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Getting Started as a Solo Female RV Living? There are Pros and Cons of Solo RV Living Alone. In this video, I’m sharing My Advice On Solo RV Life, Choosing an RV for traveling solo and the struggles that come with RVing Alone! Because YES RV Living Full Time Especially as a SOLO FEMALE can be SCARY, OVERWHELMING, and LONELY! My Solo female travel journey started with a travel trailer, then I did the Van life thing until I ended up in my motorhome! So whether you are considering RV life alone as a Solo RV Woman because your spouse won’t join you, can’t come, or just want to experience being a single woman RV Living to get away from it all! Solo female RV Life alone can be very rewarding! I’ve been Full time solo RV living (aka RV camping alone) A LOT since my boyfriend does not RV full time. Which all led to how RVersity was born! If you’re considering solo female full time RV living then watch this video and don’t forget to subscribe!

Here’s the transcript from the video:

So I wanted to talk to you about solo RV living. And especially if you’re a female solo RV living or thinking about solo RV, living as a female or RVing alone, then this video is for you. I’ve been RVing for, oh gosh, at least five years now. And I’ve gone from travel trailers to van life, to motor home life. And I’ve done a lot of it alone. Sometimes people see me and they see that I have a boyfriend, but I’ve been with my boyfriend for eight years and he ain’t put a ring on it. We do not live necessarily in the same house. I would say, I mean, we have lived same house, but I’ve pursued a lot of this RV stuff by myself. He has come along, but I made a video about my spouse and what I did to like get him to come RVing.

And then I got a lot of comments about, well, I don’t have a spouse or, you know, my spouse passed away either. You don’t have one. They passed away are worried about getting started in this RV life without them. Maybe you do have a spouse and they don’t wanna go RVing. And maybe you’re trying to do it alone. Maybe you’re just trying to figure out what you want in life. That’s one thing that I’ll talk about is solo RVing kind of brought me was I was trying to heal. So if you haven’t seen my story, I talk about why I started RV and what brought me here and it was to heal. So I was trying to heal from something and travel brought me that joy. So if you haven’t officially met me yet, I’m blogging Brandi from RVersity university for RVers.

And here we talk about RV life and RV living and everything about RV. You can subscribe after watching this video and hit the bell icon So you’re notified each and every time I publish a new video, but I really wanted to tell you about RV life. I honestly kind of have been crying. I literally cried the last three days. I’ve talked to you about, I’ve been setting a date and getting ready to sell my RV and downsizing and going through this transition process of RV or solo RV living right now, because my boyfriend has been gone going on. So at least a month and a half now, okay. Almost two months, probably by the time this is all said and done. And there’s so many things that go through your head, you know, especially if you’re separated from your spouse while you’re solo RVing, because usually he’s here doing it with me.

But I know if I was solo RV of the things that you worry about are things like safety and overwhelm and loneliness, and I’ve dealt with all of those things. I’ve been lonely. I’m lonely right now. I mean, I’m talking to you because it gets lonely. It gets lonely being in the RV. And especially if you’re here by yourself, the way that I kind of combat the loneliness is because I like I created RVersity. I have an online community. I have my online RV friends. I have social media. When you start RVing, you will build friendships in the RV community, but you also have to be prepared that you’re gonna leave a lot of friendships behind because you’re going out and you’re doing this thing and you’re traveling. And so your friends and your family and the people that you’re used to talking to are gonna be stuck back in their box while you’re out traveling.

And I will tell you at first, it is scary, but after you do it, just like anything else, it gets really normal. You’ll start to feel more independent and like a bad, you know, what? You will gain a sense of confidence. One of my friends started RVing. I don’t know, probably like a year ago she had left a really bad relationship. She had been married for a really long time. And I think her spouse had just not been a great spouse. And so she decided just to start RVing. And one of the things she tells me all the time is just how freeing she feels and how she just felt like she needed that person and that thing for so long. And then when she got into RVing, she finally figured out that she didn’t need that person and that thing. And actually she even only bought the RV because she couldn’t get out of like her house or the condo situation or whatever she was in at the time with the spouse, she bought a RV to get away from him and it turned into something bigger.

And so it’s kind of like for me, I RVed to heal, she RVed to heal people, RV for different reasons. Loneliness is an issue I’m always lonely. Overwhelmed is an issue I’m always overwhelmed. I don’t wanna say always I’m less overwhelmed now. And I would be less overwhelmed now was traveling. But I do know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed. I mean, when you’re out on the road and a tire pops or something happens, the first thing you think is, oh my gosh, there’s something that I have to do. And so I have things though, I have roadside assistance and I have friends that I can call that help me work on my RV. And I’ve built those relationships up over time. And there’s a lot of things. I just kind of know how to do myself now because I’ve gone through them. So you start to learn how to RV and do this by yourself.

