothing up here that we absolutely needed. I did say, you know, we did keep a lot of these like extra towels and blankets and pillows and things because can’t do laundry in this RV. So we have to have a way to do laundry. So we’ve been here and I’ve been able to go to my mom’s and do laundry, but at the RV park I’m at, they don’t have laundry. So we’re gonna move to the other rooms, but this is kind of what it looks like. So it’s halfway done. Well, let’s move on. I wanted to show you while I’m doing this, that the garage is a Absolute nightmare and yes, Christmas <laugh> is gone. So I haven’t backed up my Christmas stuff. It’s here. I’m trying to back it up, but I’ve started to move like the pillows and the things from the garage or from the loft to the garage.

So I’m trying to get this stuff just out here, that way I can and move it to my mom’s house. So I call my mom, she’s gonna come over. I’m gonna, um, put this stuff in her car and then take it to my mom’s and grandma’s house and put it upstairs so that I can make room for selling this and the next step. So the first thing is to just get this stuff outta here and then we can work on actually like selling the RV and making our next move. But the first step is to get your stuff kinda like downsized. So you know what you’re even moving into or what your next phase is. So let’s move on. We’re here in the bedroom. Um, it looks a little messy, which is perfectly fine, but, um, I just kind of like moved myself up there that I know that’s staying here, like the pillows and stuff that I’m sleeping with, but I do have some extra blankets up here.

So I’m gonna kind of check what’s in there. My bedroom will probably be last. I’m gonna take down things like these pictures. I’m gonna gonna take those down. And probably like, um, you know, any extra purses. I might use that to move stuff in, but like there’s extra dog gear over here. And um, this little Rollie thing that I have has the dog stuff in it. So that’s not something that I wanna keep around. Uh, um, what else? That’s really it because my clothes and stuff, I’ll probably leave in here until I get ready to move or I might downsize them. Um, you know, at least move like Christmas stuff or summer stuff, or I don’t know, but for now this room will probably be, um, not super cleaned out, but I’m just gonna go through and see like, is there anything that I can get outta here that I don’t really need in here to survive on a day to day basis, at least right now during this transition process.

So I’m gonna try to get rid of everything. I don’t need. At least just keep the things that I would absolutely need, like an extra set of sheets, maybe a bag or two, but I’m probably gonna leave most of my clothes in here for now because that’s like a two second thing for me to throw all my clothes in there. So you kind of seen, we did the loft. I’m gonna run through the bedroom real quick and pair it down. I just have really, I mean, I’ve kind of shown you my bedroom before, but this is just all clothes. Really? My bedroom’s not that big. So it’s all closed. Those are a couple sheets and stuff. And then we’re just of pair down everything else. Let’s get the bedroom done.

See like, these are things that I don’t need in here right now. And I might just get rid of them all together. But the point is I don’t need this stuff. I’m just dragging it around. It’s just sitting up there and I probably only need like one set of sheets probably have like five sets of sheets up there. I probably only need one. So I’m gonna get rid of this stuff. We really don’t have that much to do in here, but we’ll move on to the next room. The garage is looking better. I know it doesn’t look like it’s looking better, but it’s looking better. The treadmill is gone. And a lot of this stuff is gone. And so this is just kind of compacting. And then thankfully mom brought the van, but I wanted to show you, I’ve got these boxes here, that my mom brought me so I can put my stuff in boxes.

And then our moldy pillows that we found upstairs. And then I wanted to show you how much we packed in the van. So the van is completely packed out, but I could not get this in my smart car, but the van is literally packed out. I don’t even know if you can see the side, it’s a super packed, but all packed up inside there. I figured I would show you what the van looks like from this angle. So mom’s gonna drive all this stuff back to the, house and then I’ll meet her over there and help her unpack like all of this. But I wanted to show you the inside of the car is kind of crazy. The Van’s packed out and I’m getting ready to get this stuff to mom’s house. And then we’ll finish cleaning up the rest of the RV and getting everything outta here and then put this up for sale.

So still got a lot to do, but I did get a lot done. So I’m so excited. Yay. So we have made it to the bathroom. Um, don’t be judging. Don’t be judging. Okay. So we are potty training our cat kitten to go in the toilet. So it is a little bit dirty up in here. We have our city kitty that we use and he gets litter everywhere. So it’s driving me to crazy, but I was fixing some stuff in the RV. I told y’all we have a water leak. We’re trying to figure out how to fix the water leak. I’ve flex sealed it up, but I’m trying to sell the RV. So when you have a water leak and you try to sell something, it’s like, oh my God. And then I found mold upstairs. And uh, so the first thing I wanna do is just kind of probably get everything that I know I don’t need out of here.

