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I can’t tell you how many questions I get asked about my Stationary RV Life, so I wanted to sit down and take some time to put together this stationary rv living guide with answers to the most FAQ that come at me!



  • ✅ PROS & CONS OF STATIONARY RV LIFE – There is a list of things you NEED TO KNOW before you decide to live full time stationary in an RV park. Both pros and cons you will want to consider before choosing an RV Park to live in and before deciding to opt for a stationary RV Life! Learn ALL the Good, Bad & Ugly things you need to know about STATIONARY RV Living in an RV Park!


  • ✅ Take A Tour Of My STATIONARY RV Set Up – I have lived stationary in the SAME RV PARK in the SAME SPOT for almost 5 years! For the first few years I lived stationary in my motorhome and then bought a Travel Trailer to live stationary in for various reasons. But, you can take a tour to get an idea of what Stationary RV Life in an RV Park is really like!


  • ✅ CHOOSE THE RIGHT TYPE OF RV FOR LIVING STATIONARY – Buying an RV for travel vs stationary RV Living is VERY DIFFERENT! Your wants and needs change when you go from being on the road in your RV living short term vs LONG TERM in one location NOT Moving (at all or as much) BUT, how do you know which RV is right to Live in stationary? Understand the difference between the most common RV Sizes & Types.


  • ✅ COST TO LIVE IN AN RV PARK FULL TIME – How much does it cost to live in an RV park long term, stationary? The costs don’t add up the same when your staying long term vs short term in an RV Park. You might need to put down a deposit or get insurance. (i.e. water, electric, sewer, propane, trash, taxes, etc…) Calculate exactly how much it will cost to live stationary in an RV Park FULL TIME!


  • ✅ FIND LONG TERM RV PARK LOCATIONS – Where do you find Long Term RV parks vs Short Term RV Parks? How do you know what questions to ask? What type of RVs do they accept? There is a list of Questions you’ll want to ask once you find an RV Park you’re into! Plus, Safety & Peace of mind are important. And, How do you know it’s the right type of RV Park for you? LEARN HOW TO FIND A LONG TERM RV PARK LOCATION NEAR YOUR DESIRED DESTINATION!



The Benefits of Stationary RV Living (Pros)

What are some of the pros or benefits and positive sides to living in an RV park or what I like to call stationary RV living?

    • Pro #1 – Just Like Having A House

    • Pro #2 – Don’t Need a Tow Car

    • Pro #3 – Having Neighbors

    • Pro #4 – it’s cheaper than traveling

    • Pro #5 – You have an asset!

    • Pro #6 – Always have FULL HOOK UPS!

    • Pro #7 – You Learn A LOT about RV Life

    • Pro #8 – You can Work a Local Job or Work-camp

    • Pro #9 – Maintenance is Cheaper

    • Pro #10 – Less Wear & Tear on your RV

    • Pro #11 – RV Park Amenities

    • Pro #12 – You have a Home Base!

    • Pro #13 – Stay near Family & Friends

    • Pro #14 – Local Utilities & Landlines (FULL Hook Ups 24/7)


Next, Let’s dive into the cons of stationary RV living. So what are the downsides or disadvantages of living in an RV park full time?


  • Con #1 – NOT Traveling!
  • Con #2 – Accumulating THINGS!
  • Con #3 – BUGS tend to stick around more!
  • Con #4 – Systems that sit around seem to BREAK more!
  • Con #5 – Fowl Fuel!
  • Con #6 – Being Sedentary “Physically” LONGER!
  • Con #7 – seasons change around you versus you changing around the seasons
  • Con #8 – Laundry can be a chore & cost you more)!
  • Con #9 – If your neighbors or management sucks then your life will too!
  • Con #10 – Storms



Take A Tour Of My STATIONARY RV Set Up

I have lived stationary in the SAME RV PARK in the SAME SPOT for almost 5 years! For the first few years I lived stationary in my motorhome and then bought a Travel Trailer to live stationary in for various reasons. But, you can take a tour to get an idea of what Stationary RV Life in an RV Park is really like!



The best RVs for Stationary RV Living

Which RV is the best type of RV for STATIONARY RV LIVING? There is no one size fits all type of RV for those who want to live stationary in an RV park but there are a few types and sizes of RVs that are best for stationary RV living!


