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finding RV Service, Repair, Parts, Mechanics, Technicians, and more!

Dealing with RV Maintenance, Service, and Repairs + Plus trying to find and order RV Parts, much less locating an RV Service Center, Mechanic, or RV Technician to help install them can be a challenge. Not to mention Camper Service and Repair is also a bit stressful if unexpected. If you’re like me, especially an RV Newbie you’ve probably asked yourself or someone at some point “Where to service my RV?” But, if you know how to find Recreational Vehicle Service Technicians better yet How To Find Mobile RV Service Techs Near You! It can save you a lot of time!

Plus, sometimes Mobile RV Service and Repair is the only option for those of us who have Stationary RV Living situations set up meaning we have no plans to move our RV aka we won’t be traveling! So How do you find help for your RV for things like RV Maintenance issues, Service, Repairs, warranty claims, and more? Who do you call and how do you find them? Sometimes it can be a challenge to find an RV service technician especially when you are on the road or worse stuck somewhere not knowing who to call! I’ve been there on too many occasions…

Here is a list of where to find RV Service Technicians:

  • Google “Online Search”
  • RV Service Centers & Dealerships
  • RV Manufacturers
  • Social Media
  • RV Parks
  • D.I.Y.

Google Search!

Google is your BEST friend when it comes to finding RV Service, Repair, Parts, Mechanics, Technicians, and more! Try searching for “RV Service and Repairs, Mobile RV Technician, RV Service Centers Near Me, Mobile RV Mechanics, etc…) You might also want to add the zip code to specify the location where you are going to be traveling. Plus you are going to want to search for the next ways I’m about to mention for finding help when it comes to RV Repairs and Maintenance issues!

Find RV Service, Repair, Parts, Mechanics, Technicians & More RVersity

RV Service Centers & Dealerships

Another option for RV Service, Repair, Parts, Mechanics, Technicians, etc… is to take your RV to an RV Service Center or Dealership for Maintenance. Usually Even Warranty services. of course, you can find these on Google or with a quick internet search for “RV Service Centers Near Me” or RV Dealerships Near Me”. If there is an RV Dealership around and they don’t have an RV Repair Service on site, they can at least tell you who to use. What your options are, ya know?

Please note that taking your RV to a service center or dealership is not usually a quick, same-day type of process. Usually, you schedule a day and time to drop off your RV, they have to diagnose, get a quote, order parts, wait then have an RV Tech put them in, make repairs, etc… this can take weeks, sometimes even months to get your RV back on the road!

RV Manufacturers

Sometimes RV Manufacturers offer services for RV repairs, Maintenance, Warranty issues, etc… If not, they can refer you to an authorized RV Service Tech or facility to use! Now, keep in mind making an appointment and taking your RV to the dealership for any type of RV issue is going to require scheduling an appointment, and making a trip, aka time and money! Sometimes the manufacturers are NOT an option or the only option. It just depends on your RV’s make, model, brand, and the issues!

Taking a minute to look at your RV manufacturer’s website, or make a phone call to their service department would benefit you greatly. I might even suggest anytime you get another RV familiarize yourself with all the manufacturers, tools, and resources! Usually, they offer meet-ups, online communities for RV owners, Tips, Tools, Tricks, tutorials, manuals, and more!

RVTAA (RV Technician Locator)

One of the most recent options I’ve tried was finding a mobile RV technician via RVTAA aka RV Technician Association of America – Technician Locator which offers a Local Search option. You can also Email them directly if you are in need of assistance and do not see any RV Mechanics in the areas you’re searching!

The RV Technicians themselves have to take the time to update their own profiles and keep their locations current, and their information. Some of them are stationary others are Mobile RV Mechanics that update their locations every time they move around and get business on the road! The only thing I do not like about their website is that there is no option to read or write reviews. But, some of the Rv Techs have their websites set up so that helps give you more information about them.

Social Media

When I think local and help, I think Social Media, but more specifically Facebook Groups! You can find help online for your RV via local Facebook groups. You can simply search through them to see if anyone has posted about RV Service, Maintenance, Repairs, Techs, etc,… or Post and ask for help “Does anyone know who can help me locally, with my RV — I need service for….” — typically people are very helpful in these type of online communities.

You can also join RV-specific Facebook Groups. They make online communities for certain models where owners get together and chat. Also, sometimes the RV Manufacturers will have an online Facebook Group for owners to connect. A good place to start is searching Facebook Groups and also your RV manufacturer’s website (or contacting them directly to ask)! you could also just post on your own social media accounts “Hey I need help with my RV!”

RV Parks

Another great place to start if you need help with your RV is the RV Park you might be staying in! Either someone there can help you, or they know someone locally that you can call for RV Service. Sometimes these might be RV Mechnic Repairs Shops or they might be mobile RV Technicians that come out to you. It can depend on the area you are in plus your RV situation, or issues should I say?

Reach out to the front office and ask who they might recommend. Look in those little RV Advertising flyers and directories or maps they give you when you check in to see if any RV Mechanics are posted in them. Also, try asking around the RV park. Maybe if someone is not an RV mechanic they still might know one or be able to help you themselves. After all, they are in an RV too and we all face the same RV Services, Repairs, and maintenance issues!


Sometimes Finding RV Service, Repair, Parts, Mechanics, Technicians, etc… can be a challenge, and you are forced to take matters into your own hands. Thankfully there are tons of other RVers posting their own experience online, plus tools and resources to help you with your own RV issues!

Google is my first place to look for these tips! But, YouTube is your little RV Toolbook with tons of video tutorials, tips, tricks, and more! Locating your RV manuals and any documents with the mechanics, water systems, electric wiring diagram, etc… are all helpful resources to have on hand especially if you are going to have to be the RV Mechanic!

Now it’s your turn! How do you Find RV Service, Repair, Parts, Mechanics, Technicians, etc when you are in need? Do you have any other tips or ideas I need to add to this list? Drop them in the comments below — I can’t wait to read them!


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