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Worried about Dealing with Loneliness & Relationships as a Solo Female RV Living Full Time? In the past I’ve talked about “My Advice For Getting Started Living in an RV ALONE as a solo female RVer and shared BTS of my Solo Female RV life – How It Helped Me HEAL! But, you’re wondering “is van life lonely?” or about Overcoming Loneliness while Living in an RV Solo, then this video is for you! Dealing with Being Alone especially as a solo female full time RV living is part of The Highs and Lows of Solo RV Life.

On the flip side: The TRUTH is living in an RV alone or “Solo female travel” can be very rewarding. And, whether you’re a Single woman RV living or just planning on Full time solo RV living (aka RVing alone) you will have to deal with RV life loneliness at some point on your journey! But, One of the Pros and Cons of Solo RV Living is learning How to Thrive in Isolation!

I started out living alone in a van, so I can tell you solo van life loneliness is a real thing! Being alone on the road and learning healthy ways of handling loneliness in RV life requires “mental health awareness.” At first I thought I was the only Solo RV Woman until I found a community of others Full time RV living alone. Now, I never feel like I’m in RV life alone! So if you want Real Answers for RV Life: Is Living in a Van LONELY? YES it can be. But, if you’re a Solo Van Life Female RVer and thinking about RV camping alone, then these RV loneliness Tips will help you in Troubled Times!


If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi an EX-Corp Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be Creator, Digital Nomad & Female Entrepreneur! (aka Female Digital Nomad Entrepreneur or Nomadic Entrepreneur) Because Sometimes I’m RV Living and Sometimes I’m NOT!

Now, I help other creators who are tired of feeling stuck, unaccomplished, and even maybe an outcast from the rest of the world’s idea of “status quo” become confident in reaching their financial goals and gaining their independence  — by following in my footsteps learning how to communicate, use their story to build their personal brand, and share the skills they have buried inside of them  to start their own online business as a digital nomad — ya know, instead of a working a “normal 9–5 or shift job” 😉



I have worked with tons of brands, companies, and publications. (I.e. promotional partnerships, sponsored trips, website advertising opportunities, speaking event, product & service reviews.) let’s chat!

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Here is the transcript from the video:

So I’m feeling really lonely right now in my RV. And I know it’s something that a lot of people worry about when they are either getting started RV or thinking about RV is being lonely. So how do you deal with loneliness either as a solo RV or even when you’re not necessarily alone in your RV? It still can be lonely if you don’t know my story, I have been living in this RV, well, not this RV, but I’ve living the RV life for probably about five years now and I’ve done it solo and I’ve done it with my boyfriend. So I’ve been with my boyfriend for about eight years and he still has his condo. I sold of my condo and I bought a RV. And if you haven’t seen my story, I RV, ah, for a reason you could check that out below this video, but he is not here with me in the RV.

And he hasn’t been here for, I don’t know, probably almost two months going on and I haven’t seen him really. It’s getting lonely. And I can’t imagine if I didn’t have a boyfriend, like how much more lonely be. I wanted to tell you a little bit about how I’m feeling and maybe how you might feel or how maybe you can relate to how I’m feeling, but how I kind of deal with it and how I figured out how to deal with it. So these times creep up all the time. So these lonely feelings and this feeling of a loneliness when you’re in a RV does feel lonely. And I know I talk to so many friends of mine or even people that I meet and they say, oh, you know, I’ll start RVing. When I find somebody or, you know, I don’t wanna RV alone or I’m worried, like, what do you do if you’re just in your RV alone, I will tell you I’ve been stationary at this RV park for two years.

So being lonely and being stationary in your RV is about the same as being lonely and being stationary in your house. It’s the same thing. It feels the same because I’m looking at the same four walls. I’m not traveling. I’m not moving. I’m just staring at these same four walls. So I’m getting lonely. I’m getting, I don’t wanna say depressed, but I’m getting anxious and feeling all of these feelings that you probably feel or worried about feeling. And if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, I’ve been talking all about how I’m going through this transition process in my RV. So please make sure that you subscribe to my channel. I’m bloggin Brandi from RVersity. If we haven’t officially met. And I talk about RV life and all the things that I’m going through. So before I’ve made these really perfect videos about, you know, step one, step, do step.