I’ve had 6 RVs! And I speak from experience after four years of full time stationary rv living in an rv park! Which all started in my motorhome after a pandemic hit, then I sold it and bought a travel trailer! Plus now we’ve added a van so we can travel (if you didn’t know I rv with 5 dogs and 1 cat plus my man) the van life is perrrrrrfect for that! 😉  although I have peeps in my life, keep in mind I still do a lot of solo rv living too! So yes I have 2 RVs currently!


It’s a little bit of a hybrid setup. One is more like a home and travel trailer for stationary RV living in an RV park full time.  Then I have the van for traveling, Van Life and being on the road when I’m not living at the RV park! Let me be extremely clear that my stationary TT does not move! I don’t even have anything to tow it with if I wanted to! It’s only moved 3 times it’s entire life!


But there is a reason I sold my motorhome and bought a travel trailer instead! I’m going to tell you why a 5th wheel may not be the best RV for stationary rv living and why I chose this Puma Palomino 32BHQS travel trailer to live in full time at the rv park instead! 

Which RV is best for Stationary RV Living?

How do you choose between a motorhome, 5th wheel, travel trailer, or van? Again you are buying to live long term meaning a month more like 3, 6, or 12 months preferably one year or even longer at an RV park! You are not planning to move your RV all the time! My Travel Trailer RV has only moved 3 times in its whole life!

TIP: Don't buy an RV with a Motor!

My FIRST BIG TIP for buying the right RV for stationary RV living would be NOT to buy one with a motor! Aka a Motorhome, something meant for driving! Not living stationary in one RV park or place! >> WATCH My stationary RV living advice for Motorhomes along with all the pros and cons of living in an RV Park!

TIP: a 5th wheel isn’t always the answer!

My SECOND piece of advice when it comes to choosing the right RV for living stationary in an RV park full time is NOT to listen to everyone else that a “5th wheel is the best RV for stationary RV living” because that is not true for everyone and every RV lifestyle! We personally did NOT want a fifth-wheel RV to live in full-time stationary at the RV park because we wanted to be able to pull it since we do not have a vehicle that can tow our trailer!  And it requires a special setup kit just anyone who would or could help would have!


Questions to ask yourself:

  • Why are you wanting to buy an RV for stationary RV living?
    • Is it for a permanent residence? 

    • Is it a vacation home away from home? 

    • Is it Your office space? 

Those things play a role in choosing the best RV to buy for stationary RV living (that is right for your lifestyle & budget)


TIP: don’t need a special tow vehicle!

If you do buy an RV and need to move it first the place you buy it from (or maybe the person if it’s an individual) will deliver the RV — potentially for a fee! But you can get the RV delivered to an RV park if you know where you’ll be staying OR have it delivered and park it in storage. 

STORY: My first TRavel trailer I bought and left it at the dealership for a month thinking I needed to buy a tow car to move it around… when I could’ve had it delivered to an RV park close by and then figured my next move-out. However, after a little in-person research the RV parks close to Atlanta are not the type I’d probably want to live in! Stay open-minded but safe! Just because you park in one place stationary in your RV for a while does not mean you have to stay!

But when I traded out my motorhome for my new travel trailer I decided to choose a travel trailer, not a fifth wheel because a 5th wheel requires a special setup and mechanical setup to tow it! We wanted to be able to rent a truck, borrow a friend, or call a tow service to be able to quickly tow it since after all you are living on someone else’s property! 

Even though there are landlord-tenant laws even when living in an RV park — if I don’t want to stay or am not welcome I want the ability to leave! This is just my theory but I did look for 2-bedroom RVs and found many great 5th wheel options that would be perfect for stationary RV life just not mine! In fact, they make my travel trailer in a 5th wheel design with a similar floor plan and setup! 

TIP: choose the right RV for your lifestyle and budget “for now not forever”!

What you need to look for when choosing the right RV for living stationary is which one is best for your RV lifestyle and budget. Which can also change over time! — “Your RV is for now not forever” although it is an investment you can use to sell and upgrade when you’re ready for the next RV that fits each new lifestyle change etc…  and budget!

I’ve shared my stationary RV living expenses in a prior video and how I budget for living full time at the RV park — what do I pay? What my expenses are? 

But when choosing the right RV for living stationary you still need to consider the other costs not just the price of the RV! 

There is:

  • RV lot rent
  • water,
  • sewer,
  • electricity,
  • trash,
  • WiFi, Cable, phone
  • Fuel: propane, gas, Diesel
  • and other fees!

I made a video about my stationary RV living expenses and HOW I BUDGET For The COST OF LIVING IN AN RV Park Full Time! 💰


So the first thing I’d do when deciding on the right RV for your stationary rv lifestyle is what you Need as far as amenities and the floor plan? 


