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What’s your excuse for NOT getting started RVing part-time or even living in an RV full-time? There is a REASON you Need To RV now and why you should not wait to start your RV life. I can’t tell you how many people postpone getting into RV Life saying they’ll wait to buy an RV when they are closer to retirement, when their kids graduate from school, maybe in a year or two or five! Maybe One day when they pay off all their debt, someday, somehow! But, If you know my story then you’d know I did not plan on living in an RV. RV life wasn’t even on my radar… However, I’d have bought an RV a long time ago if I knew what I know now!

If you didn’t know I worked in the Financial Industry so it’s Kinda funny, I used to help others plan and save their whole life to be able to do what I’m doing now. I bought my first RV when I was 29 and I’ve had 6 RVs (two right now one travel trailer for stationary RV Living and an RV van for traveling in)… But after helping others plan for their dreams in life and watching all that has happened in mine, if you’re on the fence about buying an RV for part-time vacations or eventually full-time RV living — I’ve made a list of 21 reasons Why RIGHT NOW Is The Best Time To Start RVing (What I Haven’t Told You)! You might even call these excuses 😉

  • Reason #1: Death of a spouse or loved one
  • Reason #2: Disability — you or someone else!
  • Reason #3 – Too tired or unhealthy later in life!
  • Reason #4 – You have too much stuff!
  • Reason #5 – You have to RV Alone Solo!
  • Reason #6 – You have too much Debt!
  • Reason #7 – Worried about all the “What Ifs”
  • Reason #8 – Retirement is a long time away
  • Reason #9 – Got kids!
  • Reason #10 – Because of others’ opinions
  • Reason #11 – Not enough money
  • Reason #12 – The type of RV isn’t what you want or can afford
  • Reason #13 – Fear
  • Reason #14 – Don’t like to travel
  • Reason #15 – RECESSION!

Reason #1: Death of a spouse or loved one 

One of the reasons you need to get started RVing NOW is due to the Death of a spouse or loved one. Some people say they will RV one day when they have a spouse. But I hate to be the bearer of bad news what if you wait all that time and finally buy an RV then your spouse, friend, parent, etc… passes away? What then? Instead, you could RV now for a week, a month, or just a weekend and experience RV life in the form of mini-retirements, long vacation breaks, or work and travel types of holidays! Wouldn’t you rather look back and say wow look at all I did (or we did together) instead of “oh what I wish I had done (or we had planned to do)”! 

Reason #2: Disability — you or someone else!

Another reason you should start your RV Life now and not wait is due to: Disability (i.e. cancer, accident, age) you or someone else! – if you or someone else is physically, or mentally, capable now you might not be later! Sometimes things happen that are life-changing through no fault of our own but if you’re waiting to RV then think about how you might be healthy, happy, and ready to go now but tomorrow or one day you might NOT be able to due to a disability such as cancer, a car accident, your age, etc…) Or maybe your spouse, parents, or whoever you were going to RV with becomes disabled? What if you can’t go RV because you need to be in one location for them… not that you can’t go RV with a disability because they do make handicapped RVs fyi! But WHAT if life changes?

Reason #3 – Too tired or unhealthy later in life! 

Another reason you should RV now and now wait until later to get started RVing is that you may be too tired Or Too unhealthy later in life! Let’s be real now is your prime time! Your best years so why wait until you are too old to RV? I’m going to tell you from experience what happens when you save up all your money to one day RV… and then you turn 50, 60, etc… and realize your body is too tired or you’re too unhealthy (or your spouse, parents, etc) I know at a lot of people who have ALL the TIME and MONEY in the world but they DO NOT have the same body they use to while they were slaving away at their 9-5 job for 30-40 years! Planning to ONE DAY RV, or saving up to finally buy an RV took a toll on their body! So now their body says NO even though their mind says YES let’s go! Because let’s be real RVing is an adventure and while it doesn’t have to be hard it does require some physical activity to set up, dumping your holding tanks, driving, connecting a hose or shower, etc… 

Reason #4 – You have too much stuff!

Another reason for you to get started RV Living Full Time or begin taking steps to start your RV life part-time NOW vs Later is because more stuff means more money and more things to take care of! Rving teaching you the Simplicity of owning less and making space for new experiences instead! Simplicity: stuff creates stress! I don’t own a lot of stuff! I often tell people as long as I have my computer, phone, and dogs I can figure the rest out. I had someone tell me how life-changing it was to downsize, and minimize their life! Seeing all the money they wasted on things and what they could have sold to fund their RV Life or at least have given to charity. “Stuff” just sitting around, not getting used, taking up space!

