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MY SMART CAR TRAILER BROKE (AGAIN). I bought an RV, a Smart Car, and a trailer. This Smart Car Trailer Folding Stand-Up Trailer in the video is made by Kendon is suppose to be perfect RV towing. They claim the trailer is light enough to move around by hand and works way better than flat towing or using a car dolly because you can backup. This is just another day of Van Life for me!

Here are links to all my smart car trailer accessories:

This was my first time learning how to load a smart car on a trailer and towing my new trailer behind my motorhome. I thought I could load the car in less than 5 minutes WATCH what happened….

SMART CAR TRAILER for RV | FIRST TIME TOWING my Smart Car and you can Also watch this other great Smart car hauled on trailer video:

This is the last day of my Chicago RV Adventure: BINGE WATCH MY ENTIRE TRIP



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Here is the video transcript:

Okay, today is Monday. We were in Chicago last week 

and well first we went to Alabama and then… So we have the smart car strapped up with a little strap job. We’re going to see how that holds up and this is like the third time we’ve tried to tow this car and this trailer sucks. So don’t ever buy this standup trailer from Kendon for smart cars. It’s Not good, but.. So, we travel to the ARK. So I want you to see if you can see how big this ark is. Like it’s so big, it’s so big like, I can’t get it in the photo. This is crazy. Then getting up to Chicago and saw my friend Tim. We are in.. Where are we? Chicago! We’re in Chicago today. We drove up to Chicago and thankfully I have some friends in Chicago, that know a place that we could park the Rv for the night 


and we had to meet with dollar tree to pitch a product and… We have the dollar tree meeting today. Then we headed back down south. We’ve been in freezing temperatures plugged up in Kentucky. So this is our spot here. It’s freaking cold outside, but I wanted to show you. And now we’re heading home. So you’ve been here for a couple days. The trailer totally broke. See this trailer it’s So Janky, this is all broken inside there. It Was broken. Thankfully we did stop here and notice that the trailer had broken spots on it. This one is blown too. Got a little Surprise.  And we’re here at the Koa journey in Corbin, Kentucky. Thank God. You know people put people in your life and when I walked into the store I was like, I know this guy knows, I know this guy can help me. 


We tried to get the trailer fixed and called a whole bunch of ‘um trailer companies and 24 hour service companies and they’re like, no, we won’t work on that. Trailer is too small. So this Kendon smart car stand up trailer sucks. Like don’t ever buy one. 


But, mine is Always for sale. If you ever want mine and you know how to use trailers, then it’s all yours. But brand new and it sucks and I’m going to do a review on it if I haven’t done it already. That’s on the list of things to do. 


But yeah, just headed back, probably going to go to Douglasville where my dad lives in Georgia. It’s about 30 minutes from the house and park the RV there because we are headed back out in a couple days to travel some more. We’re going to see how the rest of this trip goes, trying to remember to blog, trying to remember to vlog. So we are leaving the Rv park here in Corbin, KY! They got all their dogs outside. That’s how it could be for Milo. Flat Tow. So they, don’t care about their cars. Nope!


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