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So if you want to be a digital nomad, work from home remotely, make money online from anywhere, then you need to have the right gear essentials and accessories, which is why today I’m sharing with you how I have been able to run my business on the road for the last eight years as a digital nomad with the right essentials and must haves and gear. So I’m gonna show you my office set up here, stationary in this rv. If you haven’t seen the tour of that, I give you a tour of that earlier.

Full Time STATIONARY RV Living TOUR BTS Female Digital Nomad

But there are a ton of gear and essentials and must-haves that I can run my business on the road, whether I’m here in the RV or doing the van life thing or at the condo or in an Airbnb hotel, whatever it may be. So you have to have some essentials to be able to get set up and started in your RV life. Because If you don’t have these things, it’s gonna make it hard to have this life of freedom and work from home.

Think about it like if you were going to school and you needed that syllabus from your teacher at the beginning and they’re saying oh, here’s the checklist of all the things that you need before you can come to class: glue and tape and paper. That’s what I’m gonna give you today.

And if we haven’t officially met I’m Blogging Brandi from RVersity, my university for RVs, where I teach digital nomads how to ditch what I call my ex-corporate Kool-Aid drinking job and dive into the non-traditional workforce or RV life. I teach you how to follow in my footsteps and kind of how I got started, how I did this whole digital nomad RV living “thing”. So if you haven’t seen my story, you can also check that out. There’ll be a link in the description below to that of course after this video is over.

How I decided to Become A Solo Female Digital Nomad (NOT always RV Living) Entrepreneur! [MY STORY]

Even though this is again my stationary RV living setup that I wanted to show you. I promise, as long as you have the things that I’m gonna share with you. Um, and we do have Roland and Birdie in here with us, but as long as you have the things that I’m gonna share with you, then I promise you can make money online from anywhere.

There’s several things that I’m gonna talk about and include, and I just wanted to tell you, this is all in a checklist, but this is really a checklist of what I give all my students when they come in to work with me and my RVersity program. I say, Hey, if you don’t have these things, it’s gonna be really hard for you to work remotely and start this life on wheels. I’m gonna put this checklist below this video and also, um, a link to RVersity and all of that fun stuff. So you can check that out.


Digital Nomad “Office” MUST HAVES:

  1. Laptop Computer (Apple MacBook Pro)
  2. Rechargeable Mouse or (Apple Magic Mouse)
  3. Mouse Case (for Travel)
  4. Portable External Hard Drive (and Case)
  5. Mobile Phone(s)
  6. Chargers & Cables
  7. USB-C Adapter Plug (for Mac Book)
  8. Camera / Phone Mount
  9. Internet / Wifi
  10. College Rule Notebooks
  11. Pens, Pencils, Highlighters
  12. Planner / Calendar
  13. Headphones (or AirPods)
  14. Ear Plugs
  15. Desk or Lap Pad
  16. Computer Hard Case (With Stand / Legs)
  17. Clicker
  18. Apple Watch / Smart Watch
  19. Carry Case / Bag (Vera Bradley Tote)

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But first let me tell you about why you need these things.


So this is my computer. So my Apple computer is obviously the first thing. In the past I’ve had a desktop, but I used this laptop because I can pretty much go anywhere with it. It’s a 13 inch MacBook Pro, it’s the newer model, like a 2022 and it has like a M two chip. I don’t know all the details.
Speaking of which, if you feel like your computer is outdated and you’re like, oh my gosh, I don’t know how I’m gonna do this whole digital nomad thing or work remotely, having a computer that’s up to date is essential. Okay? Not just up to date, but like my computer was at the end of the line that you couldn’t even get any updates on it. It was like 10 years old. The one thing I’ll say, investing in an Apple or MacBook is pricey, but it is well worth it because this was something that I edit all my videos on and I make all my business decisions on, do my Zoom calls and all that fun stuff. Having a laptop is the first thing.


Another thing that I think is super essential that most people don’t have that I find whether they’ve interned with me or someone that I’m working with, they don’t have a mouse. This seems very simple to me. This is a more expensive mouse. This is a magic mouse. It goes with an Apple laptop. So if you have an apple, apple laptop and you do not have a magic mouse, oh my god, you need to have one.
So I have this apple magic mouse, but it doesn’t really matter whether you have a apple magic mouse or whether you just have any mouse, okay? It’s way easier to get work done when you have a mouse versus whenever you don’t have a mouse and you’re just trying to sit there with your little fingers on the computer and doing everything. It’s really hard to do it. You can get a mouse on Amazon.


And I have a case for my mouse, my mouse, I have a case that I keep my mouse in. So this is just a hard case and um, you unzip it and put the mouse in it. So I keep this for my mouse to travel with it.