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Reason #5 – You have to RV Alone Solo!

Maybe your excuse for not getting started RVing NOW is because you do not have anyone to go with you? or you have someone but they do not want to go? i.e. your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend, does NOT want to go RVing so you put off RVing. I know I did! However, RVing solo can be VERY rewarding! I LOVE Solo RV Living for many reasons even though I have a boyfriend of almost 10 years who is not into RVing full time. So I started RVing Part time and now he enjoys coming along! Like I mentioned before what if you wait for someone to RV with you and then something happens to them? Death, Disability, Cancer, etc… Something you can’t control or didn’t Expect! This is EXACTLY another reason for you to RV now not later!

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Reason #6 – You have too much Debt!

Another reason you might be putting off RV life is because of debt! RV living is a lifestyle, not a vacation! It could actually help you spend less and pay off that debt! Especially if you opt for Stationary vs moving on the road traveling in your RV. Either way, debt should not be a deterrent for getting started on your part-time or full-time RV Living journey! You have debt now and later… whether you’re traveling or not! Of course, I’m not saying continue to pile on the debt but at some point, you have to make money moves. What could you sell to make money? There is an RV and lifestyle for every budget! Again You might save money and get out of debt faster RV living!

>> LEARN 30 ways to save money RVing!

Reason #7 – Worried about all the “What Ifs”

A little RV Life advice and RV Living tip is NOT to Worry about all the what-ifs that could potentially and probably will happen! Things such as Breakdowns, Vehicle Accidents, Theft, Not having friends, and being alone especially when it comes to Safety! Plus WHAT IF you run out of money? Or something major comes up! I promise all these things happen and more. But that is why you have YouTube, RV Insurance, Road Side Assistance Services, RVersity, and me. 😉 Plus why you should take steps to prepare for RV life and help minimize all the worries about the What Ifs because whether you’re an RV newbie or not RV mistakes, mishaps, maintenance issues and more just happen!


Reason #8 – Retirement is a long time away

Waiting for retirement? I used to plan for people’s retirements. You don’t want to wait that long or so long that again you might be dead, disabled, unhealthy, or who knows what can happen between now and then OMG! RVing doesn’t have to be full time or permanent you can just start part time or as a little vacation. Don’t wait for retirement to begin your RV life! Maybe try to RV full time before retiring and work from home or while you roam around in your RV! I used to drive my van to people’s houses or random places to park and work from the RV making money! As long as I have internet I’m okay! Or maybe you could try stationary RV Living in an RV Park for a while before you retire! I wish when I had my corporate job I knew about RV Life because I would have had a van to travel in or a stationary RV set up to go to on the weekends! Kind of like the lake house or stationary RV set up on the lake we have now! 😉

Reason #9 – Got kids!

One of the biggest RV Mistakes and excuses I hear for people NOT getting started RVing is that they have kids and that they are in school! Or they need to be in one place to have a stable life and learn, make friends, etc… I promise More experiences and lessons are learned in real life not by reading a book about someone else’s adventure! I have learned so much more in my life after RVing than I remember ever learning in school. Doing things, taking trips, and exploring new cultures, and cities. Seeing how others live it can be a memorable, life-changing experience and very rewarding! At least start with buying an RV to camp outside in the driveway or take short weekend trips in. To me even just taking a break to go RVing stationary, traveling on the road or not is always very humbling of all the things we tend to take for granted in everyday life. Plus if it wasn’t for RVing and my RV life opening my eyes I probably wouldn’t be writing this you or ever created RVersity, my RV YouTube Channel etc…

Reason #10 – Because of others’ opinions

If you’re worried about getting started because of what others will think or have said don’t worry. Once they see you posting all those fun photos doing something other than going to clubs, bars, or the same events every week and weekend that they are then they’ll start to think twice about your choice of RV Life! Especially if you decide to opt for RV Living full time no matter what kind of RV you decide to buy: van life, motorhome, travel trailer, and 5th wheels everyone else will be jealous! So don’t be afraid of what others will think about your RV Life!

