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This is the TRUTH about My Full Time Stationary RV Living “Situation” (Good, Bad & Ugly!) After 2 Years of full time stationary RV life, I want to be “Brutally Honest” and tell you there are pros and cons to long term full time living in an RV park! So, in this video I’m sharing the positives and negatives of stationary RVing with some hard truths! Because sometimes when you think about stationary full time rv life you don’t imagine “living in an RV park full time” is the same as “living in a Trailer Park”. However, if you’re not doing research upfront to learn the pros and cons of stationary RV living you might end up with a stationary motorhome life like mine! So if you’re thinking about full time RV living stationary, especially stationary motorhome living, Be sure to WATCH this video FIRST of me detailing my own list of “stationary RV living pros and cons”. Plus, What I REALLY Feel Like Stationary RV Living Full Time vs when I was RV Living and Traveling 24/7!

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Hey, I’m Blogging Brandi! Over 5 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life then Motorhome Living. Now, I help people go from feeling overworked, underpaid, and undervalued to living a life of freedom & financial security they love from the comfort of their home on wheels aka Full Time RV Living!


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Video Transcript:

I wanted to tell you the truth. <laugh> about my stationary RV life, kind of where I’m at, where I’m headed and give you a little bit of insight. So if we haven’t officially met, I’m bloggin Brandi from rversity, a university for RVers, and there is some big moving parts coming up in my life. So if you haven’t subscribed, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon somewhere around this video. So you’re notified each and every time I publish a new video, I have made a series of videos about what’s going on in my RV, and I cannot wait to release them. I don’t know exactly what’s about to happen, but I kind of wanted to tell you, I guess, the ugly truth about full time stationary RV life, or stationary RV life, how I’m feeling. And I don’t normally want to make videos that are gonna make you sad or depressed, but I feel like I need to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly, because there’s just a lot that’s happened.

I make these videos and I actually don’t release them to you yet. So I feel like I’ve told you stuff that I haven’t told you yet. So you don’t know it yet, even though I think, you know, it living here at, I would like to call it the RV park, but it’s really the trailer park. Okay. I live at a trailer park and there’s nothing against trailer parks. Okay. I have had my eyes open in a way that I could never imagine. I Don’t really wanna put out there like a negative light about RV life, but there is a good side and a bad side. I’ve been stationary here in this RV park for two years. It’s come to a point where my entire business revolves around RV life and my life revolves around RV life. So it’s like I live it and I wake up to it.

And so my office and my bedroom and everything is like all in one and I never have a break from it. But when I do have a break, it’s refreshing. It’s like I miss my RV and I wanna get back to it. I’ve been in my RV straight for like a month. I had taken a break during Christmas. I wanted to get all these things done and just didn’t work out that way. So I got sick and I pushed these things off till the beginning of the year. Now I just feel this immense crunch time of all these things that I had lined up to either get the RV out of here or take the RV on a trip or sell the RV or change my living situation or something. I’m tired of sitting here for two years. I didn’t wanna sit here for two years.

It wasn’t my plan. The pandemic hit and life literally halted. And so it has been a blessing that I was able to learn about my RV and I’ve gotten a lot accomplished over this timeframe, but also I have picked up a lot of stuff that I don’t want, things that I didn’t plan on having. And so now I’m having to go back through the process of downsizing again, because I’ve been stationary, I’ve recorded all of this. So I’m literally walking you through this process as I’m going through it. And that’s why I say I’m excited to share it with you. So be sure to subscribe if you haven’t, but if you haven’t seen my story, I told you, you know why I live in an RV and why I’m here. I guess I thought things would’ve changed by now, or I would’ve thought that I would have some direction in my life.

And so while I would’ve thought ya know, now I would’ve been married and we would have a house and we would like start our life together. After eight years, it’s been a little hard because I feel like I’ve been the one going through all of these changes in my RV. And this other half of me has had like their life stationary and they didn’t to move around. And I feel like, I don’t wanna say I’ve been forced to move around, but once you’ve dove into the RV life, it’s not like you can just back out. And also like I was chasing something, I was trying to heal from something. And so then I stopped. And during the pandemic, you know, people pick up bad habits and their habits rub off on you and their negativity rubs off on you and their positivity, both. But I’ve been blessed.

I’m blessed that I came to this RV park. I do believe that God put me in this RV park for a year or two years at this point, I do believe that he put me here, but it’s really hard when I’m like trying to run this business. And I can’t leave. Like the whole point of having this RV was that I could be mobile. I could take it with me. And now I feel like I’m back to where I started, where it was me traveling around in a suitcase. That’s literally how my life is now is I have to travel to everybody and I don’t get to just take my home with me. I don’t like it. You know, I lost my uncle at the beginning of the pandemic. I lost my stepdad during this pandemic. My mom and my grandma were affected. My whole family has been affected by this.

And then my grandma’s still going through stuff. And so she’s about to have to have some surgery. And I just feel like I’m pressured in this RV. And the other thing is my RV is really rare. Most people do not have a garage in their over RV. And there’s been this flip that’s happened in the RV industry. And so I’m really excited to do something different. I wanna get rid of this RV. I don’t wanna lose out on the upside because I got screwed coming into it. Um, I’ve been screwed in every RV I’ve come into. So I bought this used, but still I had to roll negative equity into it. And so I read comments that people leave on my videos and my posts and people are saying, you know, RVs are so expensive right now. Like they, they are, they are probably expensive, but you can still find a good deal.

I even looked at buying another RV right now. I’m not sure what I wanna do. I do wanna have another RV. I just don’t know if it’s this month or next month or the next month I have options right now. I’m excited to get this show on the road and do something different with my life. There’s just a lot of changes that are coming. And I wanted to let you know that I’m here and I hate just rushing videos. I don’t just make a video and put it out. Okay. I make like four videos at one time and I edit them all and then I get them ready and they go, and that’s just the type person I am. So anyways, there’s so many things up with this RV that need to be fixed before it can be sold. And I just feel so much pressure to have to do them and my boyfriend’s not here right now.

