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SMART CAR TRAILER Folding Stand-Up Trailer REVIEW | Kendon Smart Car Trailer. In this video, I’m sharing my thoughts on the Smart car trailer for rv towing I bought from KendonIndustries. Kendon is known for making a motorcycle trailer, so I thought this folding trailer they created for the smart car would be a perfect trailer for my motorhome. This is my smart car trailer review!

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Here is the video transcript:

This is my smart car and the RV. Let’s see what happens. 

Hey, I’m Bloggin Brandi and this is RVersity, a university for RVers. And you’re probably wondering why I’m not in my RV and why I’m sitting here beside this trailer, this trailer, I’m pointing the wrong way, but this is my smart car trailer my Kendon stand up smart car trailer. And if you haven’t seen the video that I made about some of my adventures with my smart car trailer, they’ve been a little crazy. Okay, so this might be the last time we see my smart car or my trailer. Because

We’ve hooked it up. [Laugh]

we’re going to see. But you have to say this really Janky job we did. Yeah, I’ll put a link to those in the description below this video. But what I wanted to do is share with you my real thoughts on this trailer after I’ve actually used it because nobody had any reviews out there when I started. And now that I’ve used it, I really want you to know what’s up with this thing. So I’m gonna put a link to this trailer below this video. And you can also find it on my website, RVersity dot com. But, the official name of this trailer is the Kendon smart cart stand up trailer and it’s pouring down rain out here, which is actually kind of fitting because that’s about how I feel about this trailer. I feel like crying every time I take it out because something always breaks on it. 

I wish y’all could see no Janky this wheel is right now. Like seriously, we had to take the smart car off because of how janky this wheel is. 

Let me tell you what’s been going on with this trailer. Not even sure how you want to describe it, but essentially the trailer stands up and it like it literally stands up in rolls and its made specifically for my smart car and you can also see it’s kind of like folded over and I know we’re doing this in the rain, but like I said, it’s really fitting for how I feel about this trailer and it can do a lot of really cool stuff. But the problem is the trailer doesn’t come like it should come when you buy a trailer. First thing is they say to this trailer is lightweight and the trailer is totally not lightweight. I cannot lift this thing and move it by myself, and the one time that I actually took… It was standing up and I laid it down. It popped me in the mouth. So this thing is not as lightweight as they make it sound and even other people that have helped me, they can’t even move it up and down by themselves. It usually takes at least two people to move this trailer up and down, So, the other thing that sucks about this trailer is the fact that the trailer actually comes in multiple parts and you have to assemble it. I made this mistake, I bought it from some guy out of Atlanta that I found online. I think he’s actually in Alpharetta, Georgia. 


it was such a mess, but 

I actually paid $4,000 for this trailer back here, $4,000 in cash out of my pocket to be able to tow my Smart car behind my RV. 

Then after the trailer came, it was in all these parts. The guy couldn’t even get it together. I said well screw it. I’ll try to figure out how to put it together myself. At this point I’m locked in. I have no recourse. But, I have this trailer on my hands now and I’ve paid $4,000 in cash and then I had to pay another hundred dollars to have the trailer re put together by someone else and the trailer’s still doesn’t work. And not to mention putting the trailer together. The worst part is that the instructions literally come in black and white and they are horrible. We had to call Kendon to ask them, hey, how do you actually feed these brake lights together? And the Brake lights don’t even work, either they used to work now they quit working and it’s just been a mess. Blinkers and break lights are touching go and now they completely stopped working. But the worst part is, I mentioned a video I made a little while back and it actually got Kendon’s attention and maybe this one will too, but they haven’t really stepped up to do anything. They just said, hey emails, if you need something, we’ll obviously whoever sold this trailer, I think his name was Vic, it was horrible. So the first time that we took this trailer out, uh, I have a horrible video out about it and you can watch it. 

Stupid trailer that this guy sold me he didn’t put it together. And then he it, now I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to put together, now I’ve called AAA. I’m going to have them come out and tow the trailer. Hopefully they’re going to tow the trailer because right now they think their towing a car, because I don’t even know if they tow trailers, but we’re going to have to get the trailer onto a flatbed and have it taken to my mom’s house is where we’re going to take it because apparently people in Atlanta charge a lot of money to fix stuff. I don’t even…

The the wheel like fell off the trailer and we had to have AAA come out and tow the trailer over a hundred miles. And then I had to put another hundred miles on my smart car. I don’t know. This is probably like the fifth or sixth time I’ve had this trailer repaired at this point, but at that point it was the first time. Towed it all the way to Alabama, waited four to six hours on AAA to get there. So not have I already spent time putting this trailer together, then we go to use it and it doesn’t even stay together. It’s like I have no recourse. So yes, it’s very frustrating. And then I have to wait on AAA and then I actually pay out of pocket for a AAA membership. I pay I don’t know, $250 $300 a year for my membership. And I had to use one of my tows to make this happen. And the place that we got left was a horrible, sketchy place in like the south side of Atlanta it was. 

See, I don’t know if you can see that, like I don’t even want to get out of the car. Because it’s like so sketchy in this place that we’re at, but  this is like Fulton industrial in Atlanta and I don’t know if you know like you probably don’t know what this is, but it’s just that it’s like really bad. Even the lady on the phone, when I told her where we were at, she was like, Oh shoot, I used to live in Atlanta and I was like a bad place. Like yeah, I know. 

