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Wondering How To Find Friends As A Solo Female RV Living? Finding Friendship On The Road and Making friends living in an RV: Motorhome, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel, or whether you’re looking for Van Life Friends can be a challenge (especially if you’re a Solo Female RVer)! But, don’t worry I’ve got you covered with 11 Tips To Find Friends On The Road As A Solo Female RV Living!

I was visiting friends and it prompted the question, is full-time RV living lonely? And the truth is, it can be. However, In this video, I share some ideas on how to help reduce the lonely feeling with this amazing Full Time RVing lifestyle whether you’re living the Solo Female RV Life or not so solo female vanlife. 

Trust me, If you’re an RV Newbie and just getting started Full Time RV Living ALONE you might find yourself Six months on the road with not a single van friend to show for it! Some of the biggest questions amongst those RV Living Alone: “How are we going to make friends traveling in an rv” and “Is Fulltime RV Living Lonely?” – Yes & NO if you follow my Full Time RV Life strategies for How To Make Friends on The Road!

Personally, I wouldn’t say that I’m lonely, I do have dogs with me in the RV but I would say that I miss having friends around me. Of course you can visit some “old friends” but you’ll want to also start Making Friends While Traveling, FINDING VAN LIFE FRIENDS, other Nomadic Women especially if you’re Solo RV Living.

So if you’re thinking about Solo Female Van Life or already a Single Woman RV Living and have been searching for “How To Find Friends to Camp with While Living in a Van” or “RV MeetUps For Solo Females” maybe even “preparing for my first nomadic meetup” then this video is for you! I wanted to give you some insight into how to create new friends in your new life as a nomad. After watching this you’ll know How To Meet Traveling Friends, RV Friends, RV Community, RV Groups and plenty of other Nomadic Friends!

  1. Don’t be afraid to say hello! (We’re all one big RV Family!)
  2. Stay Stationary Longer! (Live in an RV Park aka RV Park Living Full Time)
  3. Be intentional, honest & real!
  4. Get outside more!
  5. Keep in touch! Get their info (email, phone, Facebook, IG Social handles etc…) and connect!
  6. Share online (use relevant hashtags, locations, interests/hobbies,) Pics, videos, you SAFELY!
  7. Follow other RVers online!
  8. Consider the season & time you RV! Winter vs Summer and Full Time vs Part Time!
  9. Go Places, Events, Areas, Campgrounds that interest YOU!
  10. Get a dog or cat!
  11. Join an Rv Community!

Watch and enjoy all these 11 Tips for Finding Friends As A Solo Female RV Living!

Here’s the Transcript from the video:

So I’ve got 11 tips to help You find friends if you have to live in an RV alone. And 11 ways That I’ve found to find Friends As a solo female RV living both online and on the road. So I have digital friends and I have physical friends, or I have physical friends that I communicate with digitally. But one of the reasons that a lot of people never get started RVing or they even stop RVing, is because they have to do it alone. 

Whether you’re a solo female or a solo male, there are tons Of Other solo females and solo males out there, RVing alone, living in their RVs, doing the van life thing, or stationary RV living. I can promise you that just in this RV park or what I like to call trailer park, ’cause it’s really what it is. There are tons of other RVs that live here full time. And then there’s people that come and go that are like solo people here. And then there’s people that have couples here, there’s people that have their families here. There’s so many different people. I wanted to give you some tips for how to find these friends both online and on the road, digital and physical as I like to call them.

And if we haven’t officially met, I’m Blogging Brandi An Ex, ex-corporate Kool-Aid drinker, born to Be creator, Digital nomad and RVing entrepreneur, or what I would like to say nomadic entrepreneur. So if you can relate to me, Hit that like Button below, subscribe To this channel and tap that little Bell icon so you’re notified each and every time I publish a new video. 

TIP #1 – Don’t be afraid to say “Hello”

My first tip for finding friends when you’re on the road solo RV living is don’t be afraid to say hello. We’re all one big RV family. Now, I will say that with a grain of salt because not everybody is RVing necessarily because they want to be, some people are RVing because they have to be and they might be bitter about it. But I will tell you, when I’m on the road and I see another RVer, and I’m at the gas station and one pulls in, I’m like, “oh, there they are, there’s my friend.” Almost as if we just know each other and we’re just cool with each other.

