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If you’re asking yourself: How much does living in an RV cost? Better yet, How do you plan for all the Cost of Full Time RV Living? And, What should you even include in your Full Time RV Living Budget? Then this video is for you! This is How I Calculate the Cost of Living in an RV and some of my Full Time RV Living Expenses! This is NOT a breakdown of my Full Time RV Living Cost. I’d consider this Financial Planning Advice for creating your full time RV budget or Budgeting For Beginners (Part 1)! Consider me your RV Financial Advisor in this episode where I’m sharing RV Expenses and Budget tips for full time rv living! Because let’s be real if you want to START FULL TIME RV LIVING DEBT FREE then STOP listening to Dave Ramsey and WATCH this video instead! P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe & hit the bell icon to be notified next time I publish more especially if you’re looking for more lessons on RV living for beginners!

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If we haven’t officially met, Hi I’m Blogging Brandi an EX-Corp Kool-Aid Drinker, born to be Creator, Digital Nomad & Female Entrepreneur! (aka Female Digital Nomad Entrepreneur or Nomadic Entrepreneur) Because Sometimes I’m RV Living and Sometimes I’m NOT!

Now, I help other creators who are tired of feeling stuck, unaccomplished, and even maybe an outcast from the rest of the world’s idea of “status quo” become confident in reaching their financial goals and gaining their independence  — by following in my footsteps learning how to communicate, use their story to build their personal brand, and share the skills they have buried inside of them  to start their own online business as a digital nomad — ya know, instead of a working a “normal 9–5 or shift job” 😉



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Here is the video transcript:

Welcome back to another episode of RVersity with bloggin Brandi. And today we’re talking about getting started in RV life and financial planning. So I’m walking you through that process. So be sure to subscribe to this video and hit the bell icon somewhere around this video. So you’re notified each and every time I, a new video that goes with this series, I actually came from financial planning. So before I started RVing, before I quit my job, I was doing financial planning for individuals. And then I went over to doing institutional investing. I actually do have a finance degree. So if you’re like, how does this girl know what she’s talking about? That’s how okay. And I did used to work for a very prestigious company. So I worked for bank of America Merrill Lynch, and then I quit my job and started my own business.

And I decided to dive into RV life after a series of unforeseen circumstances. But it’s for the better. So if you haven’t seen my story, you can check that out without further ado, let’s dive into a budget basics. And what I would tell you to do if I was you and I was in your shoes, and actually I do this and you can do this on the computer digitally, or you can do this on paper, or you can do this on paper and then put it in your computer. So going into this year, wherever you’re starting, make sure that you kind of follow these steps. And I do this every single month, even sometimes like several times a month, I’ll kind of like recheck this. So let’s fine. Tune your finances and figure out your actual budget. So the first thing that we’re gonna talk about is that you need to list your income streams.

So that’s gonna be your job savings business. Uh, if you have a, you know, a business versus a job, your business, income streams, and then any kind of investments, 401k pension, think about any kind of money that you have coming in, or that you would have coming in. Eventually if you have a paycheck that comes in and you know, I get a thousand dollars a month, then yes, that’s kind of what you estimate for the rest of the year. Like, oh, I’m gonna make 30,000, 50,000, 60,000 a hundred thousand dollars or whatever your income is. The second thing that you’re gonna wanna do is to list your expenses. This is gonna include your living expense is these are your day to day living expenses, whatever it takes to actually live in your day to day. And a lot of this is either gonna be once and needs and must, you know, some of it is like must haves and then some of it is maybe not.

So we’ll dive into that in a second, but your living expenses, things like your bills, your credit cards, and you kind of credit cards that you owe on your loans. You wanna know how much you owe on these in as well as like the minimum payment that you need to make the interest rates to your mortgage or your RV payment, depending on what you’re paying for or your rent. It kind of depends on your situation right now, a car. If you’re paying for a car that I would include that cell phones, TV, think about anything that you’re paying for right now, insurance health insurance, what are your living expenses? If you said, I have, have to make these payments every single month or annually or whatever, what is that number? So you’re gonna add those up. The third thing that you’re gonna wanna do is figure out your daily cost of living the daily amount that you need to get by.

