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Which RV is Right for Me? If you are in the process of buying an RV, then choosing the right RV for your RV lifestyle is important. You’ve probably wondered, “Which type of RV is right for me?” I’ve had a travel trailer, van, and now full time RV living in a Class A motorhome. A 5th wheel Camper or Class C are also great options. With all of the different types of RVs available choosing an RV can be difficult. In this video, you’ll learn how to choose the right RV for you.

There are Two BASIC types of RVs:


Drivable RVs often referred to as motorized units don’t require an additional vehicle to operate. They are an all-in-one house and car. This is referred to as the Chassis and the Coach.


Towable RVs do not have their own motor and must be attached or towed with an additional vehicle. When purchasing a towable unit you must have a vehicle powerful enough to pull it so as not to damage your transmission. There are a lot of factors that come into play.

  • Travel Trailer
  • Toy Hauler
  • Fifth Wheeler
  • Pop Up

Drivable / Motorized RVs

Class A Motorhome

Class A motorhomes come in Gas and Diesel .

Class A gas motorhomes provide a comfortable home-like experience while on the road. These coaches are equipped with many luxurious residential amenities, but at a lower price point than its diesel counterpart . With class A gas motorhomes, you will get plenty of basement storage that is easily accessed through the slam-latch baggage doors that line the perimeter of the coach’s exterior. These motorhomes have enough power to tow a car, small boat, or motorcycle.

Class A diesel motorhomes provide the ultimate luxury travel experience with elegant features that will make you feel like you are staying in a five star hotel . Class A diesel motorhomes are also known as diesel pushers because the engine is located in the rear of the coach, providing more power to tow a car, boat , or cargo trailer. These motorhomes are a popular choice for full time RVers as they provide many household amenities such as a dishwasher, washer & dryer, residential refrigerator, premium mattress, and usually are equipped with more than one bathroom.

Class A

Class B

Class B motorhomes are the perfect touring coach and come on a typical van chassis. They offer great flexibility and luxury for vacation and are even popular for full time living because of their solid construction and dependability. These coaches feature a rear power sofa that lowers down into a king size bed, providing comfortable sleeping arrangements for two. The bathroom and galley offer practical solutions & innovative features that make the compact space very usable.

Class B

Class C

Class C motorhomes offer fully loaded features with plenty of room for the family. The class C motorhome has ample sleeping space and generally is equipped with a rear queen bed, a double bed over the cab, and a sleeper dinette and/or sleeper sofa. These motorhomes provide a great amount of storage in their rear trunk and interior pantry spaces, overhead cabinets, and wardrobes. These RV’s have enough power to tow along a car and are very easy to drive. Class C motorhomes are a popular choice for long road trips, family vacations, and make for a great couple’s model as well.

Class C

Towable RVs

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers have a variety of floor-plans to choose from. These RVs range from the family friendly bunkhouse model that can sleep a small army, to the lightweight couple’s model perfect for weekend getaways for two. Travel trailers are made with innovative options such as Murphy beds, outside kitchens, and four season insulation. Some travel trailers can be towed with a small to mid-range SUV.

Travel Trailer

5th Wheeler

5th Wheels are easy to tow, feature many home-like amenities, and offer a residential feel . Their fully equipped kitchens of ten have a residential refrigerator, microwave, stove-top, oven, ample pantry space, and some floor plans even have islands that provide extra counter space. The bedroom is usually in the front of the coach, near the bathroom, and features a large wardrobe. Most 5th wheels have washer & dryer hook-ups in the bedroom. 5th wheels are great options for growing families as the bunkhouse models offer plenty of space for the children to sleep, some even have a second entertainment center and bathroom just for the bunkhouse.

5th Wheeler

Toy Hauler

Toy Haulers are perfect for the outdoor sports enthusiast who wants to take all of their toys with them on the road. These RVs feature a rear garage where you can store motorcycles, ATVs, bikes, and other vehicles. We offer Toy Haulers 5th Wheels or Toy Hauler Travel Trailers. The 5th wheel option provides a separate living area from the garage and has more residential features, like a full kitchen, master bedroom, and extra sleeping space for guests. The travel trailer is a more compact option, combining living space, kitchen and garage into one area, but is also lighter and therefore easier to tow.

