VISITING THE ARK ENCOUNTER IN KENTUCKY. In today’s vlog we visited the Ark Encounter, a life size Noah’s Ark, in Kentucky! Is the Ark Encounter Worth the Visit? If you plan to travel through Kentucky then you’re going to want to take a tour the Noah’s Ark Encounter in Kentucky. This place was massive christian themed attraction and filled with TONS of information about the bible and evolution. This real life noahs ark was created by ken ham of who wrote answers in genesis. They use to have tickets on GROUPON for a 20% discount but they only offer tickets for sale on their website as of now: But, you can always ask for a AAA membership discount, Senior Citizen or check out some of the others they offer on their website from time to time. They have two options one is for the ark encounter tour and the other is for the creation museum (which is about an hour away FYI).

Here is the transcript from the video:

Okay So it is Wednesday morning, not Tuesday morning. Tuesday is when we traveled. Today is Wednesday morning and we are leaving the Hyatt place here in Lexington, Kentucky. We just stayed here for the night. We drove about five hours. We were going to go see this RV on the way, but we just couldn’t make it in time. I don’t know any RV dealerships they close at 5:00 PM. That was kind of weird, but they do. So Day Bros RV closes at 5:00 PM so we won’t be looking at that RV. Maybe we’ll see it on the way back. So today we’re supposed to go see the ARK or if you’ve ever heard of the lifesize Ark. So that’s supposed to be fun. And then we’re going to be headed onto Chicago. So the Ark is about 45 minutes from here and then we’re headed up to Chicago to meet with dollar tree and pitch One of the products that I am behind. And, I’ll have to tell you more about that later and how it goes, but essentially that’s why we’re taking the RV is to go up to Chicago so that we can take product and samples and everything that we need to have for the event. Otherwise you have to pack it and ship it and all that stuff. So you know, this is just life being an entrepreneur and I’m trying to catch up on emails and stuff this morning before we head out. It’s hard to do that on the road and we had the tie downs and the straps and just slots to do traveling in the RV and switching in and out of hotels is not fun. It’s not my choice to do this hotel stuff. This is what my boyfriend likes to do is hang out in hotels. So we literally like stop hotel, stop hotel instead of just staying in the Rv, which is absolutely bonkers to me, which makes no sense while we even bring the RV, but we have it to sleep in it if we want and sometimes we sleep in it. 

But, honestly this thing is a piece of crap and I can’t wait to get rid of it. SO…

I swear like today is not my day. Look, I put my boots on backwards. Maybe you can tell. My boots! I Put them on backwards. 

This is what we do. We come and we check the straps just to make sure that they’re all on the smarty and you have to keep doing this. So we ratchet these down in the back, a little crisscross, and we just pull on them to make sure that they’re in there. So, there’s the smarty!


okay, you know it’s the only thing here when there is one sign and it’s says ARK Encounter turn left


so I don’t if you can see if you can see how big this ark is like it’s so big. It’s so big. Like I can’t get it in the photos. This crazy!


I wanted to show you this. I bet this is what it’s like to walk on Noah’s Ark. Isn’t this cool? WOW!