Today we are staying at the Hyatt Place Sandestin at Grand Boulevard near Destin, Florida! We couldn’t find an RV spot and the ones we could were the same price as a hotel room, so we booked a room with our World of Hyatt Points to stay here. This place was brand new and they were super nice. But, we had issues with the hot water (new hotel) that they tried to accommodate us for. And, the food was surprisingly much better than it used to be. The one thing that was weird and crazy was that they didn’t have A&E so we couldn’t watch LivePD!! The only reason we checked into this hotel was because we needed a place to park the RV, a hot shower, and to watch A&E. Overall this place is very ice just depends what your needs are.

This is Day #4 of our Adventure! You can watch the rest of the trip here:

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