But one of the things I’ve talked about several times is my stationary RV life and why I love stationary RVing because I meet people here at the RV park and they can help me fix my RV, or I can at least get things done on my RV while I’m stationary say from like a local company that can come out to me, that has helped me with overwhelm, um, you know, building friendships, having safety nets in place, insurance, roadside assistance, things that will help me if something were to go wrong in my RV, I’m not stranded. I also, you know, keep like emergency funds and things like that. Those are things that I’ve just kind of built up over time. The other thing I think about is between loneliness and overwhelm and safety, which is probably something else that you worry about when you’re getting started RV.

And I, I do wanna make like a whole other video about safety and RVing, but when you’re solo RV living, especially solo RV living as a female, I do find it can be scary. I don’t think that I ever park in sketchy places, but I know some people they’ll go and they’ll Boon-dock out by themselves. And I feel like I have a good spy senses. And so I have been able to pick up on things that maybe don’t feel right. And I kind of wonder sometimes if people have those same senses, even here at the RV park, I kind of laugh because one of my neighbors, these new neighbors just pulled in the other day. And the first thing they said was, Hey, I have a question. Do you think it’s safe here? And we kind of laugh about the place that I live because is a trailer park, okay.

It’s not a RV park, it’s a trailer park. And I know that a lot of people think trailer parks and that’s like scum or the epitome of things. But honestly, I don’t think about it like that in and I never really thought about it like that, that I could think of cuz I live in the trailer park. So I don’t really think of myself that way. So anyways, I was talking to one of my neighbors the other day and they kind of said something about me calling it. The trailer park is why I say that. But this RV park slash trailer park, I’ve been stationary for a while. I do feel safe as in, I don’t think that anything would happen to me here, but I remember the people just got their RV and they moved in and they said, do you think it’s safe here?

And I said, you mean at the trailer park? I was like, let’s be real. Everybody looks sketchy here at the RV park trailer park, whatever you wanna call it. They all look the same. They look sketchy. This is like my home. So I kind of know who belongs here and who Doesn’t and if something is weird and so I live on an island and the island is not like that big, but yeah, some people live here out a necessity. Some people definitely have been permanent for a minute here. I remember when I pulled in the first thing, normally I would tell you to do, when you pull into an RV park is if you see a bunch of porches and trailers that looks like they haven’t left in a while, I would pull right out. Okay. Normally, but the place that I live in is more of a neighborhood.

So this isn’t an RV park where people come and go a lot. You wouldn’t just pull in and stay here for a night, maybe a month. You might be able to work that out. But most of the spots you have to sign like a year lease. So I’ve been here for two years and I do feel really safe. But before that, I traveled for years and years and years. Okay. I traveled twenty four seven. And then when I got stationary is when I learned the most about RV life. So if you’re thinking about solo RV living, I would encourage you to try out stationary RV, living first, living in an RV park, because it’s gonna teach you a lot about your RV and let you get acclimated to the RV lifestyle. Probably even save you some money while you’re getting ready to start your RV living journey.

And if you find the right situation, like I could pull out of here and come back at any time. But when I think about safety, there are things that you can do to keep yourself safe in your RV. I wouldn’t park and schedule places. I don’t personally just boom dock in random areas. I do it in a parking lot and I do it in safe parking lots. I would, I haven’t really ever slept in random abandoning parking lots all by myself because I just can find that to be sketchy. There are so many things that you can do to protect yourself on a safety side and get things to protect or resolve. That’s one thing I’ll definitely have to make a video about. So if you want some video content about that, let me know, drop a comment below. But yeah, I just wanted to share with you, I guess, some of the thoughts and fears that I’ve had, or myself going into solo RV living and it, it does, sometimes it feels lonely.

Sometimes it feels like I’m doing it by myself. Sometimes my boyfriend is definitely guilty of being the one to be like, well, you chose that life or you wanted to RV. And so sometimes when we get into arguments, he’ll put it off on me. Like, Hey, you know, you’re the one that wanted this. So sometimes solo RV living is a little bit better because you don’t have to deal with that. You know, you don’t have to deal with that back talk. And someone talking back to you, you know, you can just go fix what you need to fix and move on. And also sometimes I can tell you it’s, it’s better just to pay somebody or find somebody to help you fix something than it is to try to do things yourself. And sometimes you have to do things yourself. And the one thing I’ve learned about RVing especially solo is that you have to learn a lot of doit yourself things, even if you’re with a spouse RVing, but you have to do a lot yourself.

