Is a smart car the only car that will fit in the Thor Outlaw 37RB Toy Hauler Class A Motorhome? What size car will fit inside, and is it the only RV with garage? The RV Garage in my Motor home is about 9.75 feet aka 117 Inches in length. My Smart Car is about 107 Inches Long. If youโ€™re looking for an RV with car garage, then youโ€™re probably wondering, โ€œWhat size car will fit in a toy hauler?โ€

Well, you might be surprised to know cars like the Toyota IQ (the smallest 4 seater car I can find) will fit in a class a toy hauler as well. But, not mine! The Thor Outlaw 38MB and Thor Outlaw 38KB have more space in terms of length and height. Although the RV Garage Capacity might only hold 1600 lbs of weight. All things to think about when trying to buy an RV with a garage or trying to find a car that will fit in your RVs garage.



Here are links to the class A motorhome toy haulers that might work for towing either a Smart Car or something bigger like the Toyota IQ:

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  • 2016 Newmar Canyon Star 3921 >>

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