RV DUMP STATION | HOW TO USE RV DUMP STATIONS. Wondering where to dump rv waste? This RV Dump Station for Beginners video is for you! RV dumping means to empty the black tank and grey tank with a sewer hose. First, I’ll show you how to dump your rv tanks then I’ll explain Where to find rv dump stations.

Here is the transcript from the video:

So that’s the dumping station. Never used one of these before at the public place, but you call up and down. So we’re just gonna pull up, kind of looks by Warren. Just gonna dump in this thing. We’re now getting our hoses, so we’re literally just kind of pull the thing and let it go. This is, I think your first and your closer over me. You’re going to get way over here. Here. I’m going to do it. [inaudible] keep going. Keep going, keep going. Keep going. Okay. Yup. [inaudible] okay, so what I’m doing is making sure that the RV is lined up with a dump area, downsizing. And normally you see us put the hose on, but we’re not putting the hose on. We’re just going to rip this little thing. So black tank first gray tanks second till. She’ll be fine. We can, that’s why you just gotta connect your hose and just, should I connect my head before I said you should connect with those to this right there. I wait. Just goes where it needs to go. [inaudible] okay. Seems sketchy. Oh, nervous.


yeah. Sit up a little bit clogged up. It’s you just calm down. You just calm down. You call him buddy. Hey, lock tank. Get down one. It’s going to be clean, clean water coming up. Okay.


that’s it.

That is pretty much how you dump your tanks. If you’re on the road, that’s one of the places that you can find it up your tanks is that the rest areas, they don’t all have them. I mean, it’s actually kind of rare to find them, especially here in the southeast. So this one’s outside of Georgia and Alabama, but that one’s pretty clean. I’ve seen horror stories about what they normally look like. It’s pretty easy to do. It’s actually easier than the RV park, so it’s pretty interesting. First off, for everything. Right.