And then I just kind of felt like I really needed to show you the real me about RV life and how I got into it and the things that I’m feeling. And honestly, the truth. I feel extremely lonely. I feel like I’m having to do all this stuff by myself. And I actually feel like I wouldn’t feel as lonely if I was traveling because there would be this new adventure and this new excitement and these things that are happening. But right now I do, I feel so lonely being in my RV and living here solo, stationary, even as a female. And I feel like I would feel this way, whether I was a male or a female, but I don’t know because as a female, I guess I feel like I need this man to come do all these tasks here for me. And honestly I can do them by myself, but does it feel good to have someone else to do them?

Yes. What I actually do is I’ll pay people in the RV park or pay people to come fix stuff so that I don’t have to worry about it. So as far as like maintenance and things like that, I don’t really have to deal with it. But I also think about how I feel so normal being lonely and solo RV living before this whole thing happened in the world over these past couple years. And the world kinda like flipped. I had been living this life of isolation and solo for long, or even not even solo, but with my boyfriend, but it still feels solo even when it’s just the two of you out there and you don’t really have anything but yourself. So there’s a lot of like mental health and things that go on inside your head. And there’s all these thoughts and things that creep up on you.

And I think about, you know, I love to write and I love to make videos and I love to get out and do things. So here at the RV park that I’m at, I actually live on an island in a lake, so I’ll go paddle board, or I actually got a paddle boat. So I found things that not only keep me busy, but they’re healthy. I have friends that paint in their RV or one of my friends actually here in the RV park creates jewelry in her RV. So that’s just something that she does for fun. It’s not necessarily her mainstream of income, but she does make income from it. And it’s a fun release. I always say, maybe you need a passion project for me being in my RV. I kind of throw myself into work. I love my job or I don’t call it a job.

Okay. So I love teaching people like you about RV life and how to get into it and how to deal with it and all the things that I’m going through. So I make these videos so that I can relate to you and one to build my business, but to build brand awareness and to show people the real thing behind RV life and, and how I’m feeling, and also to get clients in. So I make videos to share myself, but I also make videos to bring in new business. So I created Rversity out of my own necessity of RVing and not having anybody and not having a community and not having those things. So started rversity out of honestly, a passion and a frustration and a struggle. I started the, this online community, this online university, this online training program and immerse myself into it with everyone so that I could help other people who are struggling get where I am.

I wouldn’t have been able to talk to you like I am right now, had it been five years ago. And I wished that I would’ve started out solo RV living and doing the solo thing a long time ago, because I was so worried about going out and RV and not having my boyfriend with me. But honestly, solo RV living kind of helped my relationship. And it’s helped us have that time apart and bring us back together in a different way. And also when we’re out RV, it still feels lonely. And it feels like we’re solo RV living alone without other people. But I have done a lot of solo RV living, and I wish that I would’ve solo RV life a long time ago. And I always tell people, don’t wait to get started because of someone else, because you’re worried about me being lonely, because you’re worried about doing it alone because you’re worried about not having someone with you.

There are tons of RVs out there doing it alone, females and males. There’s tons of RV females, that solo RV, and there’s tons of males that solo RV. And then the other thing is what if you start RVing and you lose your significant other, your spouse boyfriend, what if you either break up or what if something happens to them, they, you know, pass away and they’re not here anymore. I hate to say that, but seriously, that’s how I feel like you should think about this and stop waiting on someone else to start living your dream or to start RVing. I kind of wanted to tell you those things to help you feel like you can to me in my RV. So, you know, I, I read, I read my Bible. That really helps me a lot. Um, I talk to God, so I’m a super, you know, religious person and those things all help me in my RV, but finding things to do, um, adopting a dog.

