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WHAT IS A CLASS C RV | RV Tours | RV Thor Class C. In this video, I’m explaining what a Class C motorhome is. I’ll also be taking you on an RV walkthrough of a Thor RV and giving an RV review of their Freedom Elite model.

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I’m Bloggin Brandi of RVersity a University for RVers and in this video I’m going to be taking you on a tour of a Class C RV and showing you what it is. The one that we’re going to be looking at is made by Thor and it’s called the Freedom Elite. Don’t forget to subscribe and be sure to stay tuned to the end. Whether you’re renting or buying I’ve got some tips for you because you don’t want to make the same mistakes that I did. So, who’s ready for the tour. I think you’re going to like it. This is a Class C. This is made by Thor. Thor is a pretty good brand.  In here, this is a pretty spacious unit. You can see this side is popped out, so you have your pop out. You have your drivable. You’re gonna have a sleeping area up here. You can also see that you have a gigantic television over here to watch and I wouldn’t doubt that that has a swinging arm on it so it’s gonna come out here and you’ll be able to watch that in here. You have all your cabinets, so this is actually really nice cabinetry. You have all this storage in here. This is gonna make a bed. These all usually pop down to make a bed (same set up). Now, this is a really nice sink this is stainless steel sink. [Knocking] Hear it? So you got listen for it. This has a little arm on it. I mean this is really, a really nice setup. Nice little thing has an oven. Some RVs

don’t have ovens, so keep that in mind. And, sometimes, This is a really nice microwave. Sometimes with the microwaves what they do is they’ll cut corners. If you notice that you don’t have a oven and a unit may be cheaper you have to look at the appliances that are in the unit. It may be your off-brand television. It could be the appliances, so like if it doesn’t have an oven what it may have it’ll have this gas burner top so you can cook. But, then the microwave will be a convection type oven. It’ll cook, it’ll roast, it’ll do tons of different stuff. You can cook pizzas in it. You can toast. It’s just a really cool option this one is not, but a lot of times if you see that, that’s what they’re doing is cutting corners. A lot of nice storage in here. Really cool setup.  A little plastic I mean but in a lot of times another thing if you start camping put your stuff in the fridge I mean in the freezer when you’re first start out because they’ll get cold in the freezer way before I get colder in the fridge. And, you can just can’t transfer your stuff back to the fridge. Oh this is nice you got a little drawer right here. That’d be nice for a snack drawer. Tons of outlets in here as well and this is really cool. How much is this RV? $72,000. This is a really nice option some of them don’t have this but since this whole thing slides in, you want to have this extra area and trust me it makes a difference. But, this just normally pops down. So then you have your control panels. This is so cool. Over here you have your own private dining area, so you can come over here you can maybe have your office conversation. Another cool thing about this in here which I can already tell this is super cool this pops down this is gonna make into a bed this is gonna pop down as well and make into a bed. [Music]  This you’re gonna pop into a bed, you’re gonna fold this down, and you have you’re gonna have this bed you’re gonna have another bed. So, you’ve got bunk beds in here and that’s why you’re gonna have this curtain to be able to seclude that off. But, that’s really cool to have an option. A lot of times it’s just two bunk beds and what do you do with that extra space. This is a really large bathroom, small toilet, but large bathroom. Really cool. Nice-size shower! This is really nice in here, but this is plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic! The pressure on this is not good so if you get these you’re gonna want to change them out so you might as well work that in. It’s not a deal breaker — don’t think that but just know that you’re probably not gonna like that thing — this I just think is a cheap. Sky light, you got a fan up here. This is really nice you can see the tile work this is [knock, knock] fake tile! So, again you’re gonna pay for this in that seventy two thousand dollars, so you need to make sure if there’s another unit out there and what they’re putting into their unit and how much that cost. this right here I mean it’s still it’s all cheap you can tell but I mean that’s what comes out of these RVs. you’re gonna have to play around with that. this is cute I mean it’s a little towel rack, so you can see they’ve gone into some details in the work of this in the cabinets. I mean this is tons of space. Again you need to remember that you’re gonna be sharing this space with what one two three four five six seven eight nine probably 10 people. This is cool this is gonna be a door it’s gonna slide you have your full bedding area in here. I’m gonna be willing to bet (is this a pop out back here or is this the full size? No, this wall pops out.  Okay, so this is gonna come in.) okay but this is nice to have this out here. you can see out while you’re sleeping. the blinds, these these are nice blinds, these are nice blinds! they’re nice and they stay down. I like these ones. another little vent in here so that’s nice this is gonna be your air conditioning that goes throughout. You got your LED lights. this the other cool thing about these so you may or may not have room for this but you could potentially consider these this doesn’t have a washer and dryer in it. So, what you’re gonna need to do if you want that option is consider some of this space you could potentially take this out and put a washer dryer unit in here a lot of the rv ones that make the most sense are a dual so they’ll wash and dry at the same time. this is some more storage space (it’s kind of weird storage space). your drawers. so this is a full class C which are really nice. this Thor RV is nice. Again you can tell they’ve cut some corners just with what you can hear you can tell they’ve cut some corners but that’s what you pay for in the different brands so if you’re paying ten or twenty thousand dollars more that could be why. Now, the class C Rvs are usually the ones that have that big overhang in the front over the driver’s cabin and it’s used for storage or sleeping but there’s tons of other classes of RVs it just really depends on your lifestyle and budget if you need help understanding the different sizes and types of RVs I made you a video you can check that out in the description below this one now if you’re thinking about buying an RV or renting one then you’re gonna want to check out my guide to help walk you through the process because it can be super stressful and you don’t want to make the same mistakes I did because they can be super super costly and Rving should be fun not stressful link to that in the description below as well I’m bloggin Brandi of RVersity at University for RVers. thanks for watching. don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see you in the next video! so what do you think, now the class Cs are those… I forgot what I was (beep) saying. I’m Brandi..[Music]