And there’s a lot of RVers out there where they look at you and they’re like, Hey man, cool, what’s up? You know, just like if you’re a motorcycle or bicyclist, but there’s also those other people that just probably don’t wanna talk to you. So I’ve run into some of them that are like, okay, cool, whatever. And then I’ve run into ’em where they talk to all about their RV life and you get started in a conversation. It’s like your new best friend. So don’t Be afraid to say “Hello” if you actually want to make friends. And I thought this was kind of funny.

True Story: One of my clients that I coached on getting into RV Life, I’ve been telling her like, Hey, if you’re trying to get into stationary RV living and find an RV park to stay in, then you might actually wanna go look at them. And so she said that she’s actually gone up to them and knocked on their doors and talked to people. I said “wow, you’re getting really creepy now”. So you don’t wanna be creepy about it, but you do wanna say hello to people if you actually want to make friends in the RV world, should I say? So? For the most part, we are one RV family. 

TIP #2 – Stay in an RV Park Longer (Stationary RV Living)

Speaking of stationary, that brings me to tip number two for how to find friends when you’re living alone in your RV as a solo female or male and making friends on the road is to actually stay stationary longer, stay in an RV park longer than just one night, live in an RV park.

I gave you a tour of the stationary setup that I had in my motorhome. And I also gave you a tour of the setup that I’m in right now in my travel trailer. The same lot has been rented for four years. We have this RV and then the van, so can do the van life thing or we can be over here doing the stationary RV trailer thing (and I’m able to take the dogs with me either way). But staying stationary has allowed me to meet people. And it’s almost like having a neighborhood, and I don’t wanna say this RV park or what I like to call a trailer park is not a place where you would come and just visit overnight. I’ll say the people that come and they’re just the weekenders, they normally bring like 20 people and all of us all run inside! So you have to choose your RV parks wisely, which I’m gonna make a video about. But I’ve made all kinds of stationary RV living videos and giving you my tips and tricks and pros and cons in some other videos, an entire playlist. But staying stationary longer, living in an RV park, being in one place for a period of time instead of just overnight, is gonna help you make more friends, obviously than if you’re moving around 24-7 because it allows you to build relationships. 

[PLAYLIST] My Stationary RV Living Tips & Tricks

TIP #3 – Be intentional, honest & real!

Which brings me to my third tip for how to find friends and make friends while you’re RVing either stationary or on the road solo, you wanna be honest, real, and intentional with these relationships that you’re building. And you don’t wanna just be like, Hey, oh cool, you rv, cool, let’s be friends and just try to get a bunch of people to follow you.

But, even when I’m living stationary at an RV park, I never tell people who I am or what I do. And usually if I do that, if I am out on the road, I’ll do it after I leave or when I’m leaving. I’ve made a lot of friends on the road and I’ve made a lot of friends here at the RV parks when I’ve lived stationary, when I’ve been in Alabama, or in Las Vegas or Daytona, etc. It just depends on how I build those relationships. But having intentional, real open conversations, telling people like, oh, this is what I do to an extent and what do you do? Then it gets the conversation started.

Or I’ll have the dogs with me and be walking and they’ll be like, oh, you have dogs? Yeah, I have dogs. And then we start talking. So have real relationships and offer maybe a tip or advice or tricks or maybe ask them something to kind of open the door to the next piece of conversation or make it seem like you’re not just like, Hey, how are you doing?

TIP #4 – Get outside more!

My fourth tip for finding and making friends when RVing solo and living in your RV alone, especially as a female, is to get outside more. If you wanna make friends, you actually probably need to go outside and make ’em. Yes, you can make them online, but you also wanna be able to make them outside. And the only way to do that is to actually go out there. Now, I’m probably a little bit guilty of sometimes working on a project or getting to an RV park, which is why I mentioned staying there longer of not going outside. And so if you stay somewhere longer, you’re actually able to go outside and visit and make friends and build real and honest and intentional relationships with people.

