TRUMA HEATING SYSTEM FOR RVS | RV WATER HEATER (NOT WORKING). The Winnebago ERA 170M has a Truma Combi RV tankless water heater installed. If you plan on camping or full time rv living then you’re going to want the best on demand water heater for RV. In this Truma Review I’m explaining how my RV hybrid water heater works on propane gas and electric to heat the coach and provide hot water. Just another Day of Van Life!


💧Camco Heated Hose:

💧 Water Pressure Regulator:

💧 Regular Water Hose:

💧 Non-toxic Antifreeze:

💧 RTIC Cooler:

🔥 Portable Space Heater (Electric):

🔥 Portable Space Heater (Propane Gas):

🔥 Insulation Heat Tape:

🔥 Acurite thermometer:

And, Here is a link to the TRUMA website:




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Here is the video transcript:

This is where we slept last night. Right over from the method soap company. All, eco friendly where their solar panels and their windmills. Okay. So today is Saturday and we are in London, Kentucky. So we went out to Chicago and now we’re coming back down and we’re going to go look at a new RV. Thank God because this RV sucks. So don’t ever buy a Winnebago. They suck. But um, if you see, you can see all this crap is in my showers because I can’t take a shower in here because I can never take a shower in here because the electricity never worked to the hot water. And after use propane and then on top of that it got down to like 19 degrees last night and I thought, oh, we’ll just leave the water up. No water, no water. The toilet won’t flush, the water won’t run. 

And I try to do the whole thing about letting the water drip. That doesn’t work. I’ll have to show you the pipe when we go outside. I went outside. This morning and it was dark, so I couldn’t show you, but it’s frozen. There’s no water coming into the RV. I kinda heard that maybe you should put water in your fresh water tank. They also have heated Water hose that will be like my next option or maybe I would have un hooked it overnight. I’m not sure. We’re going to figure this out. And, I really wanted to show you the bathrooms at the campground. So that’s the other thing, if you stay at a camp ground, they always have restrooms and showers that you can use and the hot water in the RV really doesn’t stay that long, so you kind of want to use the restrooms because I was sitting there like taking my shower and thinking damn this hot water aint running out. but, in here, I literally have to, if you haven’t seen the video that I made about how to take a shower in the RV, you literally have to run the water, turn it off, run the water, turn it off. 

It’s just horrible process and it takes like an hour to take a shower, especially if you’re a girl and you have long hair. Long hair and RVing, make sure you get it cut and secondly it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. So this is our spot here. It’s freaking cold out, but,  wanted to show you. 

Okay, so the water pipe froze last night, the white hose that Naveen has over here. And so we got this new hose that’s heated. I’m going to show it to you. It cover up it has this little cover here. And if you can see the cord itself is insulated and it goes into the RV. But, There’s a cord that comes from it and it connects in to power. So it’s actually plugged in. The hose itself is plugged in, isn’t that crazy? And then it goes over here and so the hose is supposed to be heated to keep the water warm, just kind of leaking, but it’s got a little thermostat 

here. But this is suppose to be what helps us tonight. I have a feeling it’s not gonna work. But, That’s just me personally. 

So a lot of people want to know about my RV life and why don’t blog about it or talk about it. And I’m thinking, well, if you knew how many times things go wrong in the RV, you’d be like Rving sucks and it’s not fun and you’d probably never want to RV. So this is a really great example. This is when a hook up to power for some reason something is up with this Rv, I’ve had the transfer switch replaced twice. This is a Winnebago, Mercedes Sprinter van. It’s a Winnebago era 170M and this is the 2018 2018 okay, we’re in 2019 now it’s not that old!

But let me show you what happens here. Look, I get this warning signal whenever you’re trying to heat the coach or use this stupid truma system when I use electric. So when this is on electric, it won’t work. But then I tried to go over here and figure out like why and it says this w 45 h but it throws all kinds of codes. But I have no idea why it doesn’t work. But everything else in here is working on electricity. Just the truma. The only thing that never works. 

But you see. When I run it on gas, there’s no problems. So I’m not sure. I don’t know. It’s just crazy. 

Get Over here. 

Come on.  

So this one has the lighter floors and darker cabinets. Yeah, can you high five, good boy. Good boy. [Dog chinging] You ready to go. [Music]  Shower, Bedroom, bathroom, So you have the shower, you can put the Smarter car in here. And then we have the ability to do a patio out back. And then there’s also the washer dryer connections. What are we doing? Where are we going? And a back, door. So what do you think about this RV? We’re thinking about buying it? It’s pretty cool, I’m up here on the bed, and you can drive down here. Recording, you just threw everybody around. Get that big window up here. This is crazy. So how do you know when you can and can’t, not every bridge has that, but how do you know when you can’t go over like bridges? You should be good on every bridge. And then how tall is this? 12 feet 6 inches or it may be 13 feet. We might buy it, we might buy it!

If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi, an EX-Corporate Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be a Blogger, Creator, Digital Nomad, and Entrepreneur who loves RVing while running my own business on the road! Over 9 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, and then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life, and eventually Motorhome Living! I created RVersity (RV + University) out of my love-hate relationship with RV Life!

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