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So today I’m gonna be sharing with you over 20 work from home remote jobs and ideas for RV digital nomads to be able to work from your computer online from anywhere. Or if you’re like me from your rv. In the last video I shared with you four ways that you can make money online in your spare time. And these were ways that you could work from home or if you just wanted to make some quick cash and generate some extra income.

4 Ways To Make Money Online With NO Experience! (QUICK CASH NOT Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads)

These were not full-time remote working gigs, but I do get a lot of calls and texts and emails and comments of people asking me, Hey Brandi, how do you work from home and make money online and find like a remote job or some part-time gigs versus full-time gigs? Where do you actually go to look for these? So in this video I wanted to share with you where you can find actual remote work from home jobs in places that I’ve looked over the eight years that I’ve been digital nomad, both when I was looking for work online, whether it be full-time or part-time, which part-time kind of led to more part-time and then full-time.
But where I looked and then also once I became a business owner where I posted to find remote workers, especially those who had professional skills. So I’ve heard people for video editing and graphic design and helping me with spreadsheets and helping me with virtual assisting. You can find all kinds of jobs if you have a profession or some kind of skill. There’s a remote job for you online doing something because I think most people get stuck on where do you actually find these remote jobs. And the best place to find online work is obviously online, on your computer, but it takes work to find work and it should be something that you treat kind of like your job. Like if you were going to a job from nine to five, you should be looking for remote work from nine to five. So again, it takes work to find work, but if you really wanna find that dream job, don’t you worry. I am gonna teach you that in this video.

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And before I forget, I put all of these ideas that I’m about to share with you into my ultimate guide to Making money online or from anywhere so you can work from home while you roam or in your RV as a digital nomad like me, I will drop a link to that in the description below this video. So you can check that out. You don’t have to worry about taking notes, just follow along.

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Let’s talk about where to find those.


So the first place that I would look for remote work online, and I’ve broken this down into four categories. So the first 13 are actual online remote work jobs or job boards, places to find jobs.
The first one is RVer Job Exchange and they have different places, but remote work. The second one is ZipRecruiter, if you haven’t heard of that one. The third one is pretty well known. It’s Flex Jobs. Fourth one is LinkedIn jobs. And I think LinkedIn is very underrated. People don’t think about social media for finding a job, but you can post your resume up on LinkedIn or a lot of places when you go to put your resume in, they’ll say Put your LinkedIn profile in here. So it’s a really good idea to have your LinkedIn profile filled out, but you can find jobs on LinkedIn as well.
It’s not just a place to share your skills and everything. You can actually look for jobs there. Fifth way to find remote work jobs online is what’s called Dynamite Jobs. The sixth way to find remote work online is remote. Okay, job espresso is number seven, eight is working nomads. Number nine is WeWork remotely. Number 10 is remote.Co 11 is skip the drive. 12 is remote workers and 13 is work U.
That’s 13 websites alone where you can find remote jobs, work from home jobs and do these whether you’re RV living on the road or at home or Airbnb or hotel or wherever you might be. If you have skills, you can look for jobs on these websites and these are gonna be full-time type of gigs, full-time jobs. So if you’re thinking you have a job where you’d be looking for a job in a building, these are just jobs that you do from home on your computer.



The next set of these are the next three categories. Freelance jobs, contract jobs, and gig. When I have people reach out to me, I’ve got five of these that I would say are more freelance. Just for instance, if you wanted to write or if you were just looking for a virtual assistant, not a full-time gig, but something where you could do it part-time and just help someone out. So maybe you just take on like a little project here for this company and a project over here for this company, but you’re not working for one company per se. Not saying that those little part-time gigs can’t turn into full-time gigs. Cause a lot of times people are looking for those smaller part-time gigs and jobs and I’ll actually hire somebody for a small job and then ask them, Hey, can you do some more work for me?
So it’s kind of like a nice way to do like a little test run with people. And I’ve done it for video editing, I’ve done it for spreadsheets, I’ve done it for virtual assisting, I’ve done it for blog posts, editing, accounting, bookkeeping. There’s so many things that I have found people on these websites for. And even when I was getting started where I posted myself to try to find jobs for, and I’ve even had people build websites for me on here, RVer Job Exchange again, but they have a freelance section that you can head to is say number 14, number 15 would be Fiverr. If you’ve never heard of Fiverr, they have little $5 gigs, but then they have 10 15 and then they have Fiverr Pro, which is people that are charging hundreds of dollars for their gigs. So again, you wanna work your way up, get a couple reviews on these sites, and then you can charge more for your time and your resources.
But if you’re looking for little gigs and work, these are great places to go. And I also look at these places as places to like find clients. You’re putting yourself out there on a network where people are looking for your services and skills and maybe you give ’em away for cheap in the beginning, but then they meet you and you can say, Hey, this is what I do for a living. So if you want any more work and you really like this, please hit me up. These platforms kind of tell you not to bring people off the platform, but you could even set up another gig like on the platform for them to take advantage of, which I’ve had too because they work as like a payment transaction for you. A lot of them I know like Fiverr does. Upwork is another one where I’ve looked for like virtual assistants and people to help me with things like that.
But they have all kinds of jobs on Upwork. Freelancer is another one. Obviously the name of it gives that away. And Pro Blogger, if you’re a writer, if you’re trying to find like little writing gigs, I really loved Pro Blogger, but if you go on there and try to apply, they’re probably gonna look and say like, oh, do you, do you already blog? Do you have a website? Show us some of your resources. So if you already maybe have a blog or you’ve been blogging or you wanna start blogging, I really liked Pro Blogger. I actually saw a job for somebody that was doing mechanical engineering, but they wanted them to be able to blog. So just write about the subject.