Any extra stuff, you know, I’ll keep like a little bit of extra toilet paper and maybe like an extra thing of toothpaste and stuff like that. But for the most part, I’m gonna get everything gone out of here that I wouldn’t need for a day to day. So I just want you to think like traveling like vacation, what would I need? Like a toothbrush, my shampoo and conditioner and my face wash and stuff like that. I’ll keep, I’ll keep old towels and new towels because I’ll keep all the towels because we’re gonna probably have to use ’em to clean in here. So I’m gonna go through really in my bathroom, everything is, I’ve got like medicines and stuff like that in here. Um, I don’t know if you can see all that. So I’ve got medicine up in here and that’s gotta be all cleaned out.

And then in here it’s just not good. Okay. Not good. So <laugh>, I’ve gotta get this cleaned out. So I’m gonna get all this cleaned out. There’s so much stuff in here. I feel like I don’t use or need, I honestly only go in here and use like these few things. One step at a time where we are downsizing, but I just want you to see like what I really have in here. I have that. And then I have, um, towels that go up here and it’s just never been super organized. And then I’ve got my heater down here. I’ve got some more junk down here and then I even have cabinets here. So there was where our water leak was down there. So we’re trying to repair that. This is gonna be fun. Here we go. I’m gonna get this bathroom, tidy up, get everything out of it.

And then again, I’m gonna have to, my mom already left. So I’m gonna have to take a load to my mom’s house or go van and bring it back. But I’m doing this by myself, cuz NV’s not here. He’s sick. He’s in Atlanta and mom did help me get a lot of stuff packed. She has been amazing. I just really just got everything to the back and we just put everything in the car that I could, but I took you through the loft. I kind of showed you the bedroom. The back garage is crazy, but this is the bathroom. So I’m just gonna kind of get rid of as much stuff as I can. The bathroom is probably not as bad as everything else in the RV, but we’re dwindling down. So I’m super excited. I’m in the bathroom. We’ve kind of done the bathroom.

I got a lot out of here. So I wanted to show you instead of like what all I’m taking out more of like what I’m gonna keep. I had a lot of just random stuff in, but razors, you know, I’m gonna need razors, um, hair ties, I’m gonna need hair ties some, uh, sewing stuff. I’ll probably need that. And then cotton swab. And then I decided to leave this the way it is right now because we’ve kind of been sick up and down and we probably will need this medicine and stuff. So we’re probably gonna need this stuff. So I’m just gonna leave it for now. Um, so that’s gonna go in this little tote and go tucked away. So there’s nothing down there anymore, except that little tote. So that’s gonna go in there. I’m gonna take out this, um, little sea shell thing, but this will be closed up.

So I did put, I do need, you know, tampons cuz I’m a girl. So I have some tampons. I have some clean wipes. I have my Jesus book. Can’t even see what I’m doing down here. Tampons, clean wipes, Jesus, um, Kleenex. And then this is like my little carry-all thing. So I just throw stuff in here when I need to go. And of course we’re gonna keep, um, things like the toilet paper and then I’m gonna put the towels that are in the loft over here. And then, um, this is just stuff like face wash and um, some perfume and my coconut oil and my deodorant. But cuz if you know, I don’t really wear makeup, so I don’t really have anything else in here besides like my toothbrush. And um, I told you we’re gonna keep the towels. So this may not be perfect right now, but I’m just gonna leave this stuff up here, cuz we’re probably gonna need the towels and that’s, we’re not doing anything with that.

And then I pulled off like the pictures and things that were in here. So we’ll take all of that down. And this is what the bathroom looks like now that nobody’s under. So we have the city, kitty and litter everywhere up in here. This is my bathroom, but I’m the more that I’m cleaning stuff out. I’m getting even more excited about getting rid of this RV because you know, this has been my home for, I don’t know, three years now, two and a half, three years. So I’m just really excited to do something different, but this is downsides 101. Me and birdie. Yeah. Birdie were headed in the smart car with it, a little pack down over to mom’s house to put everything upstairs. So we’re gonna go put everything upstairs and then I don’t know, go back to the take shower and then back to the RV and I’ll probably eat over there, but then I’ll go back to the RV and finish, packing up more stuff.