Ask yourself:

  • How many people & pets will I need space for in my RV?
  • Do I need to make arrangements for someone who has a disability, wheelchair or walker?
  • Do I need a desk? Full shower? Bathtub? 2 bedrooms or one?


Keep in mind you can make small upgrades to your RV like TVs, kitchen appliances, and mattresses, you’ll never satisfy all your wants so focus on your needs and must-haves when choosing the best RV for living stationary! I like space and wanted a separate bedroom for my office both in the Motorhome and my travel trailer! 

There are Exclusions for Stationary RVs: Buying, Financing, Insurance, Warranty + More


Keep in mind that some RV manufacturers’ warranties and RV insurance policies have clauses that exclude and do not cover things that happen to your RV if you opt for full-time stationary RV living like in an RV park! Also, this goes for some RV loans and financing options too! 

Now I’ve made detailed video posts you can watch about RV types and sizes as well as which RV is right for me. Plus my RV buying tips and advice I’ve included below 👇 


Speaking of buying an RV, that brings me to my next point or tip for buying an RV to live stationary is where do you actually find these RVs to buy? 

Where to find? How to buy?

Now once you’ve decided on an RV or if you already have one in mind… where do you go to look to find and buy one?

    • RV dealerships and manufacturers! 

    • Facebook marketplace / Facebook groups (general and specialty) 

    • Rv websites: rv, RVT…

    • Find one sitting around locally: storage units… think of places close by or near RV PArks that people would be driving by or visiting to SEE them! 

TIP: never buy new always buy used!

BIG Tip & Mistake most RVers make… NEVER BUY NEW always buy used! – ONLY Newbies buy new! And that means a year of problems and you do all the fixing, working out the kinks, etc…  Speaking of new, NEVER buy a new RV, always buy used, and don’t be afraid to buy from a private seller! Whether it is a person or a place like an RV dealership you must do your research before buying an RV, especially for living stationary! 


RV Manufacturers and Dealerships have RULES & REGULATIONS for what types of RVs they can sell within a certain distance, region, etc… Some might have a van and some might not … also it depends on what they get in on trade-in or even the AREA you are in! Do NOT LIMIT yourself to ONE area, location, dealership, etc… Be willing to go to multiple and even TRAVEL!

My First 3 RVs I bought locally! And NEW (TT, Van 1 & 2) bc I didn’t know they only had what they had! Or all these rules BTS — so many things I didn’t know!

The last 3 RVs I traveled to get them! And bought USED! (Motorhome, Travel Trailer, & Van) 

  • Motorhome – Florida 
  • TT – an hour-2 Alabama 
  • Van – 2000 miles one-way ticket to Washington state / Portland Oregon! 



TIP: You can Reserve an RV before traveling to see it!

FYI you can put a deposit down or sign a contract with the dealer or even a private party! Been there done that ✅

Let’s just say the first 3 RV and years of my RV life sucked and the last 3 were the BEST — In total. I’ve had 6 RVs!

Stationary RV Living Tips for Choosing the Right RV Park

I’ve been living stationary in an RV park for the past 4 years now when I’m not on the road as a digital nomad and RVing entrepreneur running my online business! And… I also get a lot of questions about my STATIONARY RV LIFE:

    • How to Find the Right RV Park Full Time RVing and which ones are the best RV parks to live in

    • The Criteria for Long-term RV Park Campground Stays I Look for 

    • Things to consider when selecting an RV park,

    • What is it like living in an rv park full time

    • how much does it cost to live stationary in an rv park,

    • which type of RV is BEST for Full Time Stationary RV Living,

So I wanted to tackle one of them and share how I would go about choosing an RV park for stationary RV living. Plus the Criteria I look for when choosing my Long-term RV Park Campground Stays! So, How do I determine where to stay?  I’m talking about some of my determining factors that I use for making reservations for long-term (a month or longer) stays in RV parks and campgrounds. Because there are a lot of Things to consider when selecting an RV park – cost, amenities, location, and reviews (websites & apps). So if you’ve been thinking about Living at an rv park and wondering how to choose an rv park to live in (the Best long term rv parks) then this is for you! This is how to find the best rv parks to live in for those who are considering stationary rv living Full Time!