But if you’re just 24-7, like moving on the road, it’s really hard to forge relationships with people. I do have friends that I visit on the road and like, oh, if I’m going through a town, I’m like, oh, we have to call them. I also have the friends that I make when I forge these relationships. Stationary RV living, which is almost like living in a house or a condo. It’s just a little neighborhood here. You would call this maybe more like the lake life community or the lake house. Sometimes we’d refer to it as or what people would call their houses here. And then you have the van life. So I’ll talk about, oh, van life or even condo life.

TIP #5 – Keep in touch! Get their info (email, phone, Facebook, IG Social handles etc…) and connect!

My fifth tip for finding friends on the road and actually keeping them would be to keep in touch. And the only way to do that is to get their information. So their email, their phone, their social handles, their Facebook, ig, whatever they have, ask them and stay connected. So when you’re on the road, you can find these people and see like, where are you at? What are you doing?

Once you find these relationships, you actually want to keep them. So the best way to do that is to actually keep in touch. Now, I did talk about all the systems that I use to stay in touch with either my clients or my friends, not just like my phone, but I have to live my life online because I’m always moving or on the road. And so I wanna be able to get those, not just physical, but digital items. And so I made a video about that, which I’ll drop a link to in the description below about all of my tips and tricks for setting up my systems.

When you’re on the road, as long as you have access to everything online, you’re not necessarily alone. And that’s where I keep all of my contacts and communications or how I communicate. Should I say the systems that I use to keep my contacts and build relationships or client relationship management aka CRM, if you know what that is, <laugh>, IYKYK. I automate these systems, but I can put birthdays and phone numbers and emails all online so that I have them. I can access them from anywhere. And I don’t have to worry about after I get these relationships or find these relationships with people, not do I just follow them on social media, but I’ll get their information and put it into my database.

[VIDEO] – How I Stay Organized Working Remotely in an RV & Traveling (on the road as a Digital Nomad!)

TIP #6 – Share online (use relevant hashtags, locations, interests/hobbies,) Pics, videos, you SAFELY!

My sixth tip for finding friends when you’re solo RV living is to actually share online what you’re doing. Not just once you’ve done it, but through the process and to share it safely. So you wanna use relevant hashtags, location, you can tag your location, interests, hobbies that you like. If you’re an #Entrepreneur or a #DogLife or #RvDogLovers you’re gonna have to find the right ones. But you want to use hashtags that people would be using so they can follow you on social media.

Little tip there. Hashtags are gonna help you communicate with the right people. Maybe making a YouTube video kind of like I do. People wouldn’t know who I was if I didn’t make a YouTube video and put it out there. They wouldn’t know what I was doing if I didn’t take a picture of my RV and stick it out there or my dog. Your interests and hobbies. And then so pictures and videos are great, but again, you wanna do this safely, which I talked about in another video. All my safety tips for solo RV living, especially that I’ve learned as a female tips and tricks. So I’ve got 40 of them for you to stay safe, but you don’t wanna post in real time. So when I say share online, not in real time, if it’s safe, meaning like maybe you’re at an event.

I’ve mentioned social media marketing world was like a big event I went to, and so I wanted to take my RV I didn’t get to, but if I was there at a meetup, then maybe. But other than that, I really try not to do anything in real time. And that has to do with safety. So share online, tag people maybe the day after, the week after, after you leave there. Don’t do it in a way that’s gonna put your safety at risk. 

[VIDEO] – 40 Safety Tips for Solo Female RV Life!

TIP #7 – Follow other RVers Online!

My seventh tip for finding friends when you’re solo RV living is to actually follow other RVers online. You can find solo RV lifers online, you can find other females doing it, other males doing it, and you can meet up or maybe you just forge those relationships so that you have someone else to talk to that can relate to you. And why I mentioned that you can give me a call and book a call with me to chat or join my community over at RVersity.

So, I’ll put links to all of that in the description below this video. But follow other RVers online. You can also follow me @RVersity on all of the social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… and Personally @BloggingBrandi you can follow me online and all of the behind the scenes stuff that I do. Again, I don’t try to do too much in real time like I told you, but I share a lot about my RV life online and I wouldn’t have half the friends that I have had I not shared it online and followed other RVers and built relationships. So when I go to certain places, I can reach out to them or I know them and I’m like, oh, hey, I am in town. Or Hey, I’m coming to town. And so they share their life online, I follow them and vice versa.

