If you’ve ever wondered about travel trailer living, this is how I got started. In this episode, I’m sharing why I got the urge to travel and bought a travel trailer. My first attempt at RV living full time ended up more like camping than RV living.

Here is the transcript from the video:

This year I flipped my travel trailer, totaled two of my cars at once, then spent a year in recovery. 

Now, that can be replaced. That can be replaced. I know, but I just bought it. We got insurance we’re good. Oh, my God. [Crying] A few years earlier, I had just started my first business. [Music] Quit my six figure job that I worked on Wall Street [Music] I’m gonna, read you my resignation. To whom it may concern. Please accept this letter as notification that I am resigning. I apologize for not being able to provide two weeks notice due to circumstances beyond my control. I need to resign immediately. Please forward my last paycheck to my home address and I sent that in an email and I never got a response, but I did get my last paycheck. So, I assume the got the message. I left the country for the first time [Music] Oh, and…. found out I was pregnant. The sad part is in the same year, I also lost my child. I picked up traveling as a way to cope. I loved nature, Beaches, spent the entire month on an island. I just wanted to heal, but I had all these ties at home and with my business. So one day I decided to sell everything. Essentially there was a lifestyle for sale. My office. [Music] All of my Inventory. [Music] My Condo. [Music] My Car. [Music] It took a year to liquidate everything. Fast forward to 2016. I’m really not sure how I got started on the idea to buy an Rv, but one of the reasons was so that Princhesa and Duchess could come along. Plus hotels and finding ones that were pet friendly got really costly. This was when I bought my first travel trailer and tow car.  [Music] Not to mention I can hit the road at anytime that I wanted. If I had an Rv. Learning how to tow hook up and RV was a [beep] I’m trying… This is going to be your outdoor shower. There’s a spigot that goes on here. I guess I could show you how to take these off. Oh, [beep] ahh. Not to mention every new RV has a year worth of kinks that you have to work out. So, I just want you to know how much fun RVing can be. This is some kind of crazy water leak that I’ve had ummm gushing in back here and somehow there’s water sitting inside. But, see the water in here last night was like up to here to this first plate. I mean this is all completely. There’s been water all in the house today, so that’s what I’ve been doing. We’re probably going to drop this off tomorrow for some repairs. But, I learned a lot that year. Oh, and gas. I used to cry when I had to fill up my tank because no one told me how expensive it was to tow around a 30 foot rv. But, no worries. That problem didn’t last long. She said she’s got her insurance information on her phone. You’d have to ask her – Brandi. Who was in what car? Ah this is Brandi. Brandi it’s alright. It was a hit and run is not going to fault you for it. Don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine. Everything will get taken care of Brandi. Last time I picked up my travel trailer, it was total along with my new truck. So, this is my house, now. After my wreck, everything is destroy. Everything. Everything is gone. It’s on the side of the interstate. The windows are missing. I mean this is crazy. I mean these cabinets came off. The whole stove is missing. The couch is on the other side. This is crazy. Light fixtures are gone, everything. I can’t even get into half this stuff. My computer is busted, and my computer is gone. This is my life. Everybody. This is my life. [Sighing]  Everything happened so fast. Man, that was scary. I saw it happen right in front of me because I saw it and I was like, please regain control of it. And then when she went for the guardrail. That’s when I was like, oh my God! Me and my mom and we had this little old lady. We were just sitting back there just screaming! We saw it swerving and I’m like oh my God!