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In past videos, I talked about how to prepare for full time RV living and Why I quit 6 figure a year job to travel full time RVing. But in this video, I wanted to explain the Steps to Full Time RV (HOW I DID IT) as an RV Entrepreneur NOT Retired. I Quit My Job for Full Time RV Living! Yet, what led me to going full time RV and how I got started preparing for full time RV living is a little different than you might imagine. 

I’m walking you through the process of the 3 steps I took to Quit my job and start preparing to full time rv. Now this might not be your typical “steps to full time rving” but if you’re thinking about firing your boss, and RV Living Full Time then you won’t need to have a backup plan if you learn how to go full time rv by listening to my advice! If you’re wondering how to start full time rving, the steps to rv full time are simple just watch this video!

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Hey, I’m Blogging Brandi! Over 5 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life then Motorhome Living. Now, I help people go from feeling overworked, underpaid, and undervalued to living a life of freedom & financial security they love from the comfort of their home on wheels aka Full Time RV Living!


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Video Transcript:

I was looking at like how I got here in my RV life, where you want to be. So I’m here living the RV life that you wanna live, and it might not be your exact RV life, but I’ve had several RVs. So I’ve had my travel trailer and my van now, my motor home, but I had two vans. My RV life has changed over the years and your RV life will change over the years. Wanted you to know like, yes, you should have a plan, but you shouldn’t be so set on sticking to that plan. In this video, I wanted to share with you three things that you can do to get you one step closer or three steps, closer RV livings. I wanted you to find out the real me and behind the scenes with Brandi bloggin Brandi and rversity and my RV life.

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you need to do one thing and maybe do one thing every day or one thing every week or whatever your pace is, but you need to do one thing. 

Baby steps, equal big results. It’s kind of good baby steps, equal big results. I like that. 

The first thing that you wanna do, if you wanna start RV living or get into RV life, sit down and set a date. So I think about how I got into RV life and it wasn’t that I had this plan that I was gonna quit my job and start a business and start living in an RV. RV Living for me, came out of healing. And if you haven’t seen my story, I did make a video about that. And I’ll put a link to that below this video that you can check out after this, video’s over, give you some insight into who I am and what got me into RV life. So I set a date for quitting my job. I didn’t set a date for living in my RV because I took a really long time to happen, but I’ve been living in my RV five or six years, ish or traveling full time. I would say, not necessarily always living in my RV, but I’ve been living stationary. Oh my gosh, for almost two years. So we’re coming up on two years. That’s the first part is like figuring out your RV lifestyle. And I actually made a video about determining your RV lifestyle, but I want you to think of a out when you set a date.

When I say set a date, my date was February 18th. So I actually put in my resignation letter and said I was quitting my job February 18th, 2015. So coming up here soon, depending on when you’re watching this video, I’m gonna be celebrating seven years of telling my boss goodbye. So I fired my boss and I quit my job, and I used to be a financial planner. It’s kind of funny if you don’t know my story but, I started out cutting hair and then I went back to college and I used to do financial planning for individuals. And then I started doing investing for major corporations, but setting a date was the first thing for me. So I set a date for when I was gonna quit my job. I put these things in motion for quitting my job. So I had this whole list that I made about like calling HR and deciding like how I was going to, um, move my 401k around how I was gonna get my bonus and, um, any money that was coming in or vacation pay.

And like, how could I use up my vacation before I left? But I knew that I had this date coming up and I think I had about six months in my savings account for paying bills and things like that. And I had started a business before I quit my job. That was kind of like the thing for me that was paying my bills. And I had like my 401k at that time, those were things like I made a checklist. You know, I had a goal. My goal was to quit my job. <laugh> your goal is to live in an RV or buy an RV. So the first thing that you can do, if you wanna start RV living and prepare for RV life and take the first step is to set a date. The second thing that you can do have goals set a goal, like at least one goal.