And so I have relationships that are physical relationships where I physically see people. And then I have these digital relationships where I’ve never really even touched these people <laugh> in real life, not like that, but I’ve never physically been in their presence, but we’re just friends online. But maybe, you know, one day out in the RV universe, we’ll see each other on the open road, I’m sure. 

TIP #8 – Consider the season & time you RV! Winter vs Summer and Full Time vs Part Time!

And number eight, to find friends while you’re a solo female RV living or solo male, is to consider the season, okay that you’re actually RVing. The time that you’re RVing, whether it’s winter versus summer versus if you’re a full-timer or a part-timer, or you’re a van lifer or a trailer lifer or a stationary RV living or traveling. All of those things might play a role into you being able to make friends.

So if you’re trying to make friends and you’re going in the wintertime, chances are you might meet a lot of old people hate to say it, but there’s a lot of those little snowbirds that just flock down to Florida and they RV in the wintertime or they go, you know, to Las Vegas in the wintertime or just they’re in the the places that you might think, oh, I’m gonna go RV there. – They’re probably there.

Not that that’s not changing over the years now that more people with the change in times that are working from home roaming and learning that they can make money and travel, which I talk all about and I’ve talked about and shared several videos about you are gonna meet more people that I guess I would say are your age or are more of your interest group. It’s not all gonna be necessarily old people if you figure out the season that you rv. 

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TIP #9 – Choose places, events, areas, and campgrounds that interest you!

That brings me to number nine on my list of ways that you can find these friends is not just the season that you go, but the place that you decide to go. So the place, the events, the areas, the campgrounds you wanna choose, places that interest you, that’s gonna help you in finding those interest groups. One of the things that I kinda learned when I started putting content out online on my RVersity channel is that I would get people that are like, oh, they just wanted an rv, They wanted to retire an rv, or they were just trying to learn how to fix their rv. Or maybe they just wanted to take a shower with me in my RV <laugh>. 

But I started to learn that I was attracting different people from different seasons of life or like why they were RVing. I wasn’t just retiring in RVing, I was working in RVing or building a business in RVing, should I say. So I was an entrepreneur RVing, and so I kind of wanna forge relationships with people that are more into that season, should I say. Not that I’m not loving my retirees, but I can’t imagine just retiring and just sitting in my RV. I feel like I would be bored. And so I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have something to do other than drive around or just look at all the beautiful stuff out there.

I love having my business, I love working or making money online, should I say, on the road and traveling, not just retiring and traveling. So you wanna have those interest groups and go places that interest you.  Go to campgrounds and find campgrounds that maybe do the things that you like to do. Some campgrounds and RV parks will do like, oh, bingo night. Or they’ll have these like little meetups that they do. You can find events. They have RV entrepreneur meetups. I’ve heard like Birds of a Feather flock together. They have all kinds of different interest groups that meet up in, maybe it’s people that love motorcycles or bicycles or people that love dogs. It just depends. Maybe it’s RVing for moms, anything, okay? It can be anything. But you wanna go places, find events, areas and campgrounds that interest you in order to find friends. You can’t find friends or want to be friends with people that aren’t doing things that are the same interests of you if you don’t go places where they might be.

And that can be physical or that can be digital and a good way to go places and find friends when you’re solo RV living brings me to number 10, which is to get a dog or a cat. 

TIP #10 – Get a Dog or Cat

If you have a dog or a cat that you can walk or take on walks or talk about online, or maybe you see people outside and you’re like, oh, you have a cat. Oh, I have a cat. Or, oh, you have a dog, I have a dog. Usually just think about if you have a dog and you’re walking your dog, normally you see someone else and they’re walking their dog and you start to see each other and it’s like, oh, hey, how are you? Oh, I’m good. And you just start to talk. Just like if you had kids, okay, you start to talk to the other people that have kids.

If you get a dog or you get a cat, you start to bond with the other dog and cat lovers and they have meetups and they have special interest groups, both physical and digital online. That brings me to number 11 is to join a community. 

TIP #11 – Join a community!

