LOW WATER PRESSURE IN RV | TIPS AND TRICKS FOR TROUBLESHOOTING. RV Water Pressure Problems? No water pressure in RV? In this video, I’ll show you how to fix RV Water pressure problems in your RV Shower or RV Sink. I’m sharing RV Water Pressure Tips and Tricks for how to increase water pressure in rv. After Turning on the RV Water Pump, I still wasn’t getting any water pressure in my RV bathroom. These two simple solutions helped my fix the issue I was having with getting water pressure while boondocking and trying to use my fresh water tank.

Here is the transcript for the video:

We have been camping or boondocking, and in my RV sometimes there are issues. I just picked up my RV yesterday and noticed that I didn’t have any water pressure. I said, “Why do I not have any water pressure?” Also, I notice that my water pump was just continuously running. You can see that our tank level shows that there is fresh water in it, so I’m not stupid. If you come back here in order to get the water to pump because we are boondocking you have to turn the water pump on. You can hear it pumping, but the water just trickles out. There is no pressure. This is all we get. The same thing in the bathroom. Nothing. It’s not even flowing up there. I feel like something is going on in the backend that I need to know about. No water pressure. My water pump was continuously running. I tried to turn on my heating system and get heat to the water, which told me something else was off because I got an attentional alert about my gas saying that there was a propane issue with my gas level. I said, okay, well what could be wrong with it? Going through a few things, help me figure out what was wrong with the unit. Now that I’ve figured out what’s going on, I’m going to show you two simple fixes that could have been done before we picked up the RV, but they filled up the RV with propane and they filled up the RV water, but there were two things that they didn’t do and didn’t tell us. Let’s go outside and I’ll show them to you because it fixed my problem and it saved me three, four hours at the RV dealership and it kept me on the road. If you come down here, I came to check out my valves outside, figured out there was a few things wrong. I think your water, because this tank fill valve was turned to take fill. Because it’s actually filling the tank, but it needed to be on normal to give me water pressure. You see that like, seriously? That’s what you have to do. That gave me water pressure just by turning this valve from tank fill to normal and then over here, this is my gas and propane. This is the valve to actually turn it on. I wasn’t getting anything inside and what I had to do was just turn this and it tells you. You can see this one says close to the right and open to the left. Mine is fully open, but this was actually closed, which is throwing my valve off. All it did was just turn it all the way open, so you just have to turn it one way or the other — just read. To close it, we’re going to turn it to the right and to open it we’re going to turn it to the left. That solved my problem. RV Problems!