I kind of think about what pushed me or the things that led me here. And I don’t know if I’ve made like an official video. I, I have told you, like I said my story, but I don’t know if I’ve made an official video. And I probably should like how I started my business, cuz I’ve had several YouTube channels and I don’t know if I’ve made one about like, here’s how I got to this point in my business or how I got doing this. And by doing this, I’m talking about teaching people how to get into RV life and make a living in this lifestyle or transition their income into this lifestyle or have mobile income and really dive into this. So if you’re interested in that, make sure to check out the link below this video, you can book a call with me and you can learn more about RVersity my RV university for RVers and people that wanna learn about this lifestyle and get into this lifestyle.

So the first thing that I actually did was I picked up this book called the four hour work week. There was something that led me to this book. So I talked about that in my story, which was this codependent no more. So I was dating this guy, a horrible person, horrible person. I mean just, he was not a good person to me. I picked up this book, I remember going to the psychologist or psychiatrist or something and I was in there and I was like, man, I feel crazy. I feel like something’s up by the end of it. He was like, Hey, have you ever heard of this word codependency? So when I was telling my story, I had a lot of people out to me and say, wow, I’ve never heard of that word. Codependency is essentially where you live your life around someone else’s happiness or you get your happiness by other people’s fulfillment.

And the one thing that RV life has taught me is how not to be codependent. So right now I’m actually like here by myself and my boyfriend’s been gone for, I guess like a week. I’m actually enjoying this time alone. We were just together for three weeks or so. And we’re both entrepreneurs and we’ve spent a lot of time together and we love each other a lot because of that. And I think we’ve learned how to live together before we had to be in an RV together. But I do a lot of solo RV living, but I didn’t do a lot of solo RV living in the beginning. And I wish that I would have this book codependent no more by Melody Beattie I think is her name really teaches you about identifying what codependency is and I’ll put links to of these books that I’m telling you about below this video, so you can check them out.

But I really feel like they opened my eyes to something that I couldn’t see. So this psychiatrist or psychologist, he said, look that word up. And I found that book, the book kind of taught me to look at myself instead of other people. And it kind of led me on this journey in my life. Thank God that I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend at the time and ended up meeting my boyfriend Now. It’s brought me to a different place, the place where I don’t care. Okay. I care more about my happiness and my peace than I do about what anybody else thinks. And it, it took me a really long time to get here. I used to be the girl that had to have all my makeup on and be perfect. Before I walked outta the house, I would like cancel plans with people because I had a zit or I couldn’t get my hair

Right. I would just be miserable. And now I never wear makeup. I actually do not care about wearing makeup. And the last time that I put makeup on, I remember sitting there and I was crying to my girlfriend because I was wearing makeup. There’s a lot of things that brought me here and there’s a lot of things that are gonna be different on your RV journey. So I just want you to think about that when I kind of got on my journey, the other thing was this four hour work week. Okay. So this is by Tim Ferriss. It led me to understanding that I could do less with more or like how to simplify my life. And so it’s not necessarily that you’re gonna have a four hour work week. Okay. But it’s more that you can learn how to they call it the new rich.

So how they say the millennials or I think they’re talking about this great resignation right now that we’re going through. It’s really that people are figuring out that they don’t have to go sit at this job at this place and do this thing from nine to five. I remember I was sitting there from nine to five and I was literally holding this book up, like propped up like this. Whoops, it’s actually upside down. That’s hilarious. It looks like it’s right side up, but it’s not, it’s upside down. So that’s kind of funny. It’s great for this presentation. But I remember holding the book up and propping it up kind of almost behind my computer. So like if my boss was talking to me, I could just be like, huh, what? And he didn’t know that I was reading it. Cuz think about how much time you’re at your office.

And I think that’s what people were realizing. Thing is how much time you’re sitting at the office when you could be doing other things, when your job is done, it’s like, they want you to sit there from nine to five, even though you can go do other things or you’ve gotten your job done and you could just go do something else for a couple hours and then come back and finish something else or you’re waiting on something to come in or whatever. So anyways, this book, the four hour work week helped me open my eyes to something different. And then I ended up taking a webinar. I started having this spark and I was like, look, I know that I don’t wanna be here. And I called my Sara Blakely moment. I had this spark. I knew I didn’t wanna be in this, that life anymore. Sara Blakely sold fax machines.