He’s been gone. He does have his business life and there’s been stuff going on at the condo. So it does, it feels like we have two houses to deal with two different lives. Plus I have my mom and then my mom has a lake house. And so since my stepdad passed away, it’s like she has the lake house and her house and my grandma. And then I have this RV and then my boyfriend has his condo. And so it’s like, we have like four houses over here to deal with. Not that like, we have to deal with those things, but sometimes, you know, when your family’s going through things, you feel the need to be there. And so I know a lot of people say like, oh, I can’t RV right now because my family’s going through stuff. You know, maybe I’ll RV one day or you have someone to take care of.

So I can relate to you. I didn’t have those things at the time when I started RV, I was able to just take off. Now. I, it’s not that I, I have to take care of people. I could technically take off, but I don’t want to, like, why do I wanna just go be by myself in the RV? I’ve been here in the, by myself, in the RV. So that’s kind of where, where I’m at. And there’s a lot of things that need to happen with the RV. There’s a lot of things that need to happen outside the RV. I’ve been sitting here. It’s been cold dealing with the space heater and the RV gets expensive. Okay. The window’s been open and halfway broken. We have a boat outside. I’m tired of dealing with boats. I literally dealt with a blow up boat the year before then the paddle boat.

And then I didn’t expect my boyfriend to buy the boat that we have, or we wouldn’t have had all the other boats. Now we didn’t get the boat winterized. So it’s like just a chore to go out there and deal with the boat. And it’s under the garage. And if you hear the winds whipping around at night, like I literally can’t sleep because all I hear is bang, bang, bang, and I’m going outside to deal with freezing cold temps and turn on lights. And then I’ve got the hot tub on the other side. And it’s really getting to me. I’m crying in the mornings when I wake up and crying, when I go to sleep and I need a break from this life. So I’m ready to make a move. I’m ready to leave. I’m ready to do something different. And I’ve made these videos.

I’m walking you through the process of everything that’s going on, including like when I get ready to sell the RV and all of that, like all that is documented. I’m excited to take you through the downsizing process of everything that I’ve been doing in here. Everything that’s been going on. Oh my Gosh, I got, I’ve got like all kinds of stuff going on in here. It is pure chaos, but I’m excited to share it with you. I’m a little bit nervous, but I feel like you need to know like the truth about RV life. And I will tell you the one thing I am so happy that I did stop and get stationary. And I wish that I would’ve lived a stationary RV life when I started this whole thing, because I would’ve gotten to know RV and the RV life. And I really would’ve adjusted to this a lot more.

I’m thankful that I did it now, but, uh, it sucks that I did it five or six years after the fact after I’ve been traveling, then I decided to sit still and get my life together. But it does. It just feels like my life has been constantly moving. And when I started out, it wasn’t organized. I, I remember when I stopped here, we still didn’t have internet. And so the last year we still have been having this non-constant internet and we live kind of in the boonies a little bit. We live outside of this city, so we’re not like close to anything. And literally the only food around here is fast food and Ugh, just don’t even get me started. Okay. I know we should be cooking and doing all that, but again, you don’t know all the issues going on in this RV. So there’s not all these options available all the time.

So I’m ready. I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to doctor this RV up and get rid of it. There’s nothing seriously wrong with it. It’s just, I don’t wanna deal with it anymore. It’s a big RV. It’s a big thing and I’m not moving in it. So I feel like I’m just rotting away. This $200,000 RV. I feel like it’s just sitting here rotting and my money is going nowhere. So I’m paying for something that we’re not moving and we’re not taking anywhere. And I would rather have like a trailer or something at this point, but I don’t know what the next move is. I’ve gotten all that stuff written down and documented. So I’m excited to share it with you, but I didn’t wanna leave you hanging. I didn’t want you to be like, where is Brandi? You know, what is she up to?

Why haven’t we heard from her? Honestly, I tell you my main focus is always my students. So if you do wanna get into RV life and have this mobile lifestyle and set up your mobile income and have what I like to call your mobile money machine and multiple streams of income, then make sure that you book a call with me below this video, because I help people like you get into this RV life and speed up the process. So you have me, you have all my tools and resources and you have my community and my team to help help you. So we’re going through it together. But I really wanted to document this process with you because I’ve never really shared the live part of my RV life, because most of it’s been through switching RVs. And I told you I had to sign an NDA a non-disclosure agreement that I couldn’t talk about.

Some things that went on with my vans, because I was forced to sign an, an NDA or someone in our party was forced to not talk about it. So I’ve just been careful. Now I don’t have an NDA and I can talk about whatever I want. I’m gonna tell you about this RV and everything else. If you haven’t checked out some of my other videos, my story and stuff like that, make sure and check the link below this video. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell icon. So you’re notified each and every time I publish a new video, I’m Bloggin Brandi. So if we haven’t officially met at this point, you should know me, but I’m from Rversity, my university for RVers. And don’t forget, you can book a call with me, check out my latest videos, all that good stuff is in the description below this video. So if you’re not checking the descriptions, you’re definitely missing out. I’m signing off here and you can check me in the next video, make sure and hit the like button below this one. If you like this one and leave a comment, I love to read them. So I will talk to you in the next video. Bye.



If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi, an EX-Corporate Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be a Blogger, Creator, Digital Nomad, and Entrepreneur who loves RVing while running my own business on the road! Over 9 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, and then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life, and eventually Motorhome Living! I created RVersity (RV + University) out of my love-hate relationship with RV Life!