Toy Hauler

Pop Up Camper

These lightweight campers are ideal for a smaller towing vehicle. Pop Ups fold down for easy towing and storage and can generally sleep from 4 to 6 people.

Pop Up Camper


Truck Campers

Truck Campers sit in the bed of a truck and offer a great amount of flexibility and freedom on the road. These RVs often have a bed, kitchenette, wet or dry bath, and a dinette or sofa, offering plenty of amenities in a compact space. Truck campers are popular among outdoors enthusiasts because they can take them into the woods for hunting or fishing and not have to worry about towing anything behind them.

Truck Camper

RV Lifestyle & Budget

Every RV lifestyle has many things in common, yet each has its own special requirements. You need to choose an RV that is right for your specific needs. You are buying a house and will have to make it into a home!

Define Your RV Goals

  • How LONG do you plan to use your RV at a time? ( I.e. weekend outings, long vacations, work, or full time living )
  • How many individuals will be traveling and sleeping in the RV on a regular basis?

Decide On A Budget

The cost of the RV is just one of many additional costs to get set up and stay on the road. The cost to operate and travel must also be factored in and include:

  • Insurance
  • Gas / Diesel
  • Propane
  • Electric, Water, Sewer
  • Plus, any wear and tear maintenance on the chassis or coach itself .

In order to operate an RV you will need things like: Electricity, Water, Sewer, Cable, Internet

Hooking Up V.S. Boondocking

Are you planning on “hooking up” your RV to an external power source like an RV Park, Campground, or House for your water, electricity & sewer, etc. . .?


Are you going to be living completely self sufficient (aka boon-docking)? This is also referred to as dry camping.

RV Amenities

Every amenity within the RV has a direct impact on RV size, weight , and cost. Use this checklist to determine which are a must and which you can live without . This process will help you balance the comforts of life against the size, weight, and cost of your RV.

Make a list of all the RV Amenities you might want:


  • Awning over main entrance
  • Awning over large windows
  • Electric awning (not manual )
  • Slide covers (awnings on top of slides)
  • Automatic entrance steps
  • Sliding storage tray in basement
  • Sliding porch
  • Electric storage tank dump valves
  • Electric leveling jacks
  • Automatic leveling system
  • Hitch receiver on rear bumper designed for platform or towing
  • Motor homes: Entrance near middle of vehicle (not near front)


  • One bedroom, separate from the main living area
  • Two bedrooms, separate from the main living area
  • Large windows in the back of the RV
  • Opposing slides in main living area
  • Enclosed bathroom, including shower, toilet , and sink
  • Enclosed toilet area
  • Bathroom access not through bedroom
  • Washer and dryer space for stackable units Washer/dryer space for combined unit


  • Queen size bed
  • King size bed
  • Two beds
  • Bunk beds
  • Large closet spanning width of RV
  • Vanity


  • Day & night shades on all windows
  • Separate A/C controls for bedroom and living area
  • Automatic, temperature-sensing exhaust fan (Fan-Tast ic Vent )
  • Upgraded insulation for cold weather and noise reduction
  • Double-pane windows for cold weather
  • Electric heater of fireplace


  • Suitable for full timers
  • Suitable for snowbirds
  • Suitable for vacationers
  • Suitable for RV campers or weekenders
  • Trailers: All weights within tow vehicle’s manufacturer ratings
  • Can be operated on state and federal highways without a CDL


  • Recliners
  • Large screen
  • TV in living area
  • TV in bedroom
  • Stereo system
  • In-motion satellite system


  • Additional batteries for extended boondocking
  • Generator for making AC power
  • Inverter for converting DC to AC power
  • Solar panels for converting sunlight to DC power
  • Water heater operates on AC power and propane
  • Upgraded water heater to larger capacity
  • High pressure cleaning system for black tank
  • Heated basement and pipe compartments for freeze protection


  • High output propane stove for high elevation cooking
  • Four door refrigerator with freezer
  • Automatic ice maker
  • Filter for drinking water and ice maker
  • Upgraded countertop materials
  • Counter top extension


  • Recliners
  • Sleeper sofa
  • Computer or office desk and drawers
  • Ceiling fan
  • Coat closet next to entry
  • Sun roof/sky light



RV Living Cost:



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