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If you have a flat tire, are locked out, run out of gas, have a dead battery, need a tow, etc… What are you going to do? Who are you going to call? Especially in your RV! If you are in some way “disabled” that is what RV Roadside Assistance Services are for. Some provide additional coverages, some less, some more! Having all the proper coverages in place keeps you from worrying while on the road, so just in case something happens you know you are covered. I could not and would not want to live without my Roadside Assistance coverage not only does it cover my RV, but ALL of my Vehicles (plus any that I’m in)! However, with all the roadside assistance programs out there how do you decide which one to choose, and which one will cover your RV most importantly? Here is a list of the Best RV Roadside assistance Service Providers I would suggest looking into…

RV Roadside Assistance Providers:

AAA Roadside Assistance

Get back on the road with AAA Roadside Assistance 24/7! There’s more to AAA Membership than a tow. From flat tires and lockouts to dead batteries and minor car repairs, every AAA Membership includes AAA Roadside Assistance 24/7, so you can have peace of mind. Add more to your membership with AAA Plus RV and Premier RV service. Adding this valuable service to your membership extends your service calls per membership year to include RVs, RV trailers, and other eligible vehicles.

I pay for the highest Membership they offer for AAA and have the Premier RV Service add-on. Plus, I have an additional member on my account as an add-on. (There are pros and cons to having one membership vs two separate ones — in my opinion but you’ll have to weigh the options for your own situation.) And what I love about AAA is that it covers the member, not the vehicle itself. So if I’m in my Smart Car and something happens I’m covered, just the same as if I’m in the RV Travel Trailer or RV Van, etc…

I cannot tell you how many times AAA has saved us not only “physically” but also “Financially” OMG you never know how much it costs to get a tow until you need one! Another thing they will do that can help you is BRING you a battery! Plus, several other things.

Now my one drawback is that sometimes I have had to wait 4-5 hours to get service. That can be a scary situation when you’re sitting on the side of the interstate at night or in rush-hour traffic with NO way to get out of the way and over to the emergency lane. Not too mention, if you have animals and you need a tow, they have to have a place for them to go! This has been a problem not just with AAA but any tow service since technically I run a “mobile” dog rescue and usually all the dogs + cat are with us!

Once, we had 5 dogs and 1 cat = 6 furbabies Thankfully we were able to get a tow from a RANDOM person (now known as “Drew) who was driving home with their tow truck and saw us in distress halfway in the road. If he hadn’t stopped and allowed us to bend the rules a little we would have had to wait for 6 more hours to get someone from AAA to show up on a Friday night in rush-hour traffic! Plus, we were NOT in the RV, but in our van headed back to the RV and AAA still would have covered, us BUT since @TheSleazyAlien Showed up we were able to pay him (of course out of pocket and with a tip)!

But, we did call around while praying for help to try and find a tow truck to tow us 20 miles away. Let’s just say we were willing to wait the 6 hours if our little tow truck angel and hero had not shown up! If I remember correctly the estimated tow truck fees for ONE tow, not even 10-15 minutes away from where we were sitting was quoted at the $400-500 range! FYI my AAA Membership usually only costs me less than $300 for the entire year and I could tow my car, RV, Trailer probably 8 times, up to 100 miles away! (200 miles once a year) But, let’s just say the cost to have AAA in case you need it is worth it if you drive anywhere or have an RV and need a tow, etc… have a dead battery, get locked out, get a flat tire, you name it… they can help get you a solution or get you to the right place to get one!

Good Sam “Travel Assist” & “Roadside Assistance”

What is TravelAssist? – In the event of a medical emergency while traveling, TravelAssist goes to work coordinating the medical attention and return services you need, no matter your mode of travel. They reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs associated with certain medical services, getting you, your vehicle, and your family home.

WHAT IS Roadside Assistance? Never find yourself out of options when the unexpected occurs. Roadside Assistance provides RVs and vehicle assistance in the case of a breakdown. From tow services to on-site technicians, they get you back on the trip.

I have to be honest I do NOT have these RV Roadside Assistance memberships anymore, nor have I ever paid for them. They were a gift or part of one of my RV Van Purchases which included a 3-year Good Sam “Elite” Memebrship. So, you have to dig into all the different plans that they offer Travel vs Roadside Assistance, etc… I think they have a few more. These plans are tailored for RVers even though they do cover more, there are some rules and regulations — again why I would read into what all is covered vs not.