So if you wanna make friends in the RV world and space, you want to join a community. They have tons of these both physical ones where I was talking about finding places and areas and interests that and campgrounds that interest you or events. But they also have communities online, RV entrepreneur communities, van life communities. They have solo female RVing communities, RVers, that are specifically interested in certain interest groups. So like I said, maybe they love dogs, maybe they love motorcycles, maybe they’re just into full-time RV life. There’s tons of interest groups out there. And that makes me think about RVersity and my online community, which you can join here!

The other thing I wanted to mention, which I don’t know if I mentioned this before and if I didn’t, it’s a reminder is when you’re joining these communities, whether they be online, obviously you’re meeting me here and you can talk to me. And so I would think that you could trust me in my community and wanna join those things. I try not to mention something that I wouldn’t do or haven’t done myself. I made a video all about staying safe. So all these tips that I’m giving you, you wanna stay safe when you’re doing it. So especially as a solo female out there, you gotta think smart, okay? When you’re solo. And so I made a video about all 40 ways that I’ve used and tips and tricks to stay safe, both when I’m doing the van life thing or stationary RV living, especially when I’m alone as a solo female. But that’ll give you a bunch of tips and tricks to stay safe, especially solo. So while you’re finding friends, make sure that you’re doing it safely. 

[VIDEO] – 40 Safety Tips for Solo Female RV Life!

Let’s Review!

Okay, so now you know 11 tips for finding friends either online or on the road when you’re a solo female getting into this RV life. So whether you’re living in your RV as a solo female or a male, you can find these friends online or on the road. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to say hello! (We’re all one big RV Family!)
  2. Stay Stationary Longer! (Live in an RV Park aka RV Park Living Full Time)
  3. Be intentional, honest & real!
  4. Get outside more!
  5. Keep in touch! Get their info (email, phone, Facebook, IG Social handles etc…) and connect!
  6. Share online (use relevant hashtags, locations, interests/hobbies,) Pics, videos, you SAFELY!
  7. Follow other RVers online!
  8. Consider the season & time you RV! Winter vs Summer and Full Time vs Part Time!
  9. Go Places, Events, Areas, Campgrounds that interest YOU!
  10. Get a dog or cat!
  11. Join an Rv Community!

Now, I want you to comment below and let me know which one of these resonated with you the most. Which one was your favorite? Or if you’ve got something that I should add to my list, let me know. Comments in my love language, and I love to read them, and I usually try to respond to all of them as much as I can, whether I’m on the road or off the grid. At some point I do read them!

Keep in mind… Whether you’re having to do it alone because you want to or because you’re forced to. So if you do get started RVing, you might have to find some friends if some kind of unforeseeable circumstance happens and maybe you lose that person that you were RVing with, or this could be something due to divorce or health or death disabilities. There’s all kinds of things that can happen. 

Plus, if you know my story, which I’ll put a link to below this video in the description, you can check it out. I’ve had six RVs and I’ve had to do it solo even though I have a boyfriend of nine years. I made a video about this. If you ever do have to struggle with this like me, where you maybe want a RV alone, but you’re like, okay, well how do I do it? Where can I find some friends? Even though you have a spouse or maybe you’re trying to get them to come along. I made a video about that too! 

If you like this video and you like this content, please, please, please hit the like button below and subscribe to my channel and tap that little bell icon so you’re notified each and every time I publish a new video until the next time, especially if you’re a solo female or solo. Getting into RV Life, I made a whole bunch of advice about my tips and tricks for getting started and things that I’ve gone through, which I’ll put a link to in the description below this video, and you can watch all of those videos. So I’ve got a playlist about that and all of the other fun stuff that I mentioned in this video. So if you’re not checking the description below this video, you’re missing out on all of the good stuff. I’m Bogging Brandi, I love you. Thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one.

P.S. In case you’re wondering who that chick it in my video, learn more about Stephanie Quayle her journey and powerful story here!

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If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi, an EX-Corporate Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be a Blogger, Creator, Digital Nomad, and Entrepreneur who loves RVing while running my own business on the road! Over 9 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, and then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life, and eventually Motorhome Living! I created RVersity (RV + University) out of my love-hate relationship with RV Life!

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