Ever thought “How much does an RV cost?” Or if you should you buy an RV new vs used? Most people don’t realize how affordable an RV can be or how they “finance them” just like a house.

I wanted to make this video to help answer some of your questions about the RV buying process. Especially since I just went through with my 2018 Thor outlaw 37RB Toy Hauler. Of course, I started out in a trailer and then a van before I purchased my motorhome, which ended up costing me a lot of time and money. Some of this I have lived with for years, don’t forget to get my RV buying guide and help walk you through the process!

A Few Notes… about RV Buying:

  • RV’s are financed like a house 10, 20, 30 years… (smaller monthly payments)
  • May require a downpayment 10-20% especially over $99k
  • RVs are depreciating assets
  • Other costs involved depending on your RV lifestyle: Rent, Storage, Fuel, Propane, Insurance, Electric/Sewer/Water, Internet, Cable etc… 
  • Trade ins are welcome (cars, grills, guns, atvs, etc…) at larger RV dealerships
  • Consider private seller vs RV dealerships
  • Shop around for financing your bank vs others (Dealerships can help shop multiple banks at once)

Now, you know how much an RV cost, but like I mentioned this is just one cost and part of the process. There are additional RV Expenses in addition to the monthly payment which depends on your RV Lifestyle. Whether you are Full Time RV Living or just RVing you must budget for the cost of the motorhome, RV Insurance, Water, Electricity, Sewer, Cable, Wifi, Gas or Diesel, LP Propane, etc…

RV Buying Guide

If you want to pick the right RV for yourself and budget to avoid making the same costly mistakes that i did then download my RV buying guide to help walk you through the process 📚 RV BUYING GUIDE 📚