So I have birdie and I love rescuing dogs and fostering dogs. So having an animal with you helps with being alone in your RV. There’s so many things that I can think about that I do to help with the loneliness, but more than anything, I want you to know that you are gonna have those times of loneliness and you are gonna feel lonely, but you can that, and you know, I’ll call one of my friends or I’ll text one of my friends, or sometimes I actually just like to sit here in and cry. Okay. Sometimes I like to sit here and cry and deal with my RV. And the other thing, if you’re feeling lonely in your RV, sometimes it’s actually good to get out of your RV, not be in it. I think it is toxic to immerse yourself in this unhealthy thinking of, if I get into RV, I’m gonna be so lonely and I’m gonna be alone and no one’s gonna be with me, or if you’re in your RV.

And you’re kind of like feeling that way. And you’re thinking about, you know, I wanna quit RV life. And I just wanna go back to this life that I had, because the one thing you gotta remember is when you start solo RV living, and you start an RV life, you are isolating yourself from the rest of the world, okay, that’s what you’re doing. You’re cutting yourself off. You’re living a different life. I like to call it getting out of the system because that’s really what you’re doing. You’re getting out of this system that you’ve been taught. You were taught to buy a house and go to college and get that job and have your 401k and do all of these things. And maybe you’re at that point, if I would’ve kept going on the path I was on in my corporate job, I would’ve done those things.

I would’ve stayed in that job up until I was probably 40 or 50, uh, 40 or 50, 50, 60, who knows how old I would be before I finally retired, but I quit my job when I was in my twenties. And I like to say I was retired by the time I was 30. And I bought my first RV, probably when I was 29, it started out me buying a travel trailer and then a van. And then I had another van and now I have my motorhome. And so I would never, in a million years have started out buying this big RV and trying to do it in here. I would’ve probably started out in van life if I could go back and really immerse myself into it and tried to learn it and enjoy it. So we’ve had a lot of ups and downs. I feel like I’ve had to solo RV a lot.

And like I said, it has helped my relationship, but it also has helped me. It’s helped me become more confident. It’s helped me build my business. It’s helped me be able to talk to you right now. You know, I make these videos when I feel lonely. Not always, but I feel lonely right now. So I’m making this video because I’m thinking, what do you do? It’s like, yeah, I could call my boyfriend. But honestly, when he’s back at the house and he is not here with me, I kind of feel like he can’t relate to me because he’s kinda like, well, you know, you chose the RV. You could always just come to the house. And it’s really not that so simple. So if you know my story, it’s not that simple, but I’ve done a lot to accomplish the solo RV life. And I actually made a video about what I did to try to get my spouse to come RVing.

And I’ve made a lot of videos about the things that I’ve gone through over these last couple weeks and months. I’m excited for everything to keep rolling out. So you like this video, make sure you get the like button below and let me know and drop a comment below. Let me know what questions you have about loneliness and, and feeling lonely, or if you’re feeling alone. And if you are feeling alone and you want someone to help guide you on this journey, you don’t have to do it alone. You can join me in my community and RVersity and have someone to hold your hand. You don’t have to do this by yourself, whether your spouse wants to come or whether you don’t have a spouse, whatever your situation is, you can get started RVing without anyone else. You can have my help. So that’s why I created RVersity my university for RVers.

And I would love to chat with you. You can book a call with me below this video and learn more about it. I’ll put a link to that as well as some of the other videos that I talked about, I really wanted to share with you the thoughts of what I’m feeling here at the RV park and my stationary RV life and how I felt solo RV living. And I hope this resonates with you. So please hit the like button below, drop a comment below and let me know how you’re feeling. And, and yeah, I’m so excited to keep sharing this content. It feels a little raw and weird to be sharing this with you, because I don’t really talk about my relationship and my RV life and the real real, I really hope you like this, but I love you. If you haven’t joined my secret Facebook group, I’ve got links to that as well. I’m Bloggin Brandi from RVersity a university for RVers. If you wanna learn how to RV like a pro, I’ll teach you everything. I know. Just be sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon somewhere around this video. So you’re notified each and every time I publish a new video and until the next time I love you and I’ll see you in the next one. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi, an EX-Corporate Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be a Blogger, Creator, Digital Nomad, and Entrepreneur who loves RVing while running my own business on the road! Over 9 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, and then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life, and eventually Motorhome Living! I created RVersity (RV + University) out of my love-hate relationship with RV Life!