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AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH Troubleshooting ELECTRICAL FAIL – RV Living. My Winnebago ERA 170M had a factory installed automatic transfer switch. For the RV to have power, this rv transfer switch must switch from shore power to generator power and vice versa. If you experience an electrical fail such as: RV outlets not working, or rv battery not charging while plugged in because of an RV transfer relay delay. The first step is to figure out: where is transfer switch? Once you’ve located the a/c transfer switch, the next step is to begin automatic transfer switch troubleshooting. Watch as I explain my RV A/C Shore To Generator Transfer Problem and the process to start Transfer Switch Troubleshooting.

Here is the transcript from the video:

Because I thought I smelled something last night. That okay, this is my rv life, this is the second time they’ve had this repaired. I’m going to show you exactly what happened. My, my RV just burned down almost again. This is the second time my RV’s almost burned down. I’ve just had this transfer switch replaced in the same exact thing happened and there’s no storms, there’s nothing going on. Like I literally have my air conditional on and nothing’s working. So let me show you what happened. 


I’m blogging Brandi and welcome to RVersity for RVers. And in this video I’m going to be showing you what’s been going on in my RV because I don’t really get to tell you all a lot about my RV. I usually make a bunch of tutorials and talk about that. But why am I not talking about RV blogging about my experience? Well, it’s because my RV is like always broken and I figured I would share that with you because you are probably going to experience the same thing. And RV life is not perfect. It’s definitely not my transfer switches. Burnup twice. What’s a transfer switch you might ask? Well would your plugged up to an RV park or boondocking you have this switch that switches on and off the power from shore power, which is the power at the RV park versus boondocking would be your generator power that you would use to power in your RV. 

And I’ve done a bunch of videos about this. If you’re kind of curious about all this and then you don’t understand it. Link in the description below about all my RV tutorials and electricity and how the electricity works in here and what not and how I get power essentially to switch the power from shore power to my generator power. I would need this switch to work. But the problem is that the switch doesn’t work. Well it did, but it doesn’t now. And I don’t know why it’s not working. So the first time if brine, I called Winnebago and I said, where did that go? Why is this switch frying or what happened or whatnot. [inaudible] on the switch and we’ll fix it. So we did that while the switch burned up again and it’s been, maybe I’ve used the RV twice. But what happens is whatever I run like the AC on high connected to shore power or actually I don’t know, it may happen on the gender age or as well, I’m not sure. 

I’m not sure. So I don’t know whether it’s just the short power or if it happens on the generator as well. But when I’m plugged up to my short power, meaning plugged up at the RV, bart by transfer switches fry. Okay. So this is my transfer switch. This is the other one that burned up. But see this size, shore power versus this says generator power. And as you can see, the shore bower is going to boil a fry. So I had this replaced and I put in another transfer switch. Well, let me show you that help burn up is 

to offer, no. 

So you can see both of my traits. First switches are fried. Now I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on. I have no idea. I’m hit up another RV place and hoping that they’ll come out. They’re kind of busy. So it’s like Wednesday, hopefully they’ll come out like Thursday, Friday, I don’t know, a couple of days working throughout the week, trying to call Winnebago and get them to help. But let’s just be real. Five o’clock comes around those people who are out the door. So what did they go ahead and did a huge amount of help on this KP role during the tropical and then they suck. 

We’re sorry. The number you have dialed is not in service at this time. 

Say frustrated and it’s F and hot up in here. Why? Because I don’t have ac. Why do I not have ac? Because I don’t want that lot of do not have power. So I’m gonna to show you like what I’ve hooked up to kind of get by because we already paid for this RV park and I can’t get my money back. Well I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do. I’m just like a sitting duck. 

