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Here is what I do when I’m in Biloxi, Mississippi. Eat and drink at Pepe’s Bosque Mexican Grill, stay at the Cajun RV park and gamble at the Scarlet Pearl Casino!



Pepe’s Bosque Mexican Grill

Pepe’s Bosque Mexican Grill  is my favorite restaurant in Biloxi (it’s actually over in D’iberville one exit north) but all the same. The Scarlet Pearl Casino is across the street (also my other favorite place). But, Pepe’s has great lunch prices and dinner isn’t going to break the bank. The also have daily specials and EVERYDAY you can get two for one margarita’s. I’d suggest order all of them frozen (flavored or not) The have a salsa bar you can try all the sauces you want.

I’ve had the beef tacos, enchiladas, taco salad, fajitas, chile relleno, and I’m sure many more dishes. I went here three times in one week on one visit to Biloxi! This is a local spot they do close a little early I think at 9pm. But, I’ve always had great service here they seem to work as a team and all appear to like their job. I like to sit outside personally when the weather is nice.

Oh, and Don’t forget you can take your margaritas to go 😉


IP Top Restaurant

I’ve been to Biloxi a million times and never thought to go to the IP for food. I don’t even go here to gamble. My Dad even told me he just stayed here a few weeks prior to my visit and lost his butt on the slot machine. But, when I was searching for nice restaurants and fine dining in Biloxi this place popped up. I was super skeptical to go, but let me tell you the service was amazing. The food was divine, the view was breathtaking during sunset. And OMG if you haven’t had GRILLED POUND CAKE it WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.



Slap Yo Mama’s BBQ

Slap anyone that tells you to go here. This is a MAJOR TOURIST TRAP. The service SUCKS. The staff was friendly, but they just want you to drink and spend money. The first sign when you enter says we may be out of BBQ. This place is HUGE from outside so I’m not sure what they’re doing with all that space.

After entering we got a waitress who proposed we take advantage of the Happy Hour drinks. I chose to sit on the sidelines while my two accomplices chose to drink. All the drinks were sugar no alcohol from what they complained about to me. We tried appetizers, sides, and entrees.

The food was disgusting, they were out of everything. We went with three people. Everyone tried to order something different, chicken, pork, ribs. The food was lukewarm and after asking for a manager we were passed to a few different people. Then the chef came to the table and OMG how embarrassing to say by the way your food is awful. He offered to take 20% off the check which was about $50 bucks. This place isn’t super cheap. BBQ is always expensive I get it. But, then he never came back. He told us he was the manager and the chef that day.

This place wasn’t packed. It was prob 2-3pm during the middle of a shift change when we went. We saw people leave, tables forgotten about, and the severs (and managers) didn’t really care.

They one excuse we heard was they had a big event the week before so they haven’t reordered or cooked enough something weird.

Wouldn’t go here or recommend. Just save your money.




Scarlet Pearl Casino

This is my favorite casino in Biloxi (actually is is one exit up on Dibersville) I can’t say I always win but this place keeps you playing. They have a lot of good food and great offers for new players club members. I dont’ always play with a players card.

This place is also kid friendly and rv friendly. If you need a place to park and sleep they have the space to accommodate. I try to fit in with the others and be curious about my parking, slides, etc… But, I also spend a lot of time in the casino when we are here. Just sleep in the RV to catch a break 😉

But, back to the hotel, they have food, pool, mini golf, and a casino all on property to you don’t necessarily have to leave. They have a lot of stores and fast food not too far away as well if you want to get out. They you can head over the bridge about a 5-10 minutes drive to the Biloxi beaches to catch some sun or waves!

Hard Rock Casino

This place is where you go to have a good time and party. They have it all and are right on the beach! Casino, Hotel, Food, Night Club you will never have to leave once you arrive. They are known for their fun dealers, night club (Boogie Nights) and their Pool Parties that they throw. Not to mention I’ve stayed in the rooms before and they are really cool. Mine had a beautiful view of the ocean, and the sheets had guitars all over them. It was just a different type of vibe here. Even one of the dealers knows me face and ask how I’ve been (this could be a good or bad thing 🙂


Mini Gold, Arcade, GoKarts

This place is a kids place, we went as adults. They have an arcade, go carts, a restaurant and bar. Kids definitely love this place. Look for deal nights if you can like half price games. I think they even do happy hour for adults at the bar so win win 😉 But, this place is fun once for me. Great place to take the kids though.



Places I’ve Stayed

Cajun RV Park

If you’re looking for a place to park your RV then this is the place I’d recommend in Biloxi. I have stayed here several times. And only had an issue once with a fellow RVing family. This place has it’s pros and cons.

They don’t’ open until 9am and they are a bit steep on price. Most of their RV spots are spacious. But, the last time I stayed here the guy that pulled his trailer next to me along with his wife, two kids and a dog where one of the worse neighbors I had. They grilled about 2 feet from my slide out next to my propane tank. The kids knocked my sewer line off spewing sewer sh*t everywhere. Then they turned off our water in the middle of a shower. It was a nightmare so we left early and headed to a less family friendly location!

I don’t have kids. But, we did try to complain to the office and they asked this guy to move over. Stop parking his truck in the other RV spot next to him and let me tell you his wife went CRAZY! We were scared to leave our RV for the rest of the stay and it was miserable.

BUT on most occasions we’ve always had a great time. They do offer free breakfast and coffee at 9am lol but it is junk. I went once and it was all processed sugar filled pastries in plastic and a bunch of retired people sitting around the table chatting as if it was their morning routine.

The office staff is nice. The regulars and residents are nice. The showers were hot and pretty clean. You will need a code for them. But you can pick your spot here. I’d encourage you to drive around and see what’s available. And, this place is literally across the street from the beach.

Oh and they have a go cart, arcade, kids place next door that is open until 12pm most nights and fyi it is loud until then. But, we’ve been a few times.

All the casinos, food, and beaches are very close by.

FYI there are other RV parks. This one seemed more my style. The others looked run down but I’ve never stayed at any of them.


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