And then the other thing that I have is my portable hard drive. So I don’t know if this one’s two terabytes or five terabytes, but I have this portable hard drive. It is what you would store your data on when it’s not on your computer or not in the cloud.
This is essentially a, I don’t wanna say a mini computer, it’s just mini storage. And it comes with a little plug. mine, I have this case with it. This one is by Seagate. I’ve had some other ones, by other companies.
But it’s really important that you don’t drop this. So that’s why I have it in this protective case. But really all my data is on here. So pictures, videos, things that I have uploaded in the cloud and do have on my computer, but also things that maybe aren’t on there that I just needed a backup of. And I’ve had several of these drives. But I do believe in having your files backed up on your computer, backed up to a portable hard drive backed up online. You need to have your files in multiple places when you become a digital nomad and you wanna be working remotely because you have to be able to access all of your files.
And so say you can’t get on the internet, maybe you can get it on this hard drive or vice versa. That is another thing. And I started out with two terabytes. I think that one’s a five terabyte, I’m not a hundred percent sure.


and mobile phones. So I’m actually recording on one of my mobile phones. But being a business owner, I actually have two mobile phones. I do have an Android that I can plug in and use, but I do prefer to use Apple, iPhone. This one might be a five or six, I have no idea, but this is one of my iPhones. And then the other one is the one that I’m recording on, which I think it’s a iPhone X or iPhone 10. I can do a lot with my iPhone. I pretty much run my entire business on my phone when I’m not around my laptop.
So I have all the apps that I need on there, which is like a whole nother video. Hit the subscribe button so you’re notified every time I publish because I’ve got some more videos coming up about how I stay organized and stay productive and all that fun stuff. But the first step is getting all the things that you need to be a digital nomad before you can actually get set up.


The next thing, if I have phones, I have to have phone chargers, computer chargers, computer cables, things like that. The one thing that I have found is I like these multi chargers because when I plug them in I can charge multiple things at one time. And so I will say one thing I’ve found with um, some of the brands is sometimes like one of the iPhone chargers may or may not work, but this one comes with two and then it has like a macro or mini chargers.
So those are on there. But I get these on Amazon and they come in this two pack. I keep these in the car, I keep these in my bag, I keep these in every rv. We keep them in the van, but when we’re doing the van life thing, keep ’em at the condo. We keep them everywhere. Some other things I keep are like these little blocks because you know, sometimes you get places and they don’t have, um, these little USB ports that we have here in the RV or like a car. And so I keep these little apple charging blocks or just charging blocks. They may not be apple.


This is um, not a charger on the new apples and even not Androids, but like hps, I believe they have these new special hookups so they don’t hook up like they don’t have the ports and everything that a normal computer would have. So I actually have to put in this to my computer.
I have to put this into my computer and then I um, can put in like an HDMI or a SD card, USB-C power ports, ethernet cable, USB ports in here. So then I can charge my phone or plug it in my Apple watch or my storage device, my portable hard drive, all those things. I can’t put those in my computer and charge them if I don’t have this device. So that depends on if you have a newer model computer or not. But that is again, one of my charging cables.


Another thing that I was thinking about that I’m actually recording on, but I’ll take it off so I can show you, is this stand. So if you wanna be a digital nomad, there’s different kinds that you can get, but I have this camera stand and your phone clips in. It can wobble and move from side to side. It can adjust up and down. The other thing that it can do is it can actually move itself sideways, you know, if you wanted it to move sideways. Then you can adjust it to, to stand. So that’s the one thing I like about this. There’s different brands of these. There’s nothing specific, I don’t wanna say like a specific brand name. I just wanna say you can get a lot of this stuff on Amazon and I like that because no matter where I’m at, where I’m located, I can get these things that I need. So if I forget something and say where in the van or across the country or I couldn’t bring all those things, I could just get them from Amazon and have ’em delivered.


The next thing that I was thinking about, which I don’t have here actually I do have here, now that I’m thinking about that, I’m gonna show you this. Can you see this device back there that is the internet . So we have different forms of internet that we’ve tried over the years. Right now we’re using T-Mobile home internet. That has been a lifesaver for us. But there’s been digital nomad internet and um, I’ve used tethering and all kinds of other stuff. But I actually made a whole video on my rversity YouTube channel about how I get set up for the internet and where I can find it on the road like free and about some safety and security tips and all about the internet. So the internet is essential as a digital nomad, but it’s way more than what I can cover in this video. So I just wanted to make sure that you know, that that is essential to have wifi and internet and unlimited, I would say almost unlimited. I can’t say that for sure, but you don’t wanna be limited on being able to use the internet.

