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[Sirens] Have you got her…She said she’s got her insurance information on her phone. I’d have to ask her, “Brandi”. Who was in what car? [Crying] Brandi it’s alright. Nvington I screwed up. No, No, No you didn’t. [Crying] Oh my God! That can be replaced. I know but I just got it. Ohhhhh [Laughing] That can be replaced! I just bought it! We got insurance we are good. What I wanted to talk to you about today was your RV Insurance and you have to have insurance on your RV. Now, RV insurance is a little different than buying car insurance. Even though your car insurance provider / your auto insurance provider may offer RV insurance, you might want to know whether they’re a great option for you because you want to be covered properly for the way that you use it.  And remember that you have a lot more expensive things in the RV, you might have dishes, towels, a computer, or your TV all of those things that you want replaced. What RV insurance has versus your auto insurance? It’s going to cover your personal belongings that are inside of the RV. You’re going to have higher limits. In a car you might only have a couple hundred bucks for personal belongings, but in an RV you might have several thousand dollars (like ten thousand, fifteen, twenty thousand dollars) worth of stuff inside of your RV. So, it’s kind of important to have that insurance to help you cover things in case something happens. you have to think a coffee maker or your towels — all those little things add up when they’re inside of your RV and if those are disrupted you’re gonna want those replaced. If you’re a full-timer you might have to look at full-time insurance. When I checked into this the company I was looking at they actually say you have to be in your RV for nine months out of the year consecutively. That wasn’t really something that I do because I do a lot of hotel stays and I also stay at the house or people houses. it’s just not something that was for me but it is way more expensive. It just has higher coverages and essentially what they told me is that it covers more for your personal belongings and gives you more of your travel expenses. Because  they know you’re staying full-time in your RV they may give you longer to stay in a hotel should something happen your RV or you got an accident ( it’s being fixed). The biggest thing on RVs is they give you a full replacement cost. They’ll actually pay for a full new RV. On auto insurance I think they give you the replacement value but RVs they’ll buy you a brand new RV. The exact one that you had. If you had a 2017 Winnebago they’re going to go find you another 2017 Winnebago to replace the one that you lost. If they can’t find a replacement vehicle, like on mine I had one, they gave me purchase price (I believe it was) but they essentially let paid off the RV loan once I got into my accident. I’ve actually flipped one. For real. [Cars driving] Man that was scary! I saw it happen right in front of me. Oh my Gosh! Storage option. Say you’re not going to be using your RV, you’re gonna be storing it part of the time. If it’s in storage and it’s going to be there for a month, or a couple weeks, I don’t know what the terms are. Every policy is different, but some of them will offer the option to say, “hey it’s in storage”. Which then turns off that full-coverage. It won’t cover like collision. It would only cover if some type of natural disaster or something happens to it on the property because it’s not supposed to be moving. It’s not covered if you actually move the unit. My RV insurance, I pay less than $100 a month for this van if that gives you any idea of how much your insurance will cost. But I don’t have full time or insurance I have part-time insurance. It’s just for recreational right now because I don’t even have two thousand miles on this thing yet. Special RV insurance will offer things like travel arrangements which is something I’ve kind of mentioned with the full-timers but even the part-timers will offer some type of travel arrangements. You have to think this is for a house not a car. you’re actually traveling. if you’re on vacation something happens they’ll help cover some of those expenses. usually it’s just a certain amount that they’ll cover and you turn in your receipts and report that to them. roadside assistance is gonna be covered. I have mine through AAA but I also have good Sam’s coverage. So I have an external coverage but your policy a lot of times will cover your RV as well because it’s gotta get from one place to another if something were to happen. hitch coverage. If you have a towable RV, they’ll cover the hitch. When I bought mine I spent like another thousand dollars on the actual hitch to connect to my truck that I had at the time. the hitch itself is covered. RV Attachments! Attachments are another thing you don’t really think about are your attachments on the outside. you have antennas, awnings for the outside, ladders, tires, different things that are on the outside like your air-conditioned unit. All of those things you would hope they’d replace should anything happen to your trailer. maybe a storm comes by and damages it. there can be a lot of things that can happen you just want to make sure what’s covered under your insurance policy when you’re buying your RV insurance. Good Sam rv insurance is where I started to shop around different companies. I don’t know if they even sell their own insurance. They may but when I called they just shop around different places so it’s just kind of like a shopping service. but it’s worth it. that’s how I got mine. they do sometimes offer paid-in-full discounts or monthly rates. I pay mine monthly but that’s just me and I’m a business owner and I really like to pay everything monthly unless it’s certain things that maybe don’t cost as much but if it’s a heavy ticket item I’m gonna pay it monthly versus all at one time. but they do have discounts. tow vehicle. Sometimes if you have a tow vehicle, there are special policies just for your tow vehicle. but, it has to specifically be used for towing the trailer that you’re towing. I’ve also seen sometimes when you have an auto on your policy you’ll say oh it’s just a recreational vehicle where I don’t use it a lot or it’s a business vehicle. But first some policies they’ll actually let you specify hey this is actually just for towing. I only use it when I’m going to tow my trailer. I’m sure there’s some specifications but it’s something to look into or ask about when you’re looking for your  RV insurance. now you know how to get your RV insurance and that’s just one of the costs associated with buying your RV. if you’re trying to learn the whole RV buying process, I did make a video about financing and choosing the different types of RVs (which one might be right for you). I put a link to that in the description below. but you know when I got started, I had no idea about buying an RV. nobody taught me anything. it was such Greek language.So, I put everything into an amazing checklist for you in the description below. it is my RV buying guide for all the things that you need to think about before you actually make this purchase. no just your insurance, but the whole buying process. do you want to finance it? what do you need it for? Are you buying the right one for you? All questions I had. I made really expensive mistakes, and I made really cheap mistakes. you don’t want to make the expensive ones because they live with you for a really long time. check all that good stuff out in the description Below plus any of the other stuff I mentioned that’s where you’re gonna find it. so if you’re not checking the descriptions, you’re missing some good stuff. If you’re not subscribed make sure to subscribe to my channel. I’m brandi of I’ll see you in the next video. [Phone Ringing]. I was following right behind Are you okay? oh I’m fine. I was in the follow car so I wasn’t in the vehicle. I think she is the only person involved. yeah there were just a couple of dogs in the car. That was it. y’all don’t have any cameras on the highway do you because the guy stopped and then he kept going. Yeah he stopped and then he kept going. The battery was on the highway. I put it on the front of the car. yeah okay Thank You Man I appreciate that. thank you so much. [wing blowing] man that was scary. I saw it happen right in front of me. oh my gosh! That was the scary..because I saw it and I was like please regain control of it (I couldn’t I tried) and then when she headed for the guard rail that’s when I was like oh my Gosh… yeah you couldn’t do anything. There you go. Saved a life right there. Oh yes, Oh my God! I mean me and my Mom, and this little old lady. We were just sitting in the back just screaming. I saw it happen, I mean. It just started swerving and I’m like Oh My God!