The next four of these are specific companies. Number 19 for instance would be Amazon Virtual location. So if you’re looking for an actual job at Amazon, not necessarily just a little quick gig, which I shared in my last video about making quick money, quick cash, which is Amazon, uh Turk.
But this is Amazon virtual location. This is where you can find a specific job at Amazon, but they will hire you maybe do customer service or something like that. Number 20, belay, belay, belay. I don’t know if I’m saying that right, but I’ve heard actually several RVers working for this company. And you essentially like apply to work for this company and they’ll let you know whether you’re a good fit for them or not. I think they have a lot of just different jobs that you can do online. And then rev is a transcription website. So when I do my videos, I will submit them to say like and they will transcribe them. Well, someone actually has to like listen to that video and transcribe it and type it out. They do have AI and automatic transcriptions, but they also have where people have human transcriptions because AI can’t do everything.
So actually pays people to sit there and transcribe the words. And I was seen anywhere from 30 cents, 50 cents to like 60 cents a minute on some of these. I think it depends what it is. And then if you know a foreign language, that’s even more money. But think about if it took you an hour to transcribe a video and you’re getting paid 60 cents a minute, that’s pretty good money. And now was speaking of languages. But if you’re like a teacher, you can do, I believe tutoring and teaching maybe like foreign language on preply, P R E P L Y, prepLy, that’s another specific company that you can work for.



The fourth category of ways to work from home remote jobs and ideas for RV digital nomads that I wrote down here. The 23rd way for you to make money is RVer job exchange, which is peer-to-peer.
And what I kind of mentioned earlier, it’d be more like probably bartering, but you could still probably find money in that. But RVer job exchange has the remote working the freelance and the peer-to-peer. So there’s tons of ways to make money on the RVer job exchange. So I really would start there. That would be the very first place that I’d start if I was trying to find some things and use my skills. The 24th way to make money naming force, if you’re one of those people that you come up with names, I’m really good at coming up with taglines and names. Naming force is a cool place where you can register. And so people submit and say, oh, I really wanna um, find a name for my company. You can submit your name and if it wins then you get paid. So I thought that was pretty cool.
And then some of these other ones are again, branding websites. Brand new name is another type of branding or naming website. Squad Help is another one 48 hours. Logo is another one. And 99 designs is number 28 on my list.


Okay, so now you know over 20 different ways, 28 to be exact that you can work from home from your rv, a digital nomad like me. These are remote jobs, remote working places where you can use your professional skills to make money online, where to actually find those.

So if you liked this video, hit the like button below to let me know and drop a comment below. Let me know if you’ve ever heard of these places, if you’ve ever applied to any of these places, if you have some ideas that I should add to this. And let me know how this video resonates with you because comments are my love language and I can’t wait to read them and reply to you.

Now, I know that was a lot, so don’t you worry. I have put all the ideas that I shared with you today along with tons of tips, tricks, tools and resources into my ultimate guide to making money online from anywhere so you can make money working from home or while you roam in your RV and being a digital nomad. And I’ll put a link to that in the description below this video so that you can pick that up.

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But finding a remote gig and figuring out how to make money online is just one of the steps for becoming a digital nomad is especially if you wanna start RV living, which is why I’ve created a four step strategy that you can follow in my footsteps or what I like to call my full-time RV life formula to help you get started. It’s my free RV masterclass that you can take.

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