My RV INTERNET SET UP for Full Time RV Living


The next thing is funny that is I call myself a digital nomad, but honestly I love writing. So I have had plenty of these over the years, but I keep these college notebooks and I just write, write, write, write, write in then them, You can see I write all kinds of stuff in them. I like college rule. I’ll get these at Walmart, I’ll order them online. This one’s big, it probably has like 200 pages in it. So I just write notes all in it. College rule means that you have skinnier lines so you can write like more, but this is a five subject. Sometimes I’ll get just a hundred pages, it just depends. So I love to write and I normally will write stuff before I put it onto anything like online.


Paper is one thing. And then of course, um, pens, pencils, highlighters. I like to have different colors like blue, red, black. I’m not like oh pink greens or anything like that. But I do like to have highlighters and things too. And I keep them in my bag. I was looking at the ones that I have over here. So I keep those in my bag.
Speaking of writing, I do a lot of things online digitally, which I’m gonna be sharing in an upcoming video I’m super excited about, about how I do things like my planner and calendars and all those things digitally.


But I have this planner and um, with this actually comes these little sticky notes and um, it’s got all the months in it. And the one thing I love about this planner, you can put notes in here and then you can also put your time of uh, day like appointments and it goes Monday through or um, Monday through Sunday. And again, it has like calendars and everything in here. But I like to have this so that I can write down my appointments and things that I have. So I physically have something to look at, but I also have digital calendars, and things like that that are gonna be an upcoming video.
But these are things that kind of help me stay sane. So if I can’t always get on the internet or I’m not always around my computer or I’m just jotting down really quick ideas, I have other things around here.


Headphones. I have my Apple headphones, which I’ll share with you over here. The reason I have these Apple AirPods, so these Apple AirPods are really easy compact. Um, and why I have them is because they can fit easily take around with me and whatnot.
But before I used these, I had a set of noise canceling headphones that took up a lot more space, okay? But I did like them better because they fit my ears better, which on the AirPods I um, bought some little devices that go on there and they fit in your ears better. But with my noise canceling headphones, these are both Sony feel like you can’t hear as much as you can with the AirPods. These do go flat, you know, they do take up like a little bit of space. They’re not as big, but to me they’re like a lot more space than a little set of AirPods that I could probably throw in my purse and always have these on me.
And plus these have a microphone on ’em too. These do too. But these come in a little pouch. I can take them around with me or I have my AirPods.


The other thing, if you know me, you know I’m an introvert and I really like to work in the quiet space. And so, um, if I can work in the quiet space or I can’t work in the quiet space, should I say my next thing is to have earplugs. Earplugs. And so I actually found these earplugs recently and I’ve tried out the different ones that they make. These are by loop, they are called loop quiet and they have different ones depending on how much you wanna um, hear. And so they come in this little pouch and they come to this little, little device container I guess you’d call it. And so they just are these little bitty earplugs.
And so I put them in my ears and they just kind of twist up there and they have different colors, but a lot of times people don’t even know ’em and you have to get the right, sizes. So they have a medium, a small, and I think a large or extra small, uh, extra small, small large. And then I think the medium is the one that comes on it. But you can see them. And so, or if you get different colors, you can’t see them. But these help tone out a lot of the noises that are around. So if I’m sitting somewhere and I’m trying to get work done, um, it says live life at your volume. That’s kind of like what this is.

The other thing or I would say probably one of the last few things, I didn’t mention this but I was thinking about this.


So for my computer I have in here, I have this desk. So I don’t know if you can see this desk, it’s more of like a standup. It’s actually a art table to be honest. It’s a art like painting table and it says it’s by up2u. I don’t know if you can say that, but um, it folds down, not folds down, but it actually compacts almost completely. So you can just roll it around. It has these rollers on it and you can roll it. Um, it looks a little dirty down there cuz that’s like my burn pile and some teaching equipment. But this is my desk. Okay, this is really my desk, but you have to understand this place is stationary. Um, this rv, this little office back here, if you haven’t seen again my tour, you can watch below this video. This, this place stays stationary.

WATCH >> Full Time STATIONARY RV Living TOUR BTS Female Digital Nomad

We don’t really move it. So this is like a little couch and set up area and I just really come in here and like film my videos and hang out and do work and things like that. But this desk stays stationary, but we could move it. It’s not like a permanent setup. So it rolls around. I had this in the motor home. I don’t know if you ever saw that in some of the videos that I did, but um, it moves up and down also. That’s the other thing I love about it is it has these little handles on it that you can actually move and have it as a standup desk. So it’s not just a sitting desk, it’s actually a standup desk. And so before I had, and I got this at Michael’s, um, I’m sure they probably have one online, but I got it at Michael’s on a discount like Michael’s, the craft store.



