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In this Van Life Blog, I’ll show you Home is where you park it when you have a Travel van! I’m sharing How and why I started living in a van. This is my RV Living story on my journey to become a digital nomad and living the van life.

Here is the transcript from the video:

This may not be the greatest setup, but I’m trying to start this new rv channel and it’s not really new like I had one before. I just didn’t really progress on it and it’s honestly because about two years ago I started this whole rv journey and I started making videos and it just kind of turned into something way different because of all the stuff that I went through getting this rv and then I was in a really bad accident and there’s just so much to my story that I really wanted to share with you and I’ve kind of gathered videos and clips along the way over this period as well as now. I finally have an RV that we’re in right now and I’ll show you a tour later. It really has been such a big journey and I’ve been asked so many questions along the way and I kept saying, Oh, well I’ll answer your questions for you. I’m going to start a channel and it just never happened. But now it’s here. I hope that you will follow me on my journey in the things that have gone on and had to happen over the past couple of years as well as what’s going forward. So for those of you that don’t know me, my name Bloggin Brandi and I actually have another channel on youtube already that is going strong if you want to learn about business and branding. That is my other channel. It’s how I run my business, but on this channel, this is all about how I travel and live and work when I’m in my rv and on the road and honestly I loved the RV. It brings me close to nature and there’s a whole lot or reasons behind why I started rv. Really wanted to bring you on this journey and talk to you about everything that I’ve gone through and things that you may actually have to go through because while I built Bloggin Brandi, my other channel, all of this was going on right here that nobody knew about. I mentioned that a few times, but this is a completely different lifestyle and I chose this because I wanted to do something different in my life. When I grew up, I was going into cosmetology and I remember driving down the street passing rvs slash trailers and my dad would say, wow, I bet a cosmetologist lives their Brandi and it just really killed two dreams. One I didn’t know that I wanted to live in a trailer when I grew up, so that one was dead for awhile and second I want to be a cosmetologist, like really bad and my dad just kind of made me feel crappy about that decision. Just for the record, I’m not completely bonkers. I did go to cosmetology school and I went to college. I do have a four year degree in finance. Completely different I know, but I went into finance. That was. And then also that my dad kind of pushed me into and everybody kept telling me to go back to school, go back to school, and I got that big job. I had the really fancy car. I had the title and the Big Condo and all the flashy things and I wasn’t satisfied in my life. It made me kind of branch out and there’s some other things. Like I said over this last couple of years, there’s been so many things that have gone on. There’s a reason why I started our being and what kind of brought me into it. Long story short, I went into finance. I got out of that because it was just something pulling at me and after I went through some things in my life, I started being an entrepreneur and learning how to run a business from the road where I figured I didn’t really have to be stuck in an office all the time. I figured out how to take that dream that I had of traveling not being stationary and plus I have a lot of really good ideas and nobody wanted to hear what I had to say. I gave all of that up to get somewhere else. Now I sold my Condo, my car. I actually just got another little car business smart car or might have some smart car blogs on here because I love most about our car, but another thing that happened during all of this is that I became a little different that I wasn’t so superficial. I wasn’t focused on what everybody else was focused on, which was my looks. I had always been given jobs because of my looks. I always dressed up and like look the part and dyed my hair and did my nails and everybody judged me on that and honestly those things but me in debt to where I could have been doing so much more. It could have been traveling. I could’ve had an RV and had that job and had so much more so a wish that my eyes were going to open and I hope that I can open your eyes. I’m showing you this lifestyle and how much I love it and the things that I love about it. What other things that it did for me besides that superficial side is that I started learning how I was impacting the environment. It made me learn from boondocking, which means that, like I said, you’re carrying everything on board with you, but I learned that what I’m trying to get in here takes effort and it’s not just given to you versus like your house. You pay your electricity bill, you pay your water bill and you have water and electricity. You don’t really think about it. Cable, Internet and things like that. You got to think about those things when you’re coming into this lifestyle. I learned a lot of really cool tips and tricks. I really love sharing them with you because when you come in here, this is like a whole new world and to introduce you to what I was bidding on here was also things that I had to consider what I was taking off the fear. So the essential things that you use on your life and things I clean with. Eat with how I shower, sleep, all of the things that do on here, I try to use naturally, or at least I’m trying to convert everything naturally. So now I’m a little bit weird and all of the products that I use, and that’s another thing that I want to share on here is the products that I use where you can get them kind of like product reviews, more so in some of them are rv specific and then some of them are things that you can use whether you’re in rd or at your house and you’re wanting to make more natural, healthy transition in your lifestyle. I’m excited to get this channel started and see what happens with it and started sharing some stuff that I’ve collected and created along the way and I’ve always nervous to see what happens with this. So that’s really not our story. I really want your support. Please subscribe and hit the like button below. Let me know that this is something that you are excited about just as much as me. Yeah.