WINNEBAGO ERA 70C CLASS B DIESEL CAMPER VAN // RV TOURS – 2016 Winnebago Era 170C Mercedes Sprinter Van. This is my Class B Recreational Vehicle (RV) Diesel Motorhome Review Tour.

Here is the transcript for the video:

Hey everybody, it’s Brandi of and welcome to my crib, I mean my rv. Come on in. This is my car up here. We have Princhesa, Milo. This is my living room area. You can see I have my tv. This swivels out. This would be what you would consider my sunroof. The beeping. That’s normal. We have my sunroof. This is where I have all of my bedroom stuff. This folds out into a bed. It’s a sofa. This also pops out so it gives me an additional like two feet of footage right here. This is how my couch folds out into a bed. We have my bedroom area. I can watch tv just like all of y’all. I have my satellite which is up here on the top. My control panel, some of them are here so I have my kitchen and also since I boondock I keep a cooler. I have a fridge but it cost me a lot more to keep this running all the time and I get in and out so I keep a cooler. If I want to make more room in my kitchen, I can spread this out. This is my stove. My cutting board or this is my sink – all this is running water. This is all kitchen stuff. So I keep all my kitchen stuff in here. This is what they consider the closet area. This, I kind of keep my office stuff but you can see I put shoes. It has shelving so this is actually a really nice shelving unit in here and here you have hanging so you can hang your clothes. And a real interview thing I found in here was to use these huggable hangers and put those in there because it keeps your clothes from reading. And then this is also where my table is. My table pops out and goes by the couch. This is my microwave and it is actually a convection oven. So it does convection, it does baking and it cooks like a microwave. And then carry the bathroom. This is my unofficial van tour because I’m going to have all this stuff replace. So this toilet it’s coming out. But for, I mean the toilet has cabinetry in here. I can hang my towels in here. Um, I do have some more cabinetry here that I can put stuff in and then I have my sake and I put my stuff down in here when I’m traveling because it’ll roll around. This is actual glass, so I have my shower in here and this is a nice, you know, nice shower and then also you can hang clothes up here on the top. And then this is to go out to the back side. This is kind of like I guess you would consider this my garage. I have like a fan, I have my air conditioning, this is my other control panel. I have three sources of power. So I have my solar power. This is coming from a solar panel on the top. Then also have my, this is just my tank levels. My water pump. They show me my tank levels, my battery levels. So this is my generator. Um, it tells me about using the generator when to turn it on. This will help me run my air conditioning, microwave, things like that. But I have my control panels, my solar panel. And then also my tank levels are also important because I have my propane. Propane, solar power, gas and diesel – four. I have four sources of power onboard, which is my solar panels, my generator, my procaine and my gas. But in my case it’s diesel. So other people. This is the outside of my rv. This is my slide out, which I have it in right now. And then I have my propane gas levels here. This is my gas and propane and this right here is a blow off valve for the gas or the propane is just a safety mechanism. This you can actually see the lever, the how much you reading on here, the measurements, which you’re never going to have to do this. This is the fill valve where they fill and this is the valve to actually turn it on. This is my water where I’m going to do my water fill up. This is where you turn on for winterization. If you’re going to winter us and you’ll have this pump, which that’s for cold weather. This is my water pump. I have three different areas. I can turn this off. I can turn it on out here, this is my water bow to turn all my fresh water or my tank fill and then these are my two outlets to let the water out from. These are my low point drains to let water out and then sitting inside the pipe since on the unit and then this is my black tank flush said this is going to be used to flush my black tank. This is my fresh water or city water connect. The way the mind works is this valve changes mine to a city water versus fresh water. So the other thing that you noticed that here is this input belts and this is actually going to go to the cable. Should we have cable them come to here where I can actually hook up and take an outdoor shower, electric, but could you look up here for my electric and I am a 30 am, 8:30 AM. You can get connections. The other good thing about this unit is actually has double tires. If you’ve ever seen the travel trailers are some of the units and they only had one time, two times in the back, really nice. You’re here is my generator and whenever I have that on here, the box under here, you can see it, but this is going to actually ventilate or get the exhaust out from the generator. And then these are what they call your sewer release. And you have your gray and you’re black. You’re gray is on your left, black is on the right. So when you go down here, these should always stay in. You should always keep these in until you need to use them. This is for the heat – my heat, my heated water and my heat for my actual unit are built in. It’s a water system that goes through Alde System 3010. It’s pretty cool unit. So this and it could actually hook up to electricity, which is really cool. So my unit can heat your water and the entire unit off of electricity or propane. And this right here is where that vents from. These are just my parking sensors for the lane assist feature. Because I have lane assist and parking sensors. So with the lane assist, if I’m actually moving the Mobileye, if I move out of the lane, it’ll tell me and beep and let me know. This is the other side of my garage. This is storage. I can put storage in here. This is just for you to be able to get out from the inside. This unit actually has a really cool feature because this right here, slides and these are rubber maid. They have different shelving units that you can put in these and into them. So that’s my garage and this is where I keep all of my, uh, like water hoses, sewer hoses, anything like that. For name, anytime that I’m needing to empty or hookup, I just come back here and grab that. This is actually my solar hookup. So for my solar panel that’s on the inside, if I want to get some of that solar power, I can come out here. That’s what you’re going to use here. One slash 20 volt right here. These are your typical normal two prong or a three prong on this. Then right here, this is your 12 volt and this is for you to be able to hook up your antenna out here and get tv. I have my speakers out here. That’s my house is the unofficial tour. Y’all have to come back. Once I redecorate and get things kind of moved in, I’m going to be replacing a few things.