And one day she woke up and said, this isn’t my story. I’m not doing this anymore. And it’s a little bit longer than that. But ironically, Sara has an RV now and she actually bought a Thor and I have a Thor and her’s is really similar to this, but I didn’t wanna be in that job. So my first thing was to move outta that job. And then once I moved outta that job, I started realizing that the business that I had started wasn’t going to get me into the life that I wanted to live, which was, we were traveling a lot at the time. So my business was just holding me back. And every time we traveled, I was like having to ship things. I was reselling things on like Amazon and eBay and online. And I was honestly like flipping things at Goodwill. That’s how I started out making money online.

And then I even started another business. You wanna set a date and then you wanna have goals. So if your goal is to live an RV, the one thing that this book taught me the four hour work week is to do something called dreamlining. And what it is is that you should be doing one thing every day to get you to your goal. One thing that I do is, I always do like a brain dump. I actually do it almost every morning. Okay. So I just dump everything out that I’m thinking. And then after I’ve done, like my brain dump and my brainstorm, not only do I do this like long term, but I do it short term. So I do this every day, but I do this for long term goals too. Then I organize and make a list of those things. I take it and I take all the organ chaos and I organize it and I make a list of here’s the projects or the things that I need to do.

And then maybe like, here’s the task. So I’m one of those people where I like to draw like a mind map and make, you know, little bubbles and extensions. It kind of depends on how you are. Some people like to do it digitally first brain dump. Then I was that dump. One of the things that I’ve read, and I couldn’t even tell you where this quote came from or who made it, you take 90% of the time to plan what you’re about to do, and then 10% of the time actually doing it. So taking action. So that’s the third thing that I wanna tell you. So the first thing is set a date. The second thing is to have goals, have your goals. And then the third thing is to take act. So you wanna take action on your goals. If I sat here and I kept saying, oh, I’m gonna make that video.

I’m gonna make that video. Then I wouldn’t actually give you the information that I’ve sat here and prepared. And then I would procrastinate. And eventually the video may get made, but probably not, or I’ll think about it or I’ll say, oh, that would be a great video to make. And I eventually would never put the out, okay. That’s probably what would happen. I decided it was better to make this video and tell you three things that you can do. And some things that I did to get started on my journey in RV life and RV living, and kind of what got me here. When I say take action. I have this quote in my head. I write it down all the time and it’s gotten shorter and shorter, but I wanna say the long version and then give you the shorter version. So the longer version, and I’m probably gonna butcher this, but it’s perfection is the enemy of done.

So you should aim for done cuz you, you can because you can always come back and perfect later on. See, it wasn’t even perfect, which is perfect because it wasn’t even perfect. The shorter version of that is to go for done, not perfect because if you’re always trying to perfect something, either your business or your plan, or you’re always like, okay, well, if I could just get this amount of debt paid off or if I could sell this amount of product or if I could make this amount of money or if I could get that RV or if I could live there or if I could be with this person, then my dreams could come true. Okay. That’s not true. And let me tell you why, because life changes, okay. Life changes and your goals change and your RV life goals change and the type of RV that you wanna live in changes.

I’ve been here stationary for two years. I didn’t plan on it, but a pandemic hit. And I went from traveling 24 7 to living stationary in my motor home. It was not anything that I planned, but I’ve learned so much by living here and I wouldn’t even be making this video right now If it wasn’t for me living here. From here on out When I say, take action, you have this date, that you’ve put on your calendar and it’s not set in stone. My date moved, I was gonna quit on a Friday. And then I figured out that the Monday was a holiday. I actually quit a couple days later, but I was gonna quit on a Friday and I pushed it off because I was gonna get holiday pay that Monday. So if I would’ve quit, I wouldn’t have got paid. That’s why I say don’t be set in stoned by your goals and your dates.