I am so tired. Um, I wanted to show you what my room looks like. And I guess I say my room because this really is kind of my room. This is like our COVID, uh, stash, I guess. And it did look way better before I got in here. But this is kind of like whenever we’ve gone through COVID I have kept everything over here. So we have like extra like cleaning supplies and um, soaps and Tampons and everything that you could think of that we would need. And then birdie is rolling around. Really? This looks chaotic because it is, but I just have kinda like shoved everything on the sides. I know it looks crazy, but it’s actually a little bit cleaner than it looks. I’ve kind of like put, these are gonna be like donation and sell. There’s that toilet I’ve been carrying around forever.

A lot of stuff’s underneath the bed. This is just a place for me to sit and then stuff back here. And then you may not know this. I’ve never shown this really. Um, this is Princhesa. So this is Prinnie and she is freeze dried. So kind of like taxidermied she’s really here. This is really Prinnie. And we sent her off to this guy called extreme taxidermy, but this is Prinnie. So she’s still here, live and in the flesh, she’s not live, but she’s here. And then these are my other dogs. So you might remember Duchess she’s cremated. So Duchie is in here and then Princhesa. I mean, um, shadow was my old dog that you never saw when I was growing up and she is in here. Maybe that’s creepy that I keep my dogs. I don’t know. I am so exhausted. It is seven o’clock we started this at like seven o’clock this morning.

It’s been like 12 hours. I haven’t really, I don’t wanna say I started at seven o’clock this morning, but I did start not too far after that. I don’t know, maybe eight or nine, maybe seven. I think I started talking about it at seven. I got all this stuff moved over here. I’m so happy that this has moved over here. And really the stuff that’s left in the RV is gonna be like clothing. I still have the kitchen to pack up and really like the stuff that we’re using, a lot of stuff is empty now. So I’m so excited that this stuff is empty and that we’re gonna be able to put the RV up for sale. Soon. The other thing I was thinking about like while I’m here and why I’m so excited is I actually get to have everything here in one place.

So it’s not like I have half stuff here, half stuff at the RV and my fingers, my hands are so dirty. So I’m actually not a dirty person, but I’m so dirty, look. It is dirt under my fingernails. That’s how hard I’ve been working. I gotta go take a shower. I gotta eat. But I’m so glad that we got everything up here because now I can start selling and pairing down. And honestly, just seeing all this stuff here just makes me think how much more stuff needs to go. So this is a good thing. You know, this is a good thing. Yesterday, I did a lot of downsizing and moving stuff to my mom’s house, which is gonna be my temporary, I guess, storage location. Um, and maybe sleeping. I really don’t know what I’m gonna do right now, but it’s my life’s kind of mobile.

So I hop between my mom and my grandma and here in the RV and the condo. We have a very mobile life, but I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna do. Either go stay with my mom, go to the trailer or whatnot, but we’re still downsizing. So I wanted to show you, this does look like beautiful chaos. Honestly, I’ve pulled everything out of these, um, cabinets. So that’s why it’s all laying out here, but I’m trying to get everything together. I’m trying to have like just my mobile stuff. So if I didn’t have the RV, like my bag, my office, things that I would need to take with me <affirmative> and then I was gonna keep things in here in the kitchen to cook with. But honestly, what I’m thinking right now is I’m gonna try to break my lease here, which I’m not really worried about that.

They’ll let me out of it, but we’re gonna put the RV up for sale. And my goal is the 28th of this month or 20th, seventh, my lease will renew. So I’m trying to get outta here before then at least put the RV in storage and then I can hang out at the lake house, her mom’s house or the condo or whatever we decide. So there’s a couple things that have to happen. You know, we have the boat outside and we still have a lot of stuff kind of here, but I got a lot of the big stuff and my back is killing me. I can’t wait to get in that hot tub later. It was below freezing last night. So that was just miserable. It’s so not fun trying to downsize when it’s cold outside. But um, I did just wanna show you like, oh my gosh, look, my dishes, this is so bad.

This is what you do when you’re solo RV and your boyfriend isn’t here. So if he ever watches this, this is how I live, but he kind of knows that. So it’s pretty sad. He just loves me, you know? Um, okay, so kitchen, I wasn’t gonna pack it up because we were thinking like, oh, I’m gonna stay in here. And whatever, honestly, what I’m gonna do is take the kitchen stuff. Like the food probably to my mom’s lake house slash the trailer park over there so that, um, we have food over there. And plus at my mom’s house, she actually has food and stuff. And then the trailer, I mean, there is food, but we have a lot more. So I’m probably gonna take all the food to the lake house and then I’m gonna take, um, all this other stuff and just kind of put it in storage.