“Difference between RV Park LONG TERM vs SHORT TERM / Overnight etc…) but some RV parks allow ONLY short term vs long term and vice versa! Some allow both… 

So HOW do you find these long term RV PArks? What do you need to ask them ( or what might they ask you) aka what you need to know before you go! And HOW do you decide on the right RV park for your stationary RV living situations, RV Lifestyle and RV Budget?….

How would I go about choosing an RV park for stationary RV living? What do I look for when choosing my Long-term RV Park?  How do I Find them then determine which one to choose to stay at?  There are a lot of Things to consider when selecting an RV park – cost, amenities, location, and reviews (websites & apps) 

But first Keep in mind these are some of MY determining factors that I use for making reservations for long-term (a month or longer) stays in RV parks and campgrounds. However there are reasons why YOU might choose an RV park to stay in long term that I might not and vice versa… it has to do with my RV lifestyle, budget, wants vs needs etc.. 

So let’s be real  living in an rv park full time or “Long term Camping has it’s PROS AND CONS and you want to make sure you choose the RIGHT RV Park, or you might find yourself either moving or worse in a weird situation!

HOW & WHERE TO FIND Long Term RV Parks

How and where to find Long-term RV Parks ( + REVIEWS)

Online Search:

    • Google search:
        •  “campgrounds, RV parks, RV camping, RV resorts, luxury RV parks etc…

        • First look up the area then start digging into THAT specific RV Park etc…  

    • Facebook Marketplace + GROUPS  (Specialty & Local Groups)

    • TIP: do research on a DESKTOP / Laptop & Do it on your phone/mobile (get different results) also feel like you get different results when you’re AT the location or nearby vs researching going online… not physically in the area.

    • In person / Driving
        • Not all RV parks are online! Some are on the side of the road no website, no Facebook, nothing just a sign 🪧  – PHYSICALLY DRIVE AROUND Look for those interstate signs “camping”

    • RV Related websites
        • RVersity

        • Campground Review Websites, Other RVers, YouTube,

    • RV apps: 

    • ASK AROUND: RV Dealerships, Service Centers, Other RVers, Locals “hey do you know of any RV parks around here?”

DO NOT RULE OUT “Mobile home or Trailer Parks” ! 😉 

WHAT TO ASK THEM (or they might ask you!)

Once you find an RV park there are some questions you’re going to want to ask or know and probably some things they are going to ask you too!

FIRST – Make sure they are NOT:

    • Military only 

    • or 55 and Up only communities…

    • 21 up aka NO Kids, Adults only…

    • Motorhome, motorcoach ONLY RV resorts… 

    • Can you even stay there? And if so long term? 


“Usually” when you check in…

Questions TO ASK THEM (or they might ask you!)

    • What is the age (or condition) of your RV?

    • What TYPE of RV do you have?

    • What is the Length of your RV?

    • Do you have any slide outs?

    • Do you have any Pets?

    • How many PEOPLE are in your party?

    • How LONG are you going to stay or are you REQUIRED to stay?

    • How much does it cost and what all is included?

    • Do you offer any other amenities? 

    • Other things you might want to consider:

What is the age (or condition) of your RV?

Most RV Parks have a standard rule of  asking if your RV is 10 years old or older. If your RV is over 10 years old that doesn’t mean they won’t accept it, but they may ask you to send them pictures. OR they may not ask you at all about the age, shape, aka the condition of your RV! But it’s good to know before you buy one or reserve a spot and then have issues because of the type of RV you have.

(i.e. 2021)


What TYPE of RV do you have?

What type of RV do you plan on parking and camping permanently in i.e. a motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel, camper van, etc…) Is your RV going to fit, have the right hook-ups etc… 30 amp vs 50 amp!



What is the Length of your RV?

Speaking of fit, you’re going to want to know if your RV will fit in the RV spot and leave you any space to pop-out either because you have slide outs, a toy hauler with a back tailgate or just want space to hang outside the length of rv is important in most cases. (ie 38 feet)


Do you have any slide outs?

Speaking of popping out, that’s another great question you might want to know the answer to which is “do you have any slide outs?” In order to determine the right space for your RV you’ll want to say “no i don’t or yes I have 1, 2, 3 etc… slide outs on my RV) again also consider if you have a side/tail gate ie toy hauler with back patio… 


>> [VIDEO] Best type of RV for stationary RV Living!


Do you have any Pets?

Some RV parks are VERY Pet Friendly while others are not so much. Some have EXTREME rules on where your dog is allowed to go use the bathroom, and how many you can have. And where they put you in the RV park – like next to the dog park. So you’re going to want to know the answer to IF pets are allowed and if so how many, what are the rules, any fees or fines you should know about….