Reason #11 – Not enough money

There is an RV for every type of lifestyle and budget so please never let money be an excuse. Whether you’re worried about how to make money on the road, or not sure how to manage your money you’re in a great place because I have a background in money aka a degree in Finance. So, If you’re worried about money then the first question I’d ask is: do you even know how much you have coming in vs going out? Meaning do you track your income and expenses? Keep copies of all your receipts? Also, are you living a lifestyle beyond your means financially because you’re trying to “keep up with the Joneses” Maybe you’re just afraid you can’t afford RV life or are not financially savvy. Not sure how much RVing costs? Need ideas for how to generate extra income don’t worry I’ve got a guide you can download for tons of ideas about that too! 

Reason #12 – The type of RV isn’t what you want or can afford

Don’t let the fact you’re not getting started RVing is because you think the type of RV isn’t what you want (or can afford right now or ever! I started out RV Living in a travel trailer that cost me a couple hundred bucks a month (approx $230ish if I can remember). That was until it was totaled along with the truck. I bought to tow it only a few months after I bought it! But I have tried van life and motorhome living. Every RV has its pros and cons. Maybe the type of RV isn’t what you can afford right now, but you can buy something less expensive or try van life or stationary RV Living versus renting an apartment, paying for a house, etc… I’ve had 6 RVs! Each one at the time was perfect for me! But slowly I’ve upgraded over time. You can always trade in your RV for another one; it can be an investment! And what are your priorities when it comes to money? I always make comments when I see or hear about people spending money and then saying they can’t afford to buy an RV. What could you give up and not pay for now so that you could afford an RV? or What could you sell to make money for an RV? How much money could you start saving to prepare to buy an RV?

Reason #13 – Fear

If you’re anything like some people I know maybe you are waiting to start your RV life because you’re worried about FOMO! You fear missing out on what’s going on back home, or what everyone else is doing? You’re worried you’ll not be invited or not make it to the next big wedding, baby shower, graduation party, weekly poker game, you name it! I promise once you’re on the road in your RV you probably won’t even miss not seeing some of your friends and might even forget about having their invitations to random events to bring them gifts, hang out with people you wouldn’t normally hang out with or worse you can’t stand! FOMO will be a thing of the past once you start taking steps to become a full-time RVer but we all have to start somewhere right? Plus you’ll be making new friends on the road, and you can always keep up with your old friends, family, and co-workers online via email or social media, etc…

Reason #14 – Don’t like to travel

Don’t let the fact you don’t like to travel keep you from starting RV life! Or maybe you’re afraid to! You can always live stationary! I’ve done it for Almost 5 years and have 2 RVs… I keep a stationary RV Travel Trailer on the lake (which used to be my motorhome) and now have a van to travel It’s a bit of a hybrid setup! But I keep my stationary RV about 30 minutes – to an hour give or take away from a few major cities! And the best part of living in an RV is that you can move it if you like where you’re staying! Another option you could consider is buying an RV to keep in the yard as an office, or spare room, it could be a man cave or she-shed! The possibilities are endless when it comes to RVing!


Reason #15 – RECESSION!

Another excuse people use to not get started RVing is that they are worried about a recession! But this is what should be a reason to get started RVing instead! Having a mobile home, office, quick getaway, or whatever you want to call it is why some people choose to buy an RV. Then what starts as part-time RVing often ends up leading to them wanting to learn how to go full time RV! Either way, the BEST time to start RVing is NOW! Even if you don’t plan on buying an RV yet, there are several steps you can take to prepare for RV Life and things you can do to help make RVing easier, less stressful, more affordable and Fun! I just gave you at least 15 of them! 🙂

So… Now you know 15 reasons why you should buy an RV or at least start preparing and not put off RV life any longer Plus why waiting to get started RVing could cost you in the long run! Please don’t forget to comment below and let me know your thoughts! Or if you have something I forgot and should add to my list 😉


If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi, an EX-Corporate Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be a Creator, Digital Nomad, and Entrepreneur who loves RVing while running my own business on the road! Over 8 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, and then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life, and eventually Motorhome Living! I created RVersity out of my love-hate relationship with RV Life!

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If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi, an EX-Corporate Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be a Blogger, Creator, Digital Nomad, and Entrepreneur who loves RVing while running my own business on the road! Over 9 years ago, I traded my sticks & bricks lifestyle for a life on wheels. Quit my job, sold my house, and everything else, and then bought an RV! First, was a Travel Trailer, then Van Life, and eventually Motorhome Living! I created RVersity (RV + University) out of my love-hate relationship with RV Life!

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