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MY RV IS BROKEN! The first year of owning a motorhome requires a lot of repair and maintenance. Every time my RV broke down it felt more like camping. Trying to travel in a recreational vehicle that is always broken gave me a new outlook on rv living.

Here is the transcript from the video:

Okay, so today is the big day. We are trading in the rv because we got sold lemon and we’re getting some lemonade back from Camping World. Uggg bye bye little rv. Look at that tape back here. Look at this tape. I have tape On my door. So bye bye little rv. Last year camping world sold me a lemon, a 2016 winnebago ERA 170C RV. Six months later, I decided to make lemonade. I Somehow finagle to deal with camping world to do a collateral swap for another unit. [Suspense Music] And picked up a 2018 winnebago ERA 170M. Okay, so we’re about to see the new RV, and this is before we’re talking to anybody, so we’ll see what my reaction is after that, but about to see the new rv. We’re going to see if it’s the right one. We’ve never seen it. Don’t have pictures or anything. This is josh. Hey, what’s going on? He’s going to go through everything with you guys. Okay, awesome. Thank you so much. Hey, how are you guys doing? Nice to meet you. This is Brandi. Hey how are you? Good. How about you? Good. It’s been about six months of bad experiences. 6 months Bad experiences! I figured I’ll show you around while we are in here. [Music] Hahahahaaaa! You like that. But the happiness was short lived. This is my rv life. This is the second time that I’ve had this repaired. I’m gonna show you exactly what happened in my rv Just burnt down almost again. This is the second time my rv has almost burned down. I just had this transfer switch replaced and the same exact thing happened and there’s no storms. There is nothing going on like I literally have my air conditioner on and nothing is working. So let me show you what happened. One trip and I already had issues. With people on here At least a few hundred pounds every time. And then it just broke. Right?  [Music] So you said when we are turning. [click] It clicked. And what’s happening? It’s not allowing propane flow. It’s locking up. Is propane Supposed to flow out of there? Yeah. This is really how I get to live in my RV and why I never get to travel in it. You see all these towels? Yeah. We’ll see all the water that is down there on the bottom. Where it comes from, somewhere up there it’s coming from. And, I also have a water leak somewhere behind the kitchen in the window. What a joke! I don’t know. Look when I pick my camper up at camping world. This is what you get to see. They don’t even. They don’t even come close it all back. It’s just hanging out. The drawers are hanging out. I got to climb over all this. Ugg the couch cushion. didn’t even put it back. This is how I picked stuff up from camping world. Broken. I swear I spend more time at camping world than I do getting to do anything else. I deserve a paycheck here. Okay. A paycheck From camping world and Winnebago! I’m sitting here a week in and I have water leaking. This is how camping world likes to leave you with water all in your floor from the shower coming out. Never buy a camper from or camping world. ever, ever, ever. This is how they treat you. When they should have figured this out. When we got there now it’s all up under the bed. I mean, seriously. Can y’all not do your job??? Let’s just look at the blinds. Just come on. Let’s just look at how Janky the blinds are so they don’t even fit. You see that don’t even fit. They don’t even fit. They just hang. I have to shove them up in there. We have to prop them all up so they don’t even fit. It. It gets old. It gets real old. I’m dropping my rv off today. This is like one of those frustrating things. When you’re a business owner, you think everything is gonna, go great and then you think. You know what? I really have to go and get that thing fixed so I have to go get the shower fixed because it’s leaking water and it’s one of those things where you just cannot use this.