So it’s gonna be really loud up here, but I want you to hear how loud it is in here. So if my generator was on, this would work. And let me turn the lights on. It might help, but I’m trying to conserve, conserve, conserve, can Derrick, I’m trying to conserve my solar power. If I run all these lights right now, the sun is going down and I’m going to lose all the power over night, but since I need to record this video, we’re going to make an exception for you up here. You can see my messy house because this is what happens and as I mentioned, my transfer switch so I had to pull my drawer out. So right here, this is all back here fried and I can actually 

show you this probably no 

fully or you can see this, but this is my second transfer switch and it’s fried to see this all burned up. If you can’t already see that’s all burned up 

and that’s the same side as before. So this loud noise that you’re hearing, that set air conditioner up there, the things that you don’t know is like I can’t use this microwave without electricity and I can’t run this air condition unit either. Those are some of the main things. But the other thing that talks about this power being now is the fact that like, okay, one, I’m paying for power and I can’t use it here at the RV Park and you can’t run your generator, which would be the other options. I can technically run my generator, but I don’t know. That might actually dry the power too. I haven’t tried it. I scared until I figure out what’s going on with the wiring behind the wall. That’s the enzyme. That’s the air conditioner that we’re getting by with. I wouldn’t spend $300 on this stupid air conditioning unit. 

It’s okay. It’s not amazing. But the problem is that I have to have this blocked up and I’m going to show you how Janky this is. Okay? Just how Janky this is. So right here, this is my extension going into my air condition and it’s really hot up here. So all of this heat is like up here in my cab, but I’ve rig this up to kind of go out the window and I’ll show you that from outside here in a minute. But I’ve like put these curtains over here and I try to kind of keep all of the heat upfront, but um, it’s just not ideal. And if I’ve shown you this in another video, but I’ve put all this stuff in my windows and keep the blinds down, but I’m actually having to kind of like keep the light in here right now because I don’t want to use all my solar power. 

And by that I mean when I come up here to my control module, I can see my batteries. So I know that these batteries are only gonna last so long before I run out. And this is for the cab up front, the chassis that’s up there in the driving area. And then this coach part is for this whole like living area, if that makes sense. And then desert my tanks. I’ve mentioned that before. And then this is like my actual solar controller. You can’t really see it. But the whole point is that I’m having to watch the solar panel to see if it’s giving my batteries power. The only things that actually work in here are these lights. Right now I could watch the TV, but that takes some power. Um, but pretty much the lights and actually the fridge will work, but it drains my solar so I try not to use it a whole lot. And then this is not hot waters that we’re actually taking cold showers because the hot water, I usually run it off electricity. Um, I can run it off propane but it’s Kinda been hot out. So we just take cold showers. Let me show you what’s going on outside and how I have to live in the outside RV Park, little smarty 

and you can see all this lovely noise we have around here because we have to have the span. This fan is plugged up to this power and this power is powering this fridge, this nice fridge that my mom was kind enough. Deb rang me. Thank you mom. We do have this beautiful view, but um, we have a cooler, we have our other little, this is our cooking device that we can complete if we want to cook, but we can’t really microwave. I think there’s some people over here, but I’m gonna show you this anyways. So this is where our power is kind of like all the way under ear, all the way back here into this box, right? So this is how we’re living outside the RV because we can’t really live in southern. 

So as you can see, it’s super hot out there. It’s super wound right here. And that’s one of the reasons, one why I don’t get to be full time, but also that’s my transfer switch. So I wish it could be more full time, but this kind of crap happens to me all the time. I’m not really sure why. I think it’s just my luck. But if you want to follow me and my blogs and my journey, I’m bloggin brandi. This is our RVersity. I’m going to update you on like what goes on with this. As of right now, my goal is to either get rid of this thing, sell it. I don’t know. This is a Winnebago era, by the way. A Winnebago era. This is a 2018 we have a lot of problems in this unit. That’s why I forget if you’re having subscribed, to make sure to subscribe so that you can follow me on my journey. 

So hit that little button down there, hit that bell below, and if you liked this video, make sure to hit that like button. So I know to keep making more of these if you’d like to see this weird stuff behind the scenes because to me it makes me cry and upset and it gets me all worked up and reminds me why I hate this RV? This is my RV life. This is the second time that I’ve had this repaired. I’m going to show you exactly what I happened. Like my RV Just burned down on. Let’s again, I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching the explain all about my transfer switch and what’s going on in my RV. I’ll be updating you on some more minor issues like.