Like they can still change, but if you don’t put them down and have it in writing or something that you’re working towards, like it’s never gonna happen. Set a date, set a goal or goals and then take action and take one step or three steps or two steps. But I would say like no more than three, but I would really say one thing. So this is actually another book that I read and refer back to and look at, but it’s called the one thing. And what it talks about is how you really need to focus on one thing. So one thing that I’ve learned being an entrepreneur, okay. And I kind of learned this from Richard Branson. If you don’t focus on one thing, then he said, everything will grow at a slower pace. So if you try to work on multiple ideas or multiple goals, then everything will happen, but it’ll just go slowly.

But if you focus on one thing and put all your efforts into that one thing. So if you said, I wanna open a business or I’m ready to get started in an RV life or whatever, you can put all your efforts into that one thing. And then you can take the money that you make from that one thing and, and put it into those other things and make them grow faster. This book, um, called the one thing I couldn’t even tell you who it’s by, but I’ll put a link to all these, like I said, below this video, but that helps me focus. So when I had multiple businesses, yes, I do have money that comes in from multiple places. But I do not focus on those things. So like I created an app. Okay, you can go download it. It’s called Rversity, but I don’t put any money into it.

I don’t focus on it because honestly I think it’s like 4 99. I paid someone to build this app for me. And I figured out that the return on of getting a $4.99 client or customer is the same as getting a $499 customer or a $4,000 customer. It’s the same, no matter what you’re selling, either a product or a service. I do have some income streams that come in and their minimal. And then I have some income streams that come in and they’re a lot more money. So the other good thing is when one income stream isn’t working, the other ones are bringing in more money. And that is like the financial planner in me coming out talking. And I really want you to have those three things in mind and sit down, focus on one thing at a time. Also like don’t wait on someone else.

I will tell you, they did do not wait on someone else to start your RV life. Because if you wait on them, you might be waiting forever. And if you wait on them and they either decide not to, or they do, and then you lose them, then are you gonna stop RVing? Are you gonna stop your dream? So you can’t base your dreams or your RV life around someone else. On that note, when I said, take action. I just want you to make that all of the decisions that you make are leading you one step closer to that goal, enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going. I want you to enjoy the journey because the journey is gonna be different for you than it is for me. And that it has been for me, but your RV life and your RV lifestyle.

And, and this thing that you’re on, you still need to be making decisions that are gonna get you there. So if something that you’re maybe paying for right now that you maybe shouldn’t be paying for, if you have a subscription to, I don’t know, Netflix, like you don’t need that to get you towards RV life. And actually, if you cut that out of your budget, that’ll get you one step closer to maybe your income goals of getting towards the RV that you want, or maybe selling your car or trading your car out for something else. I didn’t even have a car for a really long time. I actually sold my car and I could walk to work. I could probably get by now without a car for where I’m at in my situation. I wouldn’t do that, but I could, but my car’s paid for.

So it doesn’t matter. Make sure that every decision you make moves you to towards your goal. If you want to get started RV living, if you keep thinking about this plan and planning and planning and planning, it’s never gonna happen. It might be too late. You might be unhealthy. You might not even be healthy enough to do it. If I waited to fix my hair and put my makeup on and all of that stuff to make this video, I would never have gotten this message across from me to you. If we haven’t officially met at this point, and you’re still watching I’m bloggin Brandi from RVersity, make sure that you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon. And also I’m gonna put a link to Book a call with me below this video and all the other things that I mentioned, the books

And the videos. So if you’re not checking the description you are missing out on the goodies, share this video with someone that you know, because sharing is caring and drop a comment below this video. And let me know what questions you have, what videos you wanna see, what your favorite takeaway from this video was, how you plan on preparing for RV life. What’s your date? What’s your goal? And what action are you gonna take? I’ll see you in the next video. Love you. And if you’re not part of my secret RV fam, make sure you check that link out below too, because you guys are my favorite and you help me make all these videos. Love you. See you in the next video. Bye guys.