In this video, you’ll learn How to plug in an RV. Many RVers wonder how to plug their RV into a regular household electric outlet. This is a step-by-step RV electric hookup tutorial to connect rv to power. The recreational vehicle used in this video is a 2018 Winnebago Mercedes Era 170M that uses a 30 Amp electrical adapter to convert power from an electrical outlet.

Here is the transcript from the video:

Do you ever wonder how I get power in my rv when my lovely grandma lets me Rv at her house and I can get free power from the house. A lot of you want to know about how you, you can connect and either run off of a power source. So how do I get my power? So if I’m not running like boondocking, I can run off of electricity that’s either at an rv park or I can belong up to the house. I can plug up to this power cord from the house. I’m going to show you how I do that. Yeah. So this is a regular blog and this is actually a three prong. Okay. Just to make sure you can say that. Modest. My grandma’s lovely train. So there’s mom and we have the cord to the rv and what this is. So this plug right here is plugged into the house and we’re getting power from it. Then we have, this is a little bit conversion adapter. So Monza, 30 amp. This is a 30 amp and I used this little plug to turn the power from the house into. So this is my 30 amp plug t that goes to my rv unit. So if I went to an rv park I would plug this in, but the house has this type of one so we have to convert this into this, into this. So we’re using this piece to convert. Okay. So we just plugged this up and I’m going to give you, I’m going to show you this pace in the bottom of this video. I’ll give you the link to this so you know what that is, but imma show you what we’re doing. So this plugs in and we just put that away and then we just plug it into the rv unit so you can see I get my power here. That is how I get when my lovely grandma lets me Rv at her house and I can get free power from the house instead of using power from, um, like my solar or anything that I’m having to actually pay for it because I wouldn’t want to pay for anything when I don’t have to be. Right. But it’s probably looked horrible from here. So yeah, that’s how I convert power. I’m going to put all the links to this in the video below, but I thought that that will be fun to see how I convert power from the house to the RV and how I get my power sources. So that’s one way that I get my power is electricity than I am a solar panel and I have propane so we’ll show you those coming up. The other thing before I forget is I showed you how to convert the power from the house, the rv from a 30 amp to. I believe it’s a one to one volt, but I want to have to come from like. I don’t know all the words yet, but what I wanted to remember to tell you is that they do actually make a search bar so they have a power surge that you can get in between the inverter. I don’t have one because I just feel like this probably is new enough that it’ll probably fix itself and maybe if I was in an rv park or somewhere sketchy, I might consider that. But it is something to think about so that you don’t blow your rv out of the water with anything because you don’t know the power source that you’re coming from and power surges, things like that. You want to keep that in mind when you’re thinking about doing something like this and connect into the house or anytime that you’re connecting, they say to put these power search bars. So that’s something to think about. I don’t have one I’ve ever used one and I’m probably never going to get one until maybe when I get a big bus then I’ll probably think about that. But as of right now, I’m just run it off the house the way I do it. Oh, and links to everything in the description below. Don’t forget to subscribe. I’m blogging. Brandi and I will see you in the next video. Hmm.

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