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You might be wondering what in the world brought me to Corbin, Kentucky? Originally I came to look a new RV I had my eyes on. I wanted to trade in the 2018 Mercedes Winnebago ERA 170M I had for a Thor Outlaw 37RB. So, there were three great things that came out of Corbin, Kentucky.




We stayed at a great  KOA RV park. No one seemed to be there accept some permanent residents. The office was manned by Fern and her husband… Who ended up helping me fix my trailer that broke on the trip. So it’s nice to have friends at Rv places 🙂 



It was so cold here when we went in February that we had to buy a heated water hose and the camp staff were all so helpful in teaching us how to RV in the freezing temps. If you know me I don’t RV in cold weather!  But, if you want  a few tips on staying warm in freezing temps:



All in all the place was private, no one bothered us. Everyone was friendly, the showers were hot and bathrooms clean. They had a pool area that was obviously closed since it was winter and propane filling. Everything you would expect just not much of a store. So bring supplies and cooking essentials foods etc… 


Unless you plan on eating out. There are a lot of places to go around here. Fast food, bars, restaurants. We were only in town for a few days and it was freezing so we didn’t go anywhere special accept the original KFC!




Yes, KFC as in the original Kentucky Fried Chicken was born in Corbin, Kentucky. We made it a point to stop here on the way out of town. They have a museum inside and it was the original location of the kernels secret recipe. Really interesting to go here eat and check out the history. I’m not really a history buff. But this place was a cool little find. The museum is part of the restaurant and you eat inside of it. Pretty cool concept. 




Like I mentioned in the beginning we were only here to look an an RV a Day Bros RV because they had a Thor Outlaw 37RB I had my eyes on. Let’s just say I didn’t buy one here. I did however get to test drive a Class A bus for the first time and that was pretty awesome! They wouldn’t come down enough on their price and didn’t want to give me enough for my 2018 Winnebago ERA 170M on a trade in even after chatting for weeks about it over text and the phone. The staff was nice, but it was a Small lot, the inventory seemed slim enough they couldn’t’ work on price and not somewhere I’d probably go back to do business at. So, ultimately we couldn’t do a deal 🙁




I’m glad we stopped here and discovered the trailer was broken. Thankful the KOA in Corbin had amazing staff to help us get through the trailer issue and brave the cold in the RV. KFC was the best food around that we discovered. But, ultimately we didn’t venture out and there is tons of food and probably things to do you can find. If you’re looking for a place to park and sleep though KOA was memorable for me!


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