So like my pots pans, things like that. So right now the only thing I’m gonna leave out is, um, a set of bowls and plates and then our silverware and then everything else is gonna get packed away. So I’m gonna pack up this kitchen. I’ll probably leave the food here, cuz it’s last minute and it’s quick. It’s just like grocery shopping, throw it in a couple Ikea bags and we’re out. Um, but I’m gonna pack up the pans that I have here in the kitchen. So I have, you know, a little bit of stuff to pack up here. My pans are under there and um, just like cooking utensils. And so really that’s gonna be it. We did the bathroom yesterday. The bathroom’s actually really clean, so we’ll have to do a final like clean, clean, but look how clean the counters are. There’s nothing really on them.

And then, um, everything else, I cleaned out the loft, the loft, the only thing that’s up in the loft is like, um, camera gear and equipment <affirmative> and then the garage is still a little messy. So, um, let me turn the light on in the garage so you can see that garage light. And if you never see my control panel, that’s my control panel. So coming back here into the garage, that’s what’s going on back there. So I’m excited to keep downsizing and get this stuff put away. As long as I have my clothes in my office with me, I really don’t care about anything else. I can kind of survive. I’ve learned that, but I just wanted to show you, like, I also have been putting a bag of stuff together. So I have some stuff down here, like things that I never even opened, like this is an inverter and, and I’m not sure that I’ll even ever use this.

And I actually already have one out of the bag. This is an inverter. So you plug it into a 12 volt and I needed this more in my van and then you can plug in devices. So if you ever wonder how we get power in our RVs, when we’re not hooked up to power and we’re kind of like trying to figure it out, this is how we do it. I was gonna sell that. And then I have some like other things in here that are probably worth a little bit of money. So that’s why I was gonna try to sell a couple things that I have. I changed internet. So if you watched my RV internet video, I changed internet providers. So if I’m gonna sell my, um, hotspot, and then I actually have two other hotspots that we used to have. So I had a cricket one and a freedom pop, and I have a wifi router, X extender, wifi on steroids, and some other stuff like a little, um, stylist thing that I’ve never used.

So try to sell this stuff and get rid of it. Other than that, I’m packing things up and I’m so excited to move on to the next step of this process. And my mom already called and checked on some storage for the RV. So we’re looking at some options for that 45 or 50 uncovered and then 75 or 85 covered. And that’s not indoors. That’s just like a cover. So it’s like a, um, carport, literally down the street from the trailer. We call the lake house, but it’s a trailer, but if you live on the lake, then you would know that trailer life on the lake is really normal. It’s kinda like being at the beach when you have those like rustic homes, like people just have really like mobile home trailers, like maybe manufactured trailers. And then they have like RV trailers. So like I live in what you call RV park.

Technically it’s kind of like a trailer park. It feels like a trailer park, but the trailer parks around here, some of ’em are really nice. And then some of ’em are really not nice. So this one seems to be going downhill a little bit. I do love these people. I just, I don’t know. I guess when you’ve been here this long, watch everything going on around you. I just keep saying, I’m let crazier people in here, but don’t forget to pick up my RV essentials checklist. So I did make a checklist of all the things that I keep in my RV. And one it’s good because you can figure out exactly like the essential items that you need, like what to do to stalk your RV with the other reason that you really wanna have. This is because if you ever get in an accident or something ever happens to your stuff, you wanna have a list of all the things that you have in your RV.

So this is a basic list, but I try to keep a more extensive list of all of the items that I have and all make sure and check the link in the description below. Definitely something to pick up is my RV essential checklist. So you can pick up all of your must have items and you can check out the other videos that I made on that. I’m so excited. We’re getting this all downsized and I’ll be sharing some of the next steps in this process. So be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon somewhere around the bottom of this video so that you’re notified each and every time I publish a new video. And if we haven’t visually met first, the watch at this point, I’m bloggin Brandi. You probably know that by now from RVersity a university for RVers, if you’re interested in my RVersity university for RVers, you can check that out. I’ll put a link to book a call with me and chat and we can talk about your RV life. And I have some other fun goodies. So if there’s anything that I mention and said like, oh, I’ll share a link to, or you have questions, please check the descriptions below this video. Make sure you’re checking the descriptions and I’ll see you in the next one. So this is all my downsizing tips. Yay. And don’t forget to watch my other downsizing video. So after this one, check the Description. Bye. Love you.