How do you know if your RV is a lemon? I had the same question! Originally, I bought a 2016 Winnebago ERA 170C from Camping World which turned out to be a lemon RV. After multiple trips for repair and warranty work, I started to look into the RV lemon law.

Here is the transcription from the video:

Ahhh shhh.. Oh,. in 2016, I was involved in an rv accident that changed my life. My truck and trailer were totaled both at one time, but I’m so thankful to be alive. It took almost a year for me to recover. I went to the doctor three times a week and got 12 shots in my back. How does that feel? It sucks! [laughing] I had to get a quick interview in. Mother [beep] mother [beep] Oh my…[whimpering]. Naveen, get that camera out of my face. Fast forward to 2017, I started looking at New RVs. I think it’s pretty nice. Look at the color scheme. This looks just like my tracer except look at the finish. The finish is really nice. I wanted something safer since my travel trailer had split open on this side of road. I found the perfect unit. It was a 2016 Winnebago ERA 170C with a full aluminum shell of protection. It was cheaper on fuel. I could go anywhere. I drove over a thousand miles to pick up my new RV. Welcome to Arkansas. Look we are in Arkansas. When I got there, the unit wasn’t even ready. Look I just picked this up from camping world. It says, check Washer fluid level drive and get reserve fuel. This is how they let you pick it up.  One month later, my rv went in for service. I had so many wiring issues, my dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. It shows that there’s fresh water in it. So, I’m not stupid, then if you come back here in order to get the water to pump because we are boondocking, you are going to have to turn the water pump on, you can hear it pumping, but the water just trickles out there’s no pressure. This is all we get, so whenever they tell you that they fixed your RV and your handle is not attached to your shower, it means they didn’t do their job. to top it off. The service guy that went through the entire unit with me when I dropped it off, ended up quitting that day. Needless to say, this thing turned out to be a lemon. That’s what I reached out to. Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of camping world and begged for his attention. Okay. Camping world. It’s on now. I just got a phone call from your service department and my rv has been held up at your place for. Oh my gosh, this is going on a month. I’ve been trying to buy an Rv from you and get it service. This is crazy. So now your service provider, after all this is said and done, my Rv has been stuck at Mercedes, stuck at your place now. Now my service provider has called and said, oh, by the way, he quit. He doesn’t work for you. Wow, that doesn’t surprise me. You need to fix my unit and you really need to learn about customer service. This is so crazy. There’s a reason… They blocked me on social media that day.