Side note: Let me know in the comments below if you have ever used Good Sam or have it! I’d love to know you’re thoughts on it. I’ll be sure to update more info as I get it!

NTTS Breakdown Directory

Now this next one I have listed for RV Roadside assistance services is more of a “directory” than a service provider and it’s for Truckers! But, as I often say as an RVer you should “Think like a trucker” when driving, parking, etc…. a lot of times RVers and Truckers need and/or use a lot of the same things! The National Truck & Trailer Service (NTTS) Breakdown Directory is your most comprehensive guide to semi-truck repair facilities nationwide – including those offering 24-hour road Service. We provide fleets and owner-operators with up-to-date information enabling them to make better decisions about over-the-road repair, and compare prices, services, and availability 24 Hours a day!

Your Own RV Insurance

Whoever you bought your RV insurance should or usually does offer the option to add on “Roadside Assistance.” Now, depending on the cost, I would just pay for the added coverage for peace of mind! It is always nice to have a backup. Another thing to keep in mind is you can get coverage separately for both your vehicles and RVs through your insurance providers for roadside assistance coverage, but you have to do your research, ask questions, and weigh the options to see what works best for your situation. I did want to mention that I have been told that paying for a roadside assistance service through your insurance provider can result in shorter wait times for rendering services. But, I’m sure this all depends on other factors as well. Just be sure to call and ask your RV insurance and automobile insurer if they have the option to add roadside assistance coverage. It is always better to have more insurance than not enough!

Other Tools & Resources

Although I understand some situations are unavoidable, there are a few things I’d like to mention that would help you with NOT having to use some of these RV Roadside Assistance services. One would be things like making sure to Fill your tank up and never let it get below half a tank. This way you will never run out of fuel (gas or diesel again). — Speaking of diesel one of my RV Vans required diesel fuel, as well as DEF to be added every so often when I refueled. Otherwise, the van would slow to an almost crawl when driving and leave you with 15 more starts or so before you would be disabled and FORCED to find some DEF fuel. So I’d highly suggest if you need it to keep a bottle with you! I found this out the hard way!

Another way you can avoid ending up needing a roadside assistance service is by making sure your tires are properly inflated, and checking them every so often for wear and tear. This also goes for your spare! Plus, spend the money to make sure and buy good tires especially if yours need replacement or are outdated (usually this is after so many miles but also age such as 7-10 years old) every tire manufacturer’s requirements are different.

Same thing with your battery, make sure to inspect it, and if you have to jump off your car often or know you need to replace your battery then do it! Don’t get stuck in a sticky situation. But, one thing I do keep on me and in every car, RV, etc…. is an emergency jump box kit. You have to make sure to get one powerful enough to start your specific engine and battery power. But, they can be small but MIGHTY! They also can come with multiple features like doubling as an air pump for tires. And, changing for phones, computers, and more…

Now one thing I was thinking about is depending on your RV you might need to keep a “high-pressure” air compressor or high-powered air compressor around to blow up your RV tires! Sometimes you cannot fit your RV at those air-filling stations or they will not be powerful enough to blow up your tires. It depends on the type of RV or should I say tires. My motorhome for example needs a high-powered air compressor, whereas my travel trailer and RV van can use a regular one any other automobile would require.

Other little things I’d like to mention that I assume are a given but feel guilty if I don’t say them: are to change the oil on your car, RV, Generators, etc…. regularly! Same with the oil and air filters. Plus, be sure to keep up with any other recommended, or needed scheduled maintenance to avoid running into problems you don’t need unnecessarily!

Okay so now you know, some of the BEST RV Roadside assistance service providers out there as well as some of my favorites! Plus, more tips, tricks, tools, and resources to keep you from having unnecessary accidents on your trip! Or in your RV during your day, you know what I mean! So, I want you to comment below and let me know if you have any of these services or have used any in the past? Maybe something else I should add to my list? Can’t wait to read your thoughts and comments!


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If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi, an EX-Corporate Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be a Blogger, Creator, Digital Nomad, and Entrepreneur who loves RVing while running my own business on the road! Over 9 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, and then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life, and eventually Motorhome Living! I created RVersity (RV + University) out of my love-hate relationship with RV Life!

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