Yes, there is a lot of safety. There is a lot of overwhelm and there is a lot of loneliness. But with that comes a lot of joy and freedom and peace and independence and fulfillment that you wouldn’t necessarily get in the situation that you’re in. Probably, maybe you’re looking at the same four walls. Maybe you’re looking at the same person all the time. Maybe you’re trying to spice up your relationship. Maybe you’re trying to find that purpose in your life. That’s one reason I would tell you to start solo RV living. And then I’ll also tell you not to hold back from solo RV living and not to let someone else keep you from doing it. Even if it’s just mini trips or mini vacations, because you’re gonna look back and regret that. And if, if you lost that person or if you’ve been waiting on a person to go RV with you, all of those things kind of play a role.

I would just tell you not to wait on anybody, not to put all your hopes into finding somebody to RV with because at the end of the day, life changes. And as much as we would like to think that we’re gonna find that person RV with them will be them forever. People pass away, things happen, health, accidents, life. And you can’t sit here and worry about RV RV living. Oh, what if I get started? And I’m overwhelmed? Or what if I’m not safe? Or what if I’m lonely? We all feel the same way as an RVer period, whether someone’s with us or not. I’ve heard people that have families with them that feel that way. I’ve heard people that are solo that feel that way. And I’ve heard people that are just with a spouse and they feel that way. It’s all part of our RV life.

And I wanted to make sure that I was showing up as much as I could as my authentic self Blogging Brandi and tell you more about my RV life. And you know what goes on with, with me. I mean, if you haven’t watched my story, like I told you, check it out below this video, but I talk about why I’m RVing, why I’m here in this RV. And there was so many ups and downs that I’ve grown through and gone through and as well as my spouse. So I’ve done a lot of this alone. I’ve done a lot of it with him. Sometimes I’m doing it alone. Like I told you, I’ve been here for a couple months almost by myself and it’s not fun. He was here with me a lot and now he’s been gone a lot and he has things to work on and it gets lonely when he’s not here.

And I’ve got all these maintenance issue that I’m dealing with and I’m trying to sell the RV. And I didn’t get into this by myself. He helped me, you know, get into this and we built this whole thing kind of like together. And so now I feel like I’m left with it and I’m supposed to just figure it all out by myself. That’s lonely. That’s overwhelming. Even here at the RV park, things have been a little crazy. I talked about how I feel guilty leaving, but that things in a little crazy, there’s been cops here and people passing away and all kinds of craziness, screaming, just somebody’s trailer, just got Repossessed and people got kicked out and this is just wild. But the same thing happens if you’re in your RV, traveling versus in your RV stationary. I just wanted to share with you some of my thoughts about solo RV living and how I’m feeling, how you might be feeling some things to think about and to not be scared to start solo RV living.

And if you are scared to start RV living, that’s why I started Rversity. So if you’re trying to get into RV life or RV life is not really working out for you. You’re thinking about quiting then maybe it’s time for you to have someone to help and guide you on your journey. That’s been there. And that goes through it with you on the day to day like me. So that’s why I create Rversity. My university for RVers, you can book a call with me below this video and schedule a time to chat and we can talk more about it and what Rversity is, what I bring to the table and what I can help you with. I started Rversity out of a necessity of my own feelings of overwhelm and not having anybody to teach me this RV thing. And it came out of my own solo RV life and healing and trying to find purpose and a home.

It is my home. My students are my home and I really, truly love my RV life. And the thing that I’ve created, and it all has come from me taking a leap of faith and going out there. I remember when I actually settled down here in this RV park, I was so scared to settle down here, but here we are two years later and I’m so thankful that I, the first step is the scariest. And so that’s why I say, if you want someone to hold your hand, or you need someone to hold your hand, like, that’s what I’m here for is to hold your hand and help you start this RVing journey. Or if you’ve already started it to help you navigate it. So you don’t feel so alone because you do need a community and you need a friend and you need that support. That’s what I’m here for. And yeah, I would love to talk to you and tell you more about Rversity and get you into RVing and RV life. So book a call with me. There’s a link below this video and I’m Blogging Brandi from Rversity university for RVers, I am so excited

To be sharing all that’s been going on in my life. Make sure that you subscribe and hit the bell icon somewhere around this video. So you’re notified each and every time I publish a new video about RV life or solo RV living or stationary RV living, or just RV life in general, a lot of fun stuff coming up. I’m super excited to share that with you. If you haven’t checked out some of my latest videos, you can watch those next. After this one, check the links below. If you haven’t joined my secret group, make sure you join that too. I love my secret RV fam. You are my heart and soul, and you really help me make these videos until the next time I’m blogging Brandi from RVersity. And I will see you in the next video. Thanks for watching this one!


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