RV Life means downsizing. In this video, you’ll learn how to downsize for full time RVing. Living in an RV is a minimalist type of lifestyle. I had to downsize my house to start RV Living.

Here is the transcript from the video:

I kind of forget about whenever I started this rv lifestyle, I had a condo in buckhead Atlanta, so it’s was like a really nice condo. It was across from the Sara Blakely of spanx. For those of you that don’t know her. It was across from their corporate office, but what’s funny is like the Condo I’m in now is actually across from her new corporate office, so it’s really crazy. I’m just a little bit about stocker, so maybe one day Sara will be in my rv with me, but it took a while to convert and even now I still am having trouble converting full time, so I had the condo in buckhead. Then I had a car, I had a job, so I like literally quit my job, sold my condo. It took a year to sell my condo to forever to downsize. So that was the other thing. I was downsizing. I literally sold my entire life. Everything I owned I sold: car, condo, got rid of my job. I had an office space that I was using once I started my own thing on the side and I got rid of that. Really just downsize. I sold everything I could think of. I still have a couple things I’m still trying to sell. I gave away stuff. I did everything I could to get rid of stuff and make money, and then I started figuring out that actually just cared more about getting out of the lifestyle I was in because I didn’t care about having the nice nice stuff anymore. Those things weren’t important. For those of you that don’t know, I was in a really, really bad rv accident. Car Accident. My rv actually flipped over. Sorry, I’m totally not trying to cry, but a lot of people don’t know. That’s why I even started drifting on my channel. My other channel, I had a really bad accident, it took me, oh my gosh. Probably six months to a year to recover and then I was actually forced to stay in the same place for a while, so I had another rv and then I got another rv and then I got another rv and it’s just a long story so I’m going to share that with you, but we’re finally here in this one. You know my name? ME. ALL ME. This is mine. I’m so excited to have my name on this! I haven’t had like a home or a space, not even a home, but I haven’t had a space that is my own for awhile, so I have this and then I got rid of my car, but I did just buy a smart car recently and drive it across the entire nation, so I sold everything and then I started trying to figure out how to do this rv thing and it just. It was really stressful when I started. It was super, super stressful and I would cry. I just about every time I took it out and so even now I get really stressed out, but I’m learning and you have to do it and just get used to it and learn and you’ll learn quick. The longer you’re in it, you’ll learn. It seems cool, it takes some time to get used to, but you’ll love it. You’ll totally love it. So make sure to subscribe and catch the next video. Bloggin brandi, you can check out my website and all of the fun stuff that I work on and how I make money on the road. Checking me out. Give me a shout out, comment below like this video and let’s have an RV party.

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