Not safe not fun. Even the AAA operator was like, that’s a horrible place. You should not be stuck there. After that first event when I had to have the trailer towed from the sketchy place in the southside of Atlanta, Kendon didn’t really do much. It’s not that they, I don’t know if they don’t care, but the fact is that I reached out to them to ask if they had parts for this trailer and they didn’t even have like all the parts that should come for the trailer. Meaning they didn’t have a cover, they didn’t have a tongue jack. That helps move it up and down and wiggle it around and get it from place to place. I had to buy new lug nuts for this trailer. I’m not even sure that they’re the right ones that fit, but I paid out of pocket to get these lug nuts. I know it. Maybe it was only five or $10 but it’s just The fact that I bought a brand new trailer, then I had to pay for the lug nuts and paid to get mailed To me. 

You can see this one’s broken and it’s completely gone. There’s not even anything to put it on with and then like this tires is on there now, but it was not there before. It was really Janky 

and it’s just been a mess. The lug nuts didn’t really fit. Then I had to pay to actually have somebody put those lug nuts on the trailer. One broke off, one still broken off. I take that back. Kendon sent the lug nuts, the lug nuts that they sent didn’t fit the trailer. So I ended up having to buy, some of my own lug nuts to fit the trailer and pay out of my pocket to put the lug nuts on the trailer at another trailer place than the original trailer place that I bought it from out and I had to come to Alabama and get it done. Okay. I had to go all the way to Alabama where the trailer was towed to to get it done because with where we were going and suck, and this has just been a nightmare. Thank you Kendon. Thank you. So like I said, half the stuff isn’t in stock for the trailer and I’ve heard multiple things like, oh they were looking for a new manufacturer for the Tongue Jack that supposed to come on it and just, I don’t know if it even exists, but there’s not a cover for it. And what sucks is like right now it’s pouring down rain on the trailer and if I had a cover for it that fit it, I could have it covered and not being getting wet because we’re here at six months in and the trailer’s already rusting, it’s rusting all over $4,000 six months in and this trailer is rusting. It looks like it’s six years old. the Other thing that’s just been a complete honest crap show. If you haven’t seen my tie downs. 

So this is the strap job because I couldn’t, I guess I bought the wrong strap downs. I have a feeling this is not good and then when we stood on this trailer, I wish I could’ve shown you this thing fell off. Oh my God. It was so sketchy. 

When you buy this smart car trailer, you’d think that it has everything to come for a smart car. Well a smart car is super small. It’s for two people, which means that everything is really small in it. And I have bought tie downs and straps to hold the car on the trailer and it just is not working. Every set! I’ve bought five sets, five sets of straps and they’ve all broke. The last set that I have is starting to fray, but I bought five sets. This last one’s been about the best, but I’m sure I’ll have to buy another set and it’s left me stranded places and it sucks. Why are you going to sell a trailer and not sell all the parts that go with the trailer, especially when it’s a trailer for smart cars, it should come as an entire kit. So I’m not running around trying to find everything. I kinda forgot to tell you. I’ve had the dust cap and the wheel bearings replaced on this just about two weeks ago. See this trailer, it is so janky this is all  broken inside there. And I know that may not make sense or you probably don’t know what that means. I didn’t either. But thankfully I was in Corbin, Kentucky at the Koa and Steven Collins and his lovely wife Fern, who pretty much run the Koa over there were amazing. And Steven used to be a tractor trailer worker, 

Fyi, no one wants to work on this trailer because it’s super small and I don’t know, but nobody wants to work on the trailer. He thankfully, came over there and he jacked this trailer up and he helped me and I just don’t know what I would’ve done without him. But he repacked the bearings for me and this trailer has less than 5,000 miles on it. He said like, you shouldn’t even have to repack this thing. He had his trailer for like 20 years and he hasn’t had to repack the bearings or something crazy like that. I don’t know. But this trailer hasn’t even been 5,000 miles and I’ve already had issues. More and more issues. Dust caps wheel bearings, breaks? I don’t know everything. [Laughing] This one is blown too. Great. got a little surprise!

It’s just not easy to find people to work on this trailer. I don’t know if it’s the size or what, but most people just don’t want to work on it. The other thing, if you can see these ramps, that go on the trailer right here. What happened to those has been a little bit of a mess as well. So they have this, there’s like these little prongs that they stick on in and sit on the trailer to hold them on. And I’ve had to put bungee cords on them now because the prongs that actually you’re supposed to hold them on one was bent and it wouldn’t fit when we got it on. So we kind of like had to just hammer it in place. And then after one trip when we took it to Vegas, Nevada, and back, the prongs bent and broke, it just broke, it broke off. 

So it’s not even there anymore. So six months in we’ve had to repack the bearings. The brake lights don’t work, the trailer ramps have had broken pieces off of them and it’s just going down south. Okay. Really fast. So Fyi, if you said “Brandi should buy this Kendon smart card trailer? Ultimately my review would be No!” do not buy this trailer. invest somewhere else unless somebody wants to step up and fix this trailer because at this point I’m probably spending another thousand dollars to have it towed and repaired and fixed and this thing has just been a complete nightmare. So, I hate to be a negative nancy. That is my real review and a true honest opinion of everything I’ve been through. And if I could go back, I would not buy this trailer, I wouldn’t have bought this trailer and I wished that I could return it. But the crappy part is that I paid cash for this trailer through a third party dealer and essentially at this point it’s up to me and the manufacturer, I guess Kendon to figure out this trailer situation and it’s more of a mess to go back and forth with them. 

They’re not local. They’re in California. I had this thing shipped thousands crap two over 2000 miles to get to me and they’re custom made when you get them and it’s just been a mess. So don’t buy this thing. Do not buy this thing. This right here, no no no, do not buy it. I’m Bloggin Brandi, this is RVersity, a university for RVers. Thanks for watching this video. Don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video and you can catch all of the goodies down below this description. If you’re not checking that out, you’re missing all the good stuff to the links for this my AAA membership, which has been a life saver, and you can also check out all the fun stuff on at my website, RVersity dot com I’ll see you in the next one.

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