And then the other thing I’ve had, so when I don’t have this table, this new computer, what I’ve had on it, it has these little legs on it. I don’t know if you can see those legs that are on there, but it stands up and it has a front and back case. So it’s a hard shell that goes on my computer and they have ’em for different ones. It allows my computer to stand up and so I can work remotely. I like that because it also keeps my computer from overheating if I’m working somewhere for a while.


And then what I was using or have used in the past, which I still have it obviously because sometimes I need it, but like say I’m somewhere and I’m like in an airport or somewhere, I can’t get to a desk or a flat area and I need to use my mouse. I like to have this. So this is by adata. It’s not really like a specific brand, I’ll tell you that. But on Amazon you can get these. And what I love about this one is it doesn’t matter whether you’re left-handed or right-handed cuz you can go to either side left or right, but it, you can put your mouse on here or right over here and you can put your computer on this. And so it’s just a lap pad, it’s flat, you can see I’ve used it, it’s busted up. I dropped it and um, it’s just a, a lap pad.


The only other thing I can think, I like to have this clicker. Okay, so this clicker helps me. If I clicked it right now, it would turn this video off. But I can use this to make videos or take pictures and I don’t have to actually be standing there.


But now since I have my Apple watch, which is another thing I probably didn’t list but I should list is I don’t have to have this clicker. Um, but I do have it.


Oh, my, my bag or Carry case. So I didn’t show you that. That’s really the last thing that I keep all of this in my Vera Bradley Carry case. So this is just a travel bag and I love it because it has a lot of pockets in it. Um, I’ll find a link to it. They have different versions of it, but there’s just like six pockets all the way around in it, which is why I really like it. And um, even like little secret pockets. And so it’s just really a nice thing that I can just throw everything in and go when I’m done here or I’m gonna get in the car or go to the condo or hop in the van. I throw everything that I just showed you minus the desk in this bag and I take off.

That is my mobile office set up slash while we’re here, stationary slash digital nomad must-haves, comment below if you have any of these things. If there’s something I’m looking around like that you think maybe I’m missing or I haven’t shown you, or if you think there’s something maybe you need to get now, you know, my gear and digital nomad essentials accessories and must-haves RV mobile office setup how I’m able to like run my business from the road and operate pretty much anywhere, whether it be my RV or Van Life or in the condo or whatever it may be. Airbnb’s hotels.

Don’t worry. I’ve put all these items into a checklist plus more tips, tricks, tutorials, um, what I like to call my ultimate guide to making money online from anywhere that you can pick up below this video.


But having your digital nomad office set up is just one part of getting your RV life started. I actually have a four step strategy, a formula, what I like to call my full-time RV, RV life formula, where I teach you all about how to set this up from start to finish. And not only just worry about getting your gear together, but also getting all of your money in line and your mobile life online downsizing and choosing the right RV and really diving into this whole digital nomad RV life thing. So if you haven’t checked out my free RV Living Masterclass that is below this video,

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and if you’re like, Hey, brandi, I don’t need that masterclass. I don’t need that download, I am so ready. I want you as my coach, I wanna be part of your community. I am ready to get this thing started, which is why I created rversity and my online program. So if you wanna work with me, you can also click a link in the description below where I’ll drop all the goodies that I’m talking about, everything that I’m mentioning, that’s where you’re gonna find them.

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Again, I’m blogging Brandi. If you haven’t seen my story, you can find that in the description below this video and meet me and learn all about me and all the goodies. If this is resonating with you, again, hit the like button below, subscribe, turn on notification, so you’ll be notified each and every time I publish a new video. I’m so excited that I finally got to share this with you. I can’t wait to share the next video. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.


If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi an EX-Corp Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be Creator, Digital Nomad & Female Entrepreneur! (aka Female Digital Nomad Entrepreneur or Nomadic Entrepreneur) Because Sometimes I’m RV Living & Sometimes I’m NOT!

Now, I help other creators who are tired of feeling stuck, unaccomplished, and even maybe an outcast from the rest of the world’s idea of “status quo” become confident in reaching their financial goals & gaining their independence  — by following in my footsteps learning how to communicate, use their story to build their personal brand, and share the skills they have buried inside of them  to start their own online business making money online as a digital nomad while RV Living — ya know, instead of a working a “normal 9–5 or shift job” to finally break out of “the system” 😉

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If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi, an EX-Corporate Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be a Blogger, Creator, Digital Nomad, and Entrepreneur who loves RVing while running my own business on the road! Over 9 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, and then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life, and eventually Motorhome Living! I created RVersity (RV + University) out of my love-hate relationship with RV Life!

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