I know that a lot of people teach you. Here’s how much you need for retirement for five years, for 10 years, for, you know, however many years that you think you’re gonna live. But honestly, you’re not promised tomorrow. Okay? So I think in terms of a year, month days, you gotta prepare at least start that way, because then none of the rest of that even matters. If you can’t make it six months or a year, then why does it matter? Five months, 10 years out. The first thing you wanna figure out is how much, much runway money you have. And that is how long you can survive. If everything stops, if your job stops, if you’re just making minimum payments on all your bills and you’re just getting by, you’re not paying stuff off, you’re not doing anything lavish. You’re just, whatever happens. Always make the minimum payments on your credit cards, your loans, your bills never don’t make a payment, always make your minimum payments.

That is the worst mistake you can make. You don’t want your credit score to suffer. You don’t want to have anything bad happen because you can’t fix that. And that’s on your credit for like seven years. How long can the money that you have right now and the money that you have coming in, like from savings plus what’s coming in or not coming in. How long can you survive? Is that a week, a month, six months a year. How long can you, you survive? This also gives you a financial snapshot. So this lets you know like where you’re at, when you go put this out on paper or on your screen and then you can actually make money moves. You can figure out, okay, this is what I can do. I can eliminate this or I can add this and you can physically see this laid out on paper or on the screen.

And then the fourth thing that you wanna do is you want to eliminate and reduce and cut out expenses. So now that you have this listed out, you have your income and you have your expenses and you really can see your financial snapshot. Then you wanna say, okay, well what can I eliminate? Is Netflix a necessity? No Hulu, a necessity, no. Is TV a necessity? No. Is internet a necessity? Probably. That’s not something that you would necessarily eliminate. And I will tell you, you gotta think about things like if you just get internet versus just get cables sometimes on the plans, I actually cause more to do just internet versus cable and internet and my condo. I never had cable. I always just did free and I get plenty of channels, but I lived in the city too. Even in my RV, I just have free cable.

Those are kind of daily choices and these choices are gonna get you closer to the RV lifestyle that you wanna live by giving up these little bitty expenses. Okay? So you gotta figure out what means more to you watching that TV show or going out and exploring something on the road. The fifth thing that you’re gonna wanna do is you’re gonna wanna increase your income. So now that you see what income you have, some of the income increase is gonna come by reducing your expenses. But some of it is gonna be selling things that you don’t want or need. If you’re trying to be in an RV, there’s things that you’re not gonna need. You can look and see, is there anything that you can make money on? So I did make a video about downsizing your life and how to go through that process, which I’ll put a link to below this video. But I dove into like, okay, if I was getting into RV life and starting this process, what would I do? How would I downsize? Cuz somebody asked me that question.

So I dove really in depth into that. And I do dive really in depth into that with my students. And I break down the process of like how I actually sell everything step by step. So if you’re interested in learning that you can book a call with me and learn more about becoming one of my students, I’ll put a link to book a call with me and learn more about rversity below this video as well. When you’re increasing your income, you really just wanna sell things that you don’t want don’t need or things that you can make you money or things that are gonna give you space, freedom or mobility. So if it’s gonna put you in a place to have more space, more freedom or more mobility, then I would kind of make that choice as well. Again, the first thing that you wanna do when it comes to your budget, basics is figure what’s your income streams.

The second thing you wanna do is figure out what your expenses, the third thing you wanna do is figure out your daily living costs. Like how much is it gonna cost me? And then you wanna figure out, okay, what can I eliminate from those expenses? And then how can I increase my income? So there’s a lot more involved, but this is kind of like the basics of financial planning, how you come up with a budget, how you figure out whether you can afford to live for RV life or even just your normal life. If that makes sense to the like button below I’m bloggin Brandi from RVersity a university for RVers, check out the description below for all the links and everything that I talked about, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon. So you’re notified each and every time that I published a video and I’ll see you in the next one. Thanks for watching. Bye guys. Love you.

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