How many PEOPLE are in your party?

Do you have kids? Other people? If so, how many are going to be living in your RV year round with you? This plays a role into how an RV park may charge you, or where they place you in the park, or even if they want to accept you! Plus, some RV parks require background and credit checks or id’s to be presented, so they know who is staying in their RV park! Trust me even though this might be a hassle, these rules help keep the riff raff out of the RV parks so you’ll feel safe going out after dark 😉


How LONG are you going to stay or are you REQUIRED to stay?

When do you plan to check in and out? How long are you staying: 1 night, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year etc… That might be something to also ask about in terms of a discount as in “is there a discount if I pay one year in full vs month to month?”  

Some places FORCE you to sign a one year lease! Some require you to pay the YEAR in full! Some may offer a discount for paying the year vs month to month… Other’s include utilities or may make you pay those separate apart from your lot rent. What is the shortest and longest stay available? Do you give a discount for longer stays? Is there a lease or is it month to month? 

So that brings me to the next things you’ll want to know… What does it cost and what’s included? And WHAT IF YOU WANT TO LEAVE???


How much does it cost and what all is included?

Are you only renting a parking spot? What’s included in the Lot rent? Are utilities included? How much does it cost? Typically when you stay LONG term at an RV park vs overnight or short term you have to pay for the utilities that you use, but they may also be included in your lot rent. Do they charge separately for electricity? Water? Sweater? Trash? — (and is the sewer at all full hook ups at the RV spot itself not somewhere you have to go unhook and dump?) 

What about WiFi? Cable? Do you have Wifi? If so, is it throughout the RV park or online in the main office, certain spots? What about Cable? How do people get on the internet and watch TV?  

Do you offer Any other discounts for AAA, Good Sams, RV Clubs, Military, Senior Citizen… and Are there any other fees/additional costs? Initial Deposits?

>> [VIDEO] How much does it cost to live in an RV park full time? 


Do you offer any other amenities? 

Are there Any other amenities included or that you offer: showers, bathroom, laundry, pool? Most RVs don’t have washers and dryers so they’ll have to do their laundry somewhere else. A lot of RV parks have washers and dryers usually for a fee, or you’ll need to find local options for laundromats close by.


Other things you might want to consider:

    • Can you get mail there? Can this be a Permanent address?

    • Some RV parks May require registration (tag, RV insurance, etc…) 

    • Some RV parks MAY run a background check or credit check? Or may ask for proof of income?



    • Have a list! ☝️ 1st call and ask alllllllll these questions! Figure out which ones are good, put them on your list and now you can narrow down them! 

    • Be sure to LOOK AND READ: “Google & Search for what others are saying…” Google reviews? Facebook reviews? RV park and camping website and app reviews? Pictures posted? Maybe Yelp & Trip Advisor too! 

    • Drive through see first hand! What does the place look like? Ask around? Ask locals?  Maybe online via local facebook groups or RV groups? Look around: Are there “permanent structures” or “pipes”? Look at the people, Look at the RV Park overall… (don’t judge a book by its cover but also be smart & safe). Ask someone you see standing around… hey what do you like/not like about this place? Stay temporarily not long term! Try to stay overnight, 1 week, one month 1st. I stayed for one month before signing a 1 year lease at one of mine! Now I’ve been here almost 5 years!

If we haven’t officially met…

I’m Blogging Brandi an ex corporate kool-ad drinker born to be creator, digital nomad and RVing Entrepreneur. I’m also the creator of RVersity, my university for RVers and those wanting to Work From Home while they roam or enjoy Working Remotely running their online business like me! If you can relate please don’t hesitate to hit that like button, subscribe, and turn on the notifications with that bell icon so you’re notified every time I publish a new video!

Now, as a digital nomad and entrepreneur I can tell you Working From Home has its perks ESPECIALLY if you’re able to do it while living in an RV. BUT the BEST ways I’ve found to be productive, stay focused, and organized while running my business making money online on the road is by STATIONARY RV LIVING. However, living in an rv park full time or “Long term Camping has it’s PROS AND CONS and you want to make sure you choose the RIGHT RV Parks!

So how do you find these Long Term RV Parks? How do you choose the right RV park for stationary RV living? What questions do you need to ask? What to look for? Where to look? Let’s dive into all of that with my Stationary RV living tips for choosing the right RV park to live in